A Dinner Engagement
By Lennox Berkeley

8:00pm, Sat 24th June 2017 at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
1:00pm, Sat 24th June 2017 at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
Easter May Week

A Dinner Engagement is this year's CUOS May Week Show, a colourful new take on Berkeley's very modern modern opera.

It's a frothy, delightful, 1950s tale of love amongst the vegetables. The sweet but butter-fingered Lord and Lady Dunmow are trying to prepare for dinner with the Grand Duchess and her son Phillipe. Currently in very reduced circumstances,they hope to marry their daughter to the minted Prince. But as the Very Rich try and navigate their genteel way through the impossible trial of making dinner, absolutely everything goes terribly wrong.

And yet, despite all the parental mayhem, the first buds of young love start to flourish...

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The Earl of Dunmow -
The Countess of Dunmow -
Mrs Kneebone -
H. R. H. The Grand Duchess of Monteblanco -
H. R. H. Prince Phillipe -

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