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The Gilbert and Sullivan society typically put on three or four shows a year, including a freshers' show open to all in Michaelmas, a large scale show in Lent (at West Road Concert Hall for the foreseeable future), and a show at the 700-seat Minack Theatre on the cliffs of Cornwall in September.

Although members are welcome to participate in any single project, the G&S Society is well known for its sociability, and has a strong events calendar in addition to its productions, which provides fabulous opportunities to meet lots of lovely people! To whet your appetite, these include singthroughs of shows (plus free gourmet food and drink!), movie nights, pub crawls and subsidized trips to the theatre for members. A festive Christmas party, glamorous Annual Dinner and gorgeous garden party complete the irresistible parcel!

We have also put on many shows that were not written by Gilbert or Sullivan, and welcome funding applications for other shows that would be of interest to our members.

For more information on the society, see our website

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Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: We're excited to announce that tickets for our next show, Trial by Jury, are available to purchase now! For details…

8th May 2018 6:12pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: *Breaking G&S News* It has been confirmed to us that the lost score of Thespis has just been discovered at the ADC…

1st April 2018 8:48am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: We've got our cast, now get excited for our next show, 'Trial by Jury' in May Week!

24th March 2018 2:31pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: The Cambridge University G&S Society would like to welcome its new committee! President: Tiffany Charnley Secretar…

18th March 2018 10:38am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Did we just make opera cool? Our next @minacktheatre adventure will be The Pirates of Penzance! #gands #pirates…

18th March 2018 10:26am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Some pictures from our wonderful production of Patience @minacktheatre last year!

18th March 2018 10:24am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society returns again to West Road Concert Hall, this year performing the brilliant Ruddigore. A terrible curse condemns each Baronet of Ruddigore to commit one dastardly crime per day or perish in inconceivable agony. Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, 22nd Baronet, has gone into hiding to avoid the curse and now lives in a Cornish fishing village where, disguised as the young farmer Robin Oakapple, he has fallen in love with the fair Rose Maybud. His prospects are ruined when his foster brother Dick Dauntless betrays him to Sir Despard Murgatroyd, the acting baronet. Ruthven is forced to take on the baronetcy and its curse, enforced by an entire portrait gallery of his ghostly ancestors. Ruddigore is a hilarious operatic satire of Victorian melodrama. Despite the sinister backdrop, you’ll find all the laughs and silliness you’d expect from G&S, combined with some of Sullivan’s most majestic music.

9th January 2018 3:55am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Come join us for our annual Halloween social, where we traditionally sing Ruddigore!

28th October 2017 3:34pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Starry-eyed young lovers Alexis and Aline wish everyone in their village could be as happily besotted as they are. In a moment of inspiration, they decide to hire John Wellington Wells, a distinguished representative of a highly respectable London firm of sorcerers, to brew a love-potion for their fellow citizens. It remains only to slip the potion into the tea at the wedding feast—but though the villagers fall in love, they do so with the first person the see, no matter who it is! Will magical love win through? Or are the villagers doomed to a life of joyless love? The Sorcerer is a funny, touching, exciting and altogether wonderful comic operetta, and the Gilbert and Sullivan society is proud to present it as the Freshers' show of 2017!

13th October 2017 8:03pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society will be holding their first social of term at the Graduate Union on Thursday 12th October from 7:30pm! All members, and anyone interested in the society are most welcome to join us for wine, cheese (and other snacks) and singing! Hope to see you all there :)

30th September 2017 9:56am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: @TheatreinSquare That would be great, thank you! Poster just being finalised with the designers so let us know wher…

7th August 2017 7:25pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: We're excited to announce that we will be holding our Annual Dinner in the OCR of St Catharine's College on 23rd June. Tickets cost £44 for drinking, £36 for non-drinking and £54/£45 for non-members drinking/non-drinking respectively. Please fill in this form if you would like to attend: Please note there are only 35 seats available, so book now!

2nd June 2017 5:24pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: On the South Pacific isle of Utopia, King Paramount strives to create a perfect civilisation: free from crime and disease, and with purified literature and drama - all the while under threat from Tarara, the Public Exploder. His daughter, Princess Zara, returns from Girton College having fallen in love with Captain Fitzbattleaxe, only to find her former suitors still vying for her affections. The men quickly hatch a plot with Tarara to overthrow the King and win the hand of the Princess but all does not go quite according to plan. Utopia, Limited is a terrific tale of love and politics which pokes fun at the corporate world, scandal in the Royal Family and many of the duo's previous works all at once!

30th May 2017 8:36pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: HMS Pinafore opens this Thursday in @WestRoadCH - use code PINAFORE2 for £2 off opening night tickets!

7th February 2017 2:51pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: HMS Pinafore opens in just three days! Join Ralph Rackstraw, Captain Corcoran, his daughter Josephine and Sir Joseph Porter in this delightfully silly musical romp, full of rousing anthems, heartfelt love songs and an amusing case of mistaken identity. Varsity cannot wait to see the show ( so book now and join us as we sail the ocean blue this Thursday to Saturday!

6th February 2017 6:05pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Auditions for 'Patience', our show at the @minacktheatre this summer. Come, walk up, audition with avidity!

3rd February 2017 5:28pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Our Lent Term production, HMS Pinafore, opens in less than 2 weeks! Join sailor Ralph Rackstraw, Captain Corcoran and his daughter Josephine at West Road Concert Hall as they sail the ocean blue in this tale of forbidden love and ever-changing social class. Check out this article on Cambridge News to see what all the fuss is about!

30th January 2017 7:35pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: About to begin our dress rehearsal for THE GONDOLIERS which opens tomorrow! Very appropriate that today is…

16th November 2016 7:36pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: THE GONDOLIERS opens this week Thu-Sat in Robinson College Auditorium! Tickets here:

15th November 2016 12:46pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: This year CUG&S will be celebrating it's 55th Anniversary and what better way to mark the occasion than with a with a grand ball in true Victorian style! Join us for a night of feasting and frolicking with full orchestral accompaniment - you’ll fill up your dance card then step out into Girton’s Great Hall for a cachuca, fandango and even possibly a bolero, to glorious arrangements of Sullivan’s music. A huge banquet supper, drinks and canapés await at a Cambridge ball like no other, that could only be hosted by the G&S Society!

12th October 2016 5:04pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Don't forget that tonight is our Freshers' Social - 7:30pm at the Graduate Union Come one, come all, come old, come new, as we start the year on a high! We'll have an abundance of free food and drink as we make merry singing along to some G&S favourites, including a few sneak peeks at our Freshers' Show: The Gondoliers. Old hands, come and catch up with everyone after the long summer break, and freshers, come along to see what we're all about, make some fabulous new friends and maybe even join in with the singing! The fun begins at 7:30pm tonight in the Graduate Union, 17 Mill Lane. Directions: From standing outside Ede and Ravenscroft on Silver Street, cross the road towards the two red telephone boxes and walk down the alleyway to your right. The door to the Graduate Union will be on your right. Once inside, walk up the stairs to the Lounge and you're there! If you get lost or can't get in either phone or email James (07403188006, and we will come and find you!

11th October 2016 2:10pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Come and visit us at the CUSU Freshers' Fair today and tomorrow! We're in the Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall, Row 8, Stall 16 - you can't miss our big shiny signs! We will be here all day with information about how to get involved, signups for auditions and much more!

4th October 2016 9:00am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Come peruse our Freshers Fair stall in Kelsey Kerridge today! Row 8, stall 16. Looking forward to seeing you!

4th October 2016 8:50am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Want to list and learn an operetta from the sunny Spanish shore? ​Ready to dance a cachucha, fandango, bolero?​ Well, fear not, for this year's G&S freshers' show, The Gondoliers,​ is holding auditions this Friday and Saturday and is is open to everyone! Please fill out this doodle poll to book a 10 minute slot: please include your name AND email address! If you would like to audition but none of these times work for you, please send an email to Anna Smith and Bryn Reinstadler (amgs2 and br371) and we can sort something out :) We look forward to seeing you there!

4th October 2016 12:15am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Preparations well underway for the @CUSUonline Freshers' Fair next week! Can't wait to see everyone there!

30th September 2016 10:37am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Delighted to have won the UNIFest award for Best Costumes @GSFestival this year! All thanks to our very well-known costumier, Rosie Corner!

20th August 2016 6:01pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Thrilled to announce our freshers' show - THE GONDOLIERS - 17th-19th November Robinson College Auditorium! Away we go to an island fair!

29th May 2016 5:31pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Watch out for a much anticipated announcement coming very soon!

29th May 2016 3:00pm


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