Cerian Craske


Cerian Craske is preparing for

  • ETG: Romeo and Juliet - Tour Manager

    19:45, Tue 19th January 2021 - Sat 23rd January 2021 at ADC Theatre

    ETG’s 2020 production of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of forbidden love, sets the fateful events within a school classroom, these famous characters reimagined as modern-day students,…

  • A Blown Job - Producer

    23:00, Wed 24th February 2021 - Sat 27th February 2021 at ADC Theatre

    Disgraced bank manager, George Gloomy, assembles a team of bank robbers to get revenge on his partner who framed him and cost him his job, the nefarious Police Chief Garfunkel. George’s quest to best…

  • UCATT 2021: A Woman of No Importance - Tour Manager

    14:30, Wed 1st September 2021 - Thu 30th September 2021 at various venues across China, Korea & Japan

    “Why, you gave yourself to me like a flower, to do anything I liked with. You were the prettiest of playthings.”

    It's 1927. In Lady Hunstaton’s decadent country estate party is in full swing. There is…


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