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  • Electra : Haimara – Pylades

    23:00, Wed 3rd – Sat 6th May 2023 at ADC Theatre

    "By dread things I am compelled. I know it. I feel it. I sense the trap closing and I see what I am."

    Seven years after the Trojan War and the bloody coup for the throne that led to Agamemnon's assassin…

  • The Herb Garden – choreographer

    19:00, Tue 16th – Sat 20th May 2023 at Corpus Playroom

    Sky, a precocious but quiet teenager, gets caught smoking a zoot and is sentenced to live with their teacher, Miss Court. Between Miss Court's caution to maintain boundaries and Sky's disinterest in…

  • Mary Shelley (Rehearsed Reading) – Director

    20:00, Thu 18th May 2023 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)

    Why am I doomed to live on, to watch all the beings I best loved die before me? What grave sin did I commit, other than seek my own happiness?

    With her famous, politically radical parentage, Mary Shelle…


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