Jack Ward


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  • Bull - Fight Choreographer

    19:00, Tue 5th October 2021 - Sat 9th October 2021 at Corpus Playroom

    Two jobs, three people.
    Its survival of the fittest, a dog-eat-dog world. If anything goes in proving your worth, then are the successful talented or cruel?

    Mick Barlett’s shockingly unpleasant show…

  • The Writer - Assistant Director, Movement Director

    19:45, Tue 5th October 2021 - Sat 9th October 2021 at ADC Theatre

    Ella Hickson's 'The Writer' is a work of meta-theatre which addresses what it means to challenge the status quo; if it’s even possible to do so; and the personal costs of attempting it. If we want to…

  • The Last of the Pelican Daughters - Assistant Director

    19:00, Tue 23rd November 2021 - Sat 27th November 2021 at Corpus Playroom

    Four sisters - Joy, Storm, Sage and Maya Pelican – have returned to their childhood home to celebrate what would have been their mum’s birthday. They’ve brought their partners, a ‘shit-ton of shitty…


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