Sign In sheet for The After-Dinner Joke (14/11/2007 - 17/11/2007)

TechDressWed 23:00Thu 23:00Fri 23:00Sat 23:00
Anna Maguire
Sam Pallis
Sopia Sibthorpe
Joshua Coles-Riley
Annabel Griffiths
Dora Somerville
Felicity Sparks
Daisy Bellfield
Amanda Palin
Marta Galecki
Amelia Viney
Monty d'Inverno
Tobias Bown
Production Team
David Ward
Marion Durand
Teddy Rose
Joe Shaw
Emily Vermont
Rebecca Tompkin
Simon Williams
Tom Clark
Georgia de Grey
Laura Lewis
Adam Wood

You can download a version of this sign in sheet in CSV format