COGGLES (Cambridge Old Graduate and Graduand Light Entertainment Society) - Seeking Directors, Producers and Writers

    00:00, Mon 23rd May 2016 - Fri 10th June 2016 at Various Old People Home's and other venues
    Easter Week 4 to Week 6

    COGGLES (Cambridge Old Graduate and Graduand Light Entertainment Society) are a society that takes theatre to people who don't normally get a chance to see it. In particular, we are a part of CULES, who do the same thing, but we do it in the middle of exam term where there is nothing else going on! Previous venues have included a variety of old people's homes and Fulbourn Mental Health Hospital.

    We are looking for a writer (who will write a 1-hour play for us). At this point expressions of interest are all that needed! We are looking for a director, who will lead the rehearsals, and bring out the play in a spectacular way, and we are looking for a producer, who will help organise props and costumes (we have an amazing store of these), and who will organise rehearsal room bookings. All external venues will be booked by COGGLES for you!

    With the exception of the writer (who should finish the script by mid-April), the director, producer and actors all should not be involved in exams at the end of May. We guarantee that all rehearsals and shows will be in the evenings and weekends, so should not be a problem with work!!!

    This theatre is the most fun, easy-going, amateur theatre you get in Cambridge - once we have done about 3 external shows, we will then do one show for students, friends and family at some point in May Week. However, it is also one of the most rewarding, as the old people we see genuinely love us coming (and some even feed us pizza!)

    If you are interested, please email rwm41 (at by 5pm Thursday 10th March (applications for actors will open next term). This show is open to everyone - no experience needed! Thank you.


    Production Team