Sign In sheet for CUMTS presents the 24 Hour Musical (20/1/2018 - 20/1/2018)

TechDressSat 23:00
Leena Meneely
Frank Alemitu Bertoletti
Henry Eaton-Mercer
Charlotte Husnjak
Rachel-Marie Weiss
Lydia Pickett
Alice Jay
Molly-May O K
Thomas Moy
Becky Shepherdson
Elaine Duncan
Luke Dell
Cara Fung
Megan Gilbert
Joanna Cheng
Harsh Prasad
Lucy Roberts
Production Team
James Daly
Geraint Owen
Ed Bankes
Joanna Cheng
Alice Bennett
Molly Cook
Will Owen
Josh Cleary
Ruari Paterson-Achenbach
Will Bicknell-Found
Laurence T-Stannard
Luke Alex Pitzer
Geraint Owen
James Martin
Molly Cook
Noah Geelan
Alex Harris
Alfred Leigh
Maddie Paige
Will Hall
Shameera Lin
Tom Taplin
Eleanor Brug
Jay Carpenter
Jason Lo

You can download a version of this sign in sheet in CSV format