Sign In sheet for The Man Presents: Even More Women (22/5/2018 - 26/5/2018)

TechDressTue 21:30Wed 21:30Thu 21:30Fri 21:30Sat 21:30
Molly O'Gorman
Alexandra Boulton
Izzy Lewis
Harriet Fisher
Lottie Elton
Jo Heywood
Emma Plowright
Amaya Holman
Adrianna Hunt
Penn Balint
Annabel Bolton
Mariam Abdel-Razek
Angela Channell
Billie Collins
Ellie Cole
Emmeline Downie
Production Team
Emmeline Downie
Ania Magliano-Wright
Phoebe Schenk
Georgia Holmes
Jess Beaumont
Ellie Harkness
Deasil Waltho
Abby Zucker
Basil Mustafa
Phoebe Schenk

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