Sex With A Stranger
    By Stefan Golaszewski

    9:30pm, Tue 15th January 2019–Sat 19th January 2019, at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 0

    ‘You smell nice.’
    ‘Thanks. Yeah. It's Lynx. Africa.’

    Adam’s mate Robert is turning the big 2-6 so it’s all down the Prince then back to his for a nightcap - or so he’s told Ruth. But while she’s been preparing for the gig of a lifetime, Grace has put a tenner on her Oyster and is in it for the long haul - provided the lights stay off, of course. As the night descends, old memories begin to rear their sobering heads - but is there really a limit to what you can drink to forget?

    From the club to the corner shop, Sex With a Stranger is a bleak black comedy of love, lust, fear and denial - and the lives of those just about old enough to know better

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