Sign In sheet for The Bacchae (3/8/2019 - 17/8/2019)

TechDressSat 3/8/19 22:30Sun 4/8/19 22:30Mon 5/8/19 22:30Tue 6/8/19 22:30Wed 7/8/19 22:30Thu 8/8/19 22:30Fri 9/8/19 22:30Sat 10/8/19 22:30Sun 11/8/19 22:30Mon 12/8/19 22:30Tue 13/8/19 22:30Wed 14/8/19 22:30Thu 15/8/19 22:30Fri 16/8/19 22:30Sat 17/8/19 22:30
Rosy Sida
Ben Galvin
Sophie Scott
Inge-Vera Lipsius
Alice Murray
Jamie Wigley
Alicia Hussey
Production Team
Amelia Hills
Russell Fancourt
Gaia Fay Lambert
Alice Murray
Eduardo Strike
Erika Price
Cecily Bateman
Becky Teagles
Olly Francis
Olly Francis
Olly Francis
Olly Francis
Johnny King

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