Trowel and Error - a sketch show
    By Alex Watson and Kit Livsey

    21:30, Tue 18th June 2019 - Fri 21st June 2019 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter May Week

    Spring is in the air, the sun is out and we've just experienced the hottest day on record in February (thank you climate change - I've sent a cheque in the post). That's right, it's well and truly time to don our wellies and pick up a shovel for that noble, quintessentially British pastime of Time Team role play - no, sorry, gardening. Definitely gardening. Trowel and Error is a sketch show fully themed around gardening and tips the concept on its head to examine absurdity of this pursuit. The show will provide 50 minutes of sketches, shorts and songs on gardening including a high-stakes larger vegetable competition, the inner-workings of an advertising industry commissioned to promote celery, a sinister florist and the recurring presence of the mysterious ‘Big Farmer’.

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