Blue Heart
    By Caryl Churchill

    21:30, Wed 21st October 2020 - Sat 24th October 2020 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 2

    "Do you ever wake up in the nighttime and be frightened of dying? I’m not at all bothered in the day time.”

    Try to piece together what it means to be human in a world in which time and language don’t make sense. But wait – that doesn’t seem so different from our own. Have you ever felt like you’re living in a simulation?

    In the first part, ‘Heart’s Desire’, the characters are (unknowingly?) stuck in a time loop which leads to more and more absurdity. In the second part, ‘Blue Kettle’, the script is infected by an external virus, which gradually corrupts the language of the play.

    Caryl Churchill’s double-header Blue Heart is absurd, hilarious, and touching.
    Two plays in the time of one! What a bargain.

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