By Benedict Mulcare

    21:30, Tue 13th October 2020 - Sat 17th October 2020 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 1

    “I prefer 2D girls. I just think it’s more hot when it’s fake.”

    Nathan, 17. Spends his life in front of a computer, doesn’t he? He’s got this doss job tutoring programming, and he can just order whatever he needs to his room. Why would he leave? There isn’t anything left for him in the ‘real’ world.

    incel lays bare the gradual descent of a normal boy into a dark web of mistrust and disaffection. An uncompromising and disturbing exploration of the conditions imposed by a digitised life, incel asks us to look at an all too familiar kind of indoctrination under a new light – that of a screen.

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