Le Villi - MMS Opera
    By Giacomo Puccini/Ferdinando Fontana

    20:00, Fri 19th June 2020 at St Giles Church, Cambridge
    20:00, Sun 21st June 2020 at St Giles Church, Cambridge
    Easter May Week to Summer Vacation

    Le Villi is a two-act, one hour opera that tells the legendary tale of the Willis, spirits of abandoned and unloved women who roam the woods in search of vengance on their former lovers. Our protagonist is Anna, a young, naive girl in love with and engaged to the handsome Roberto, a lad with a wandering eye. Just before their wedding, Roberto leaves town and is 'seduced' by another woman, leaving Anna heartbroken whilst waiting for his imminent return. A few months later, he returns only to find that his abandonment of Anna has left her to die of a broken heart. As he mourns her passing, he hears her voice call out to him.. could she really be alive?

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