Mr Always Sad: A Comedy Show
    By Will Hale

    20:00, Mon 10th February 2020 at ADC Theatre (Bar)
    Lent Week 4

    Will hasn't been Mr. Always Sad forever. Yet, for a time, he was. Now he's Not So Always Sad, find out in this hour of stand up comedy what happens when you're faced with mental health diagnoses and are forced to look at your life in a new light.

    A fresh dose of comedy from Footlight Will Hale, exploring mental health and Mr. Men. Mr. Always Sad is a one-man, one-night show in the ADC bar. A mixture of semi-autobiographical story telling and stand up, it is ultimately an hopeful tale of getting an enlightening but crushingly bureaucratic 'diagnosis' and gaining a vocabulary to articulate what once felt hopelessly inarticulate.

    CW: mental health, misdiagnosis.

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