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The A-Word (**A Festival of New Writing**)
By Charlie Bentley-Astor

19:00, Thu 5th March 2020 - Sat 7th March 2020 Venue to be confirmed
Lent Week 7

Cillian McArthur is a London theatre director at the top of her game. Her level of success is unprecedented for a person of her age; all the more astounding are her achievements when people learn she was diagnosed with Autism as a child and was never expected to live a normal life.

But when Cillian has a meltdown in rehearsals one day, her producer mistake this as a sign of mental illness and writes her off the production. For the first time Cillian must fight to prove she is capable of her job despite being Autistic.

On her journey, Cillian discovers she is not the only one having to prove herself at every turn, and that a right to work suddenly seems trivial when you could lose the right to your freedom.

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