Sign In sheet for A Festival of New Writing 2019 (7/3/2019 - 9/3/2019)

TechDressThu 19:30Fri 19:30Sat 19:30
Hector O'Neill
Daniel Quigley
Sona Popat
Nicky Scott
Ash Pratt-Jarvis
Lati Gutta
Claire Chung
Declan Hickey
Philip Coxon
Covi Franklin
Matthew Mears
Liora Lederman
Grainne Dromgoole
Sophie Brawn
Sam Creswick
Production Team
Oliver Rhodes
April Jakso
Aaron Kilercioglu
Johannes Black
Victor Rees
Zeyana Yussuf
Benedict Mulcare
Rosie Chalmers
Claire Chung
Kit Livsey
Rian Craske
Matthew Paul
Tim Otto

You can download a version of this sign in sheet in CSV format