Sign In sheet for ETG 2012: The Merchant of Venice (3/12/2012 - 19/1/2013)

TechDressMon 3/12/12 20:00Wed 5/12/12 14:00Wed 5/12/12 19:30Thu 6/12/12 10:00Fri 7/12/12 14:30Mon 10/12/12 18:30Tue 11/12/12 14:00Wed 12/12/12 14:45Wed 12/12/12 19:00Fri 14/12/12 15:30Fri 14/12/12 20:00Sun 16/12/12 16:00Sun 16/12/12 20:00Tue 18/12/12 20:00Tue 15/1/13 19:45Wed 16/1/13 19:45Thu 17/1/13 19:45Fri 18/1/13 19:45Sat 19/1/13 19:45
Kay Dent
Guy Woolf
Max Upton
Julian Mack
Holly Marsden
Charlotte Quinney
Sam Curry
Matthew Maclachlan
Rosie Brown
Tania Clarke
Robbie Aird
Production Team
Charlotte Barrington
Amy Powell
Catherine Trinder
Celine Lowenthal
Adam Smith
Mitchell Clarke
Gaby Schwarz
Ian Leith
Bella Lamplough Shields
Zoe Higgins
Kit Fowler
Atri Banerjee
Emily Newton
Rob Eager
Jamie Balcombe

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