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As the theatre funding society for Murray Edwards College, Madhouse aims to promote the role of women and non-binary people in all areas of theatre - be it production, back stage or on the stage.

We have previously supported new female writers, majority female production teams and plays with whole female casts.

If you think your production fits our aim, we'd love to hear from you!

Contact us at or through our Facebook page.

2018/19 Committee:

President - Ellie Greenberg
Treasurer - pending
Social Media Officer - Erika Price
Production/Publicity Representative - pending
Actors' Representative - Sneha Lala
Directors' Representative- Alice Tyrrell

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No opportunities are currently being advertised - why not check out the main vacancies page?


Madhouse posted: This term is one of the busiest and best in terms of theatre. Overwhelmed by the choice? Here are our top picks: -Any Little Thing - Week 1 (24-27th Jan), Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College This show is a fully relaxed piece of theatre, making it accessible for people that are excluded by traditional shows. Info and tickets: - Stormface - Week 6, ADC late. This is a new piece of writing by the talented Kate Collins. The play deals with LGBTQ+ issues in an earnest, humorous and compassionate way. As a society, we are really proud to be helping support this show! Info and tickets: - Comic Sans Men - 13/14th Feb This is an improvised comedy show with all female/non-binary performers and you are guaranteed not to have seen something quite like this before. Info and tickets: - The Producers - Week 8/9, ADC main with some matinees As this year's Lent Term Musical, expect incredible sets, to cry with laughter and dazzling dance numbers. Info and tickets: This is just scratching the surface! Honestly, if none of these appeal, check out the link below to see the full list of what's on this term and something is sure to.

22nd January 2018 8:35pm

Madhouse posted: The ADC has opened show applications for next term - to avoid missing out get applying now! :) The ADC theatre is closed for refurbishment next term but the Corpus Playroom will still have a full line up, and the ADC are taking over different venues in Cambridge - they have just announced that their first two venues are The Round Church and Cindies!! More info and how to apply here:

22nd January 2018 7:44pm

Madhouse posted: **Due to receiving a high number of applications for Lent term funding, we have brought the deadline for applications forward to THIS SATURDAY (25th), to give us time to consider each application, so get your application in now! Check camdram for more information and details on how to apply :)

22nd November 2017 6:28pm

Madhouse posted: Thanks to everyone who came to support the relaunch of Madhouse. Funding applications are now open so keep them coming :) (Special thanks to 'American Idiot' for the preview - the show runs from the 16th-18th November at Robinson College Auditorium)

5th November 2017 3:24pm

Madhouse posted: MADHOUSE IS BACK!! Do you want to test some new material? Have you got an act which never seems to fit the scope of regular shows? Do you want to live your thespy dreams without terrifying your DoS? Then our variety launch night is just what you need! Get in touch ( with your name and a brief description of your act to sign up. As a society seeking to promote the role of women and non-binary people in the Cambridge theatre scene, we especially welcome acts by women and non-binary people.

23rd October 2017 8:21am

Madhouse posted: MADHOUSE IS BACK!! And we're having a relaunch night full of variety acts ranging from standup to previews of shows in the weeks to come. Head to the Medwards bar at 8 for pitchers, pageantry and pringles. **If you would like to perform, please get in touch with us at

21st October 2017 4:27pm

Madhouse posted: We're madly excited to see you all at the Medwards Freshers' Fair this afternoon

2nd October 2017 1:31pm

Madhouse posted: Thinking about ways to get involved in theatre this term? CUADC (Cambridge's main dramatic society) are holding various events in Freshers' week. These are particularly to increase female + nb participation in the theatre scene. Here's a taste of one: ps. Hit me (Mariella) a message if you're interested and we can get a Medwards contingent going. Thespy love xx

29th September 2017 12:41pm

Madhouse posted: Catch us at the medwards freshers’ fair on 2 october, where you too could be jumping with theatrical joy like these hare !!

28th September 2017 6:15pm

Madhouse posted: With term starting in a few days, it's about time we unveil our new logo - designed by our fabulous Alex Ens! We've got a MAD year of theatre coming up

26th September 2017 4:45pm

Madhouse posted: Excited about theatre? Want to find out more about the theatre scene at Murray Edwards? We are Madhouse Theatre, the Murray Edwards Theatre Company, who are relaunching this year to encourage Medwards students' participation in theatre. Freshers and non-freshers alike: whether you have a passion for acting, know you'd love to be involved in producing a show, or even have technical skills that can be put to use - we want you to be involved! You'll soon learn that there are a wide variety of theatre opportunities to get involved in at Cambridge. Our friends at the Relaxed Theatre Company (another small theatre group like Madhouse), have made this fabulous "A Fresher's Guide to Cambridge Theatre" which should hopefully answer any questions you may have about the theatre scene here. Having said that, at Madhouse we're also more than happy to answer any questions about theatre opportunities, so do inbox us! Keep an eye out for our launch, and meanwhile give our page Madhouse Theatre a like. Your Madhouse pres, Mariella xo

22nd August 2017 4:15pm

Madhouse posted: Madhouse will be relaunching in the new year - so keep your eyes peeled, and share and like our page to keep updated with all our news and events over the coming months...

27th December 2016 6:12pm

Madhouse posted: Saw this the other night and it is BRILLIANT - beautifully hilarious/tragic/disturbing/sexy all in one! On until saturday at Corpus. 9.30 - book those tickets!

5th March 2015 10:26pm

Madhouse posted: Some beautiful rehearsal shots from the wonderful @Johannes Hjorth

4th March 2015 1:47pm

Madhouse posted: FREAK OPENS THIS WEEK LADIES AND GENTS! It's Looking v exciting, so book your tickets now!

3rd March 2015 10:08am

Madhouse posted: MADhouse is delighted to announce that we will be funding FREAK this term, Week 7 Corpus Lateshow. Two woman show. VERY EXCITING STUFF. For more information/ticket booking, check out the website:

10th February 2015 12:38am

Madhouse posted: *** CORPUS WEEK 4 SHOW - AFTER MISS JULIE *** ATTENTION! Enjoy a good victory curl? Like to watch upsettingly attractive people tearing each other's clothes off without the need for internet connection? Or maybe you want to feel every single emotion possible in the space of 1.5 hours and witness some bloody good acting. Our very own little Miss Rose Reade is currently in a play called After Miss Julie at the Corpus Playhouse. Oh you've heard of it? Maybe that's because it's "the best play I have seen this term: a staggeringly powerful script, delivered with restraint and depth by all the actors. - TCS" 4/5 - Cambridge Theatre Review 5/5 - The Tab 9/10 - TCS 4.5/5 - Varsity The show runs until Saturday, every night at the Playhouse from 9:30, book your tickets now to avoid being that loser who, in 40 years time at a Cambridge reunion, can't remember the best piece of theatre ever created.

6th November 2014 3:47pm

Madhouse posted: Hello! We are MADHouse Theatre - Murray Edwards College's theatre society. We fund shows in Cambridge that Murray Edwards students are involved with and will be running new and alternative events/performances/ parties etc etc. WATCH THIS SPACE #somethingiscoming GET EXCITED. Because we will be bringing funky funky fun theatre your way. xoxo Rose (Artistic Director) xoxox

2nd November 2014 9:52pm