Arizona James and the Restorers of the Stolen UrnCULES
19:00, Wed 15th December 2021 - Tue 21st December 2021 at Online
Christmas Vacation

Do you like action films? Do you want to help bring a radio comedy musical about a heist, archaeology and the apocalypse to life? We need a publicity designer  to make sure this show reaches as many people as possible!

    Contact before 27th Oct 2021 01:00 for more details.


    • Make some memes, quizzes, fun show-related facts, character introductions, write a trailer - anything that will catch the discerning eye of a Cambridge theatre-goer (especially since no theatre-going as such shall be involved…)
    • Spam Everywhere with marketing at strategically-picked timepoints
    • Hold the cast and rest of crew in Fear as you pester them to share the event and all the wonderful publicity things with every single person they have ever known in their life

    We're very friendly, so please feel free to email if you have any questions or comments before applying!

    Created at 13th Oct 2021 15:20
    Last updated at 15th Oct 2021 16:52