A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC (Trinity Hall Musical) is looking for a PRODUCER!!!!

A Little Night Music
19:00, Sun 26th – Tue 28th February 2023 at Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre
Lent Week 6
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Sexism, age-gap, infidelity, attempted suicide

PRODUCER  needed for Trinity Hall production of ‘A Little Night Music’ by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler; performance dates 26th-28th of Feb 2023.

    A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC (Trinity Hall Musical) is looking for a PRODUCER !

    We’re looking to put on a production of a beloved Sondheim show in Lent 2023, with the generous support of the Trinity Hall Arts Festival, and we need someone to oversee the logistical side of the performance - this will include scheduling rehearsals, budgeting, liaising with other members of the production team and overseeing welfare and marketing. Students with previous experience in theatre, on the production side or otherwise, are encouraged to apply, but it is by no means necessary!

    To apply, please send your name, pronouns (if comfortable), college and crsid to by 10pm on Tuesday 21st November, along with answers to the following questions:

    1. Why do you want to be involved in this production?
    2. What problems do you foresee that might arise, and how would you go about working with the team to tackle them?
    3. Do you have any relevant experience (theatrical or otherwise) that you feel might be helpful?
    4. Would you want someone else to work alongside as a co-producer / to be helped by an assistant producer  (or two)? (You are welcome to apply directly alongside other students if you want!)

    If you need an extension on the deadline, please ask; this being said, we are looking to get a producer  firmed as soon as possible so that we can get auditions done before term ends,
    We look forward to reading your applications!

    Alex (he/they) - Director
    Charlotte (she/her) - Musical Director
    Tim (he/him) - Technical Director — with Charlotte Wan and Tim McGilly.

    Contact before 2nd Dec 2022 00:00 for more details.

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