All's Well That Ends Well
By William Shakespeare

2:30pm, Thu 15th June 2017 - Sat 17th June 2017, at Trinity College Chapel
Easter Week 7

Maybe Shakespeare's most disturbing and strange comedy.
The Duchess's poor ward Helena loves the Duchess's son, Bertram. Bertram isn't interested. When she happens to save the King's life, he offers her marriage to anyone she wants. Bertram goes to war to escape. But Helena sets out after him, and as we follow her and Bertram on their chases we meet braggart soldiers, lying servants, kind old aristocrats, Italian lads, a spinster's daughter, a naughty nunnery and more. One of Shakespeare's strangest puzzles, All's Well that Ends Well is alternately hilarious, unsettling, affecting and subversive.
Come for the gender-bending - stay for the possibly happy ending.

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