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  • The Shape of Things
    Corpus Playroom
    How far would you go for love? for art? What would…
  • Romeo and Juliet
    ADC Theatre
    "Here’s much to do with hate, but more with…
  • Once Upon A Dream
    ADC Theatre
    Are you in dire need of an escape from the realiti…
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    Corpus Playroom
    Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children, written…


ADC Theatre posted: Swallow | Tue 3 - Sat 7 May by Stef Smith Three strangers struggle with their lives, the intricacies of their minds, and their loneliness, touching the broken glass of each crack of their lives.

3rd May 2016 3:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: The Winter's Tale | Tue 3 - Sat 7 May by William Shakespeare Shakespeare’s tale of grief and redemption stands as the most human of his works, deftly blending psychological tragedy with charming comedy. Tom Beaven as Leontes, and Jackson Winters as Mammilius.

3rd May 2016 1:44pm

ADC Theatre posted: The Winter's Tale | Tue 3 - Sat 7 May by William Shakespeare Bear witness to a host of colourful characters, several foot-stomping folk ballads, and the most surprising story The Bard ever told. [Exit, pursued by a bear.]

3rd May 2016 1:22pm

ADC Theatre posted: Applications drinks tonight in the ADC Bar! This is your chance to have an informal chat with members of the panel about your application over a drink in the Bar.

3rd May 2016 1:19pm

Cinecam posted: Check out this new short made by a member of the Cinecam committee!

3rd May 2016 12:52pm

BAWDS posted: Tickets now available for #onemantwoguvnors @adctheatre July 12-16 https://t.co/RLEYC7M0S6 https://t.co/Cvy0nCPWGg

2nd May 2016 11:21am

ADC Theatre posted: The Winter's Tale | Tue 3 - Sat 7 May by William Shakespeare Bear witness to a host of colourful characters, several foot-stomping folk ballads, and the most surprising story The Bard ever told. [Exit, pursued by a bear.]

2nd May 2016 11:00am

ADC Theatre posted: Applications are open for directors, producers or writers for Autumn 2016 shows. Find out more and apply on our website.

2nd May 2016 9:27am

Cambridge University Light Entertainment Society posted: We'll be in the Larkum Music Room (8-9 Jesus Lane, CB5 8BA) from 1.30 - 5pm on the 7th & 8th of May to audition you (yes, you!) lovely folks for this term's CULES production, the Clements Shows: "Big Decisions!" Come one, come all to join our friendly troupe of performers for some Light Entertainment!

1st May 2016 3:10pm

Pembroke Players posted: We're very excited to have FIVE shows at @edfringe this year, with @Cvenues, @Gildedballoon, @Justthetonic and @spotlites. Watch this space!

30th April 2016 2:04pm

Eggbox Comedy posted: Tonight is your final opporutiny to catch 'Strange Bedfellows'. Snap up your tickets whilst you still can, they're selling fast.

30th April 2016 2:00pm

Cinecam posted: Reminder that this is tonight! All welcome, especially if you've never written something before.

30th April 2016 10:15am

The Fletcher Players Society posted: "I truly feel like SWALLOW is a play everyone in Cambridge should see; the honesty of the portrayal of pain puts exam term into perspective, and the moments of humour are beautifully real. If you are lucky enough to get given one of our bookmarks, see it as a personal invitation!" An interview with the director of the first Fletcher Players' production this term!

29th April 2016 4:34pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Hugely excited for our 'Best of G&S Concert' in Great St Mary's Church on Friday 17th June! Tickets on sale soon for this spectacular event!

29th April 2016 11:00am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: We are delighted to announce that on Thursday 16th June CUG&S will be staging a 'Best of G&S Concert' in Great St Mary's Church from 7pm. The evening will be jam-packed full of the very best arias, madrigals, choruses and patter songs selected from all of Gilbert and Sullivan's works and will feature a large chorus and orchestra to accompany the most talented soloists the society has to offer! We are immeasurably excited by this project and cannot wait to get started! Tickets will be going on sale soon so watch this space and be sure to mark the date in your diary for a magical evening you will never forget!

29th April 2016 11:00am

Eggbox Comedy posted: "Perfect for taking your mind off impending exams" - Varsity, 4 stars. http://www.varsity.co.uk/theatre/10141 "Strange Bedfellows is certainly, delightfully strange, taking a joyful, slightly absurd, constantly punning skip through that most depressing of documents, the newspaper." - Cambridge Theatre Review, 4 stars. - http://cambridgetheatrereview.com/r/VxvW2pxETsKkfxtoXDx6yg Great reviews for Strange Bedfellows so far, get down to the Corpus Playroom at 9:30 tonight to see for yourselves!

28th April 2016 7:02pm

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club posted: CUADC presents THE ERADICATION OF SCHIZOPHRENIA IN WESTERN LAPLAND 7:00pm, Tue 10th May 2016 - Sat 14th May 2016, at Corpus Playroom Get tickets at: https://www.corpusplayroom.com/whats-on/drama/the-eradication-of-schizophrenia-in-western-lapland.aspx 'A startling piece of work that challenges how you listen and fathom what you hear' The Guardian Come in and take a seat; choose between the home or the hospital. You will be propelled into the disorientating world of someone suffering from schizophrenia, as the experimental staging creates auditory hallucinations right in front of you. Follow Richard, Rupert and their troubled Mother as they prepare for dinner, while simultaneously hearing Richard undergo therapy five years later. Or see Richard refuse to cooperate with his therapist, while hearing the events that led up to it five years earlier. With provocative dialogue and darkly comic themes, The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland present a refreshingly honest portrayal of schizophrenia, from the perspectives of all affected. Poster designed by Andy Chen

28th April 2016 6:00pm

Pembroke Players posted: Thank you to everyone who voted in the 2016-17 Committee Elections. Our voter turnout was the highest ever, which speaks volumes for the quality of the incoming committee. Which will be: President: Eleanor Mitchell Treasurer: Amy O'Shea Artistic Director: Dan Sanderson Marketing Director: Isa Bonachera Membership Secretary: Leila Cazaly Comedy Director: Elliott Wright Sales Director: Carine Valarché Thank you all, Robert Returning Officer, Ex-President

28th April 2016 3:06pm

Eggbox Comedy posted: HELP SWITCH GET TO THE FRINGE! Here is our Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eggbox/switch-heads-to-the-fringe And here's what you'll get if you donate to us: FOR £1 - Riss Obolensky will dedicate a Snapchat to you. Expect great filters. FOR £3 - We will write you a short poem of thanks. It'll be the only way we'll ever make money off something we've written, so we'd really appreciate it. FOR £5 - Declan will make you a personalised mixtape with some banging tunes on it. FOR £10 - We will write you a sonnet of thanks. We can't promise it'll be as good as Shakespeare though we'll make sure it rhymes. FOR £15 - Lily's mum will knit you a vegetable of your choice. That's right. Knitted vegetables. FOR £20 - For only £20, we will include your name in the show itself. FOR £25 - We will write a sketch for you on whatever you want. Prompt ideas: dead parrots, four candles. FOR £30 - We'll email you a video of our happy, grateful faces, and gush about how much this means to us. Go on, get cracking. FOR £35 - We will write and record a song especially for you. It'll probably be about how beautiful and philanthropic you are, you lovely thing. FOR £40 - We will print off and frame a picture of you and place it on the mantelpiece in our Edinburgh flat. Your generosity will always be with us. And so will your face. FOR £50 - We will print off and frame a picture of you and place it on the mantelpiece in our Edinburgh flat. We will then pray to it every day. Ever wanted to be a messianic figure? This is your chance. FOR £700 - Sam will vote for the Conversatives at the next general election. Go on. Make him do it.

28th April 2016 12:24pm