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European Theatre Group posted: We are sold out in Leuven, but tickets are still just about available for both shows in London at @cockpittheatre on the 21st December!

18th December 2014 7:50am

European Theatre Group posted: Adding an extra sneaky country into our tour, by breaking our coach journey today with a pitstop in Luxembourg.

18th December 2014 7:49am

European Theatre Group posted: Onwards to Leuven, our final destination in Europe, before we head to @cockpittheatre on Sunday, and then @adctheatre in January.

18th December 2014 7:48am

European Theatre Group posted: We bid farewell to our lovely hosts in Sursee, we also bid farewell to Switzerland!

18th December 2014 7:46am

European Theatre Group posted: Director giving notes after our last performance in Switzerland! http://t.co/tiKiHX4rOs

17th December 2014 4:57pm

European Theatre Group posted: Berne swordfighting tech! http://t.co/KE9FEx7Rk7

17th December 2014 4:56pm

European Theatre Group posted: Ready for Berne! http://t.co/gbbhCNYn8t

16th December 2014 1:11pm

European Theatre Group posted: Did you know @stephenfry was in one of CUETG's previous productions of Macbeth as Duncan? Come see future stars @cockpittheatre next week!

16th December 2014 11:02am

European Theatre Group posted: Don't miss Macbeth in London! Get your tickets now from @cockpittheatre - selling fast for matinee and evening! http://t.co/Dr221GMG9D

16th December 2014 10:59am

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: Applications have opened for the second series of "Cambridge Shortlegs Presents"! If you're interested in writing/directing an hour-long radio play on Cam FM next term then look no further! No experience needed at all! We are looking for writers and directors to get involved, which is a great opportunity to experiment with drama in a different way, and to showcase original writing. Please email cambridgeshortlegs@gmail.com for more information or to apply! Deadline is 11pm on December 31 x

16th December 2014 9:34am

European Theatre Group posted: Lennox, Macduff, Witch, and Malcolm enjoy some down time... http://t.co/84TOW56aur

15th December 2014 5:45am

European Theatre Group posted: Our business and company manager having a small sartorial clash... http://t.co/rQaUNxkroq

15th December 2014 5:44am

European Theatre Group posted: ETG are in Montreux! Quick stop at the Christmas market before our workshops and performance today. http://t.co/P2gvpjl4T5

15th December 2014 5:43am

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: And so this is it! The final episode in the first series of "Cambridge Shortlegs Presents..." begins on Cam FM in just one hour! Click below to listen to this week's show, "Creed" by Millie Brierley, and soon you will be able to listen to, and download, all of the shows in the series - more details on that soon! Thank you to everyone for your help and support - to those that we have worked with, and to those that have listened - we are eternally grateful. This has been an amazing experience for both Marthe and myself, and hopefully next term we can showcase another series of radio drama. Thanks for your feedback and your love, and we hope you enjoy our final play of the term! Alex x 'When journalist Kate is sent to do a profile on Richard, the local vicar, she ends up getting more than her editor asked for. What starts off as a standard interview quickly evolves into an intense discussion of faith (and lack thereof), as the two characters open up to each other in a frank, and often uncomfortable, way.' http://cambridgeshortlegs.weebly.com/creed.html

14th December 2014 4:00pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: PRODUCER APPLICATIONS FOR THE GRAND DUKE HAVE REOPENED If you would like to discuss this exciting opportunity to produce a show for the Gilbert & Sullivan International Festival in Harrogate (and for a possible other unconfirmed venue), then please contact the society secretary, Zowie Sweetland, on zs280@cam.ac.uk Applications close on 8th January 2015, so please get in touch! ‘THE GRAND DUKE' AT THE GILBERT AND SULLIVAN INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2015 Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society will be performing ‘The Grand Duke’ at the Gilbert and Sullivan International Festival in Harrogate on 11th August 2015. MORE ABOUT 'THE GRAND DUKE' The curtain rises on the market square of Speisesaal where Ernest Dummkopf's acting troupe is rehearsing for a production of the Greek tragedy Troilus and Cressida. Beneath the theatrical veneer, a conspiracy is afoot among the thespians to overthrow Rudolph, the Grand Duke. However, this in inadvertently betrayed… With conspiracy, intrigue and a statutory duel ‘The Grand Duke’ is sure to be an exciting show.

14th December 2014 7:30am

European Theatre Group posted: A selection of our company enjoying the Swiss Alps on our day off! http://t.co/PLNILsNBk8

13th December 2014 2:11pm

European Theatre Group posted: Beautiful view from our chalet in Anzère! http://t.co/PqBq6gmEEX

12th December 2014 5:45pm

European Theatre Group posted: Lennox bags a quick selfie on our way to our chalet break http://t.co/o948ovUdI6

12th December 2014 10:16am

European Theatre Group posted: We bid farewell to Geneva! Off to our chalet! http://t.co/VdfUya2lSk

12th December 2014 7:50am

European Theatre Group posted: We have Will Bishop playing Duncan, a role once played by @stephenfry in his #CUETG days! http://t.co/kigdqcma9s

11th December 2014 1:50pm