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  • Enron
    ADC Theatre
    December 2000: Enron, America’s seventh largest …
  • Did You Say No Though?
    Corpus Playroom
    Five characters. Five perspectives on rape. New wr…
  • The Red Soil
    Corpus Playroom
    'I've never buried anyone before.' …
  • The Last Confession
    Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
    ‘in the vatican everything is confidential and n…
  • Oresteia
    ADC Theatre
    The two greatest casinos in Las Vegas are at war. …

5 years ago


Cambridge Shortlegs posted: Definitely a piece we need to share!

31st October 2014 6:11pm

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society posted: AUDITION NOTICE Bar night auditions today has to end early! If you wanted to audition for this one, and didn't get a chance today, do email president@cumts.co.uk, and we'll sort another time out :)

31st October 2014 5:36pm

ADC Theatre posted: Tomorrow is the last chance to catch #Sophiatown! Book here: http://t.co/723mcxJ7IQ

31st October 2014 2:01pm

ADC Theatre posted: Njoki Wamai has written a blog post about playing Mamariti in @SophiatownUK http://t.co/vHgYodfIwP

31st October 2014 10:52am

ADC Theatre posted: Just two performances left of our production of SOPHIATOWN. Njoki Wamai, who plays Mamariti, has written a blog post for the ADC about her experience of being involved with SOPHIATOWN. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/1wMBUsq

31st October 2014 10:52am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Thank you to all those who made last night's sing through of Iolanthe a wonderful evening! It was so lovely to hear so many beautiful voices and have good sing song! An email with more social fun should be on its way to you soon...get excited!

30th October 2014 12:18pm

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club posted: http://cambridge.tab.co.uk/2014/10/29/sophiatown/

30th October 2014 10:43am

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club posted: Varsity- 'undoubtedly the best thing I have seen on the ADC stage' Read Varsity's review of the five-star Sophiatown at ADC Theatre. http://www.varsity.co.uk/theatre/7697

29th October 2014 5:38pm

ADC Theatre posted: Just 24 hours left to apply to be part of out Spring 2015 season! Don't miss your chance! http://t.co/H4stYYO1kK

29th October 2014 3:00pm

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society posted: 5 Stars for Sophiatown from Varsity - Don't miss this stunning production!!

29th October 2014 1:34pm

Cambridge University Opera Society posted: Mary of Egypt opens tonight! If you want a sneak preview of the show, check out this fantastic behind the scenes video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2dbH33hLcI

29th October 2014 12:22pm

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society posted: *Update from Gabbie on [title of show] auditions today*: 'Due to a last minute supervision change auditions will be held until 1.15pm today, not until 3pm as previously stated. I hope this doesn't cause a problem for anyone. Auditions will also be held tomorrow 1pm-3pm. Please get in touch (gb468@cam.ac.uk) if you are unable to make it but would still like to audition. Sorry for the inconvienience!'

29th October 2014 10:48am

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: It will be repeated at 1pm on Thursday too for those who can't catch it tonight - and it will be available for 40 days as well

28th October 2014 11:09pm

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: Our 2nd episode, I See You, starts on @camfm972 at midnight! http://t.co/78E1WhhWbb

28th October 2014 11:09pm

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: After some minor tehcnical difficulties, the second episode of "Cambridge Shortlegs Presents..." starts on Cam FM at midnight! You can listen to the episode here: http://www.camfm.co.uk/shows/cambridge-shortlegs-presents/ And then you can read all about this week's episode - "I See You" by Johanna Ohlman. The episode will be repeated at 1pm on Thursday too! Thanks to everyone who listened in last week - please let us know if you have any feedback about any episode or the series in general, everything is appreciated! 'Imagine being born again. In real life, such a second chance is called organ transplantation. So, what do you do with a second life? In five distinct scenes, I See You gives an insight into the lives of four organ transplant recipients and their organ donor. While balancing the drama and darkness with the absurd and comedic, the play explores the human fault of relying on external events in the pursuit of a life worth living.' http://cambridgeshortlegs.weebly.com/i-see-you.html

28th October 2014 11:08pm

ADC Theatre posted: #Sophiatown had its #openingnight tonight! What did you think of it?

28th October 2014 10:15pm

ADC Theatre posted: Interested in acting? Find out how to get involved: adctheatre.com/getinvolved

28th October 2014 6:05pm

ADC Theatre posted: Interested in acting? Find out how to get involved: http://t.co/FS984vdg34

28th October 2014 6:00pm

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society posted: We are in the Greenwood Road in Emmanuel college right now until 6.30 - come and audition with a song for the chance to be in the workshop this Sunday with Joel Fram!

28th October 2014 3:37pm

ADC Theatre posted: 48 hours left to apply to be part of our Spring 2015 season. Questions? email applications@adctheatre.com or go to http://t.co/H4stYYO1kK

28th October 2014 3:00pm