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2 years ago

  • The Last Five Years
    Corpus Playroom
    Follow Jamie, New York novelist finding his first …
  • The Apocalypse Bear Trilogy
    Corpus Playroom
    Are you alone or afraid? Is your mum late back fro…
  • Sophie Scholl
    ADC Theatre
    Sophie Scholl has gone down in history as one of t…
  • Richard III
    Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    ADC Theatre
    If you like two-woman sketch-shows which are calle…

5 years ago

  • Henna Night
    Corpus Playroom
    Judith leaves her ex-boyfriend a desperate message…
  • The Madness of George III
    ADC Theatre
    George is King of England. George is sovereign of…
  • Red Demon
    ADC Theatre
    Near an isolated fishing village, on a faraway isl…


Cambridge University Opera Society posted: If you're not at our launch party RIGHT NOW then stop WHATEVER you're doing and GET THERE!! La Raza ahoy!!

20th October 2014 7:32pm

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society posted: Rehearsals for bar night! :) Steve, Joe and Elsabeth are making a real gorgeous sound

20th October 2014 4:35pm

ADC Theatre posted: We have a post-show discussion after Thursday’s performance of #OedipusAndAntigone. Book here: http://t.co/l9Q5FXKw16

20th October 2014 2:01pm

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club posted: We've just released lots more tickets for our annual pantomime, if you haven't got one now is the time to buy before it sells out!

20th October 2014 12:54pm

Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society posted: Don't forget to come along to the first CUMTS bar night of the year, tonight at 8pm - Only a few tickets left! We've got a great selection of musical numbers, and some fantastically talented freshers lined up :) https://www.adctheatre.com/whats-on/musical/musical-theatre-bar-night.aspx

20th October 2014 12:26pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: EXCITING OPPORTUNITY for DIRECTORS: The committee of the Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society have decided to reopen the Main Show slot. Therefore there is a rare opportunity for you to apply to direct a show of your choosing. This is a really big opportunity. The Gilbert and Sullivan main show is one of the biggest and best-respected performances in Cambridge theatre. This year's show will be in the West Road Concert Hall and will be following on the coat-tails of last year's smash-hit production of The Pirates of Penzance. If you have a show that you are passionate about or that you feel would be a creative and exciting production for the society and if you have directorial experience then please contact us. Also while we encourage applicants with Gilbert and Sullivan shows we will also consider other works of a similar nature. If you have any questions or if you wish to send in an application, please do not hesitate to contact tristanharkcom@gmail.com

19th October 2014 10:37pm

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: You can listen back to the first episode of our radio series Cambridge Shortlegs Presents right now over here: http://t.co/ct1DAgOtIX

19th October 2014 9:05pm

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: You can listen back to the first episode of Cambridge Shortlegs Presents right now over here: http://www.camfm.co.uk/player/18225

19th October 2014 9:03pm

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club posted: Check out this preview from Varsity of CUADC's 'ambitious new production' Oedipus and Antigone, at the ADC Theatre this week! Book tickets now at http://www.adctheatre.com/whats-on/drama/oedipus-and-antigone.aspx. http://www.varsity.co.uk/theatre/7563

19th October 2014 7:22pm

ADC Theatre posted: In our latest blog, Jack Parlett (director) discusses how Saved (opening at the Corpus Playroom on Tuesday) is rarely performed and is both a privilege and a challenge for him to direct.

19th October 2014 3:58pm

ADC Theatre posted: Jack Parlett discusses how @SavedAtCorpus is rarely performed and is both a privilege and a challenge to direct. http://t.co/7o106Hw87G

19th October 2014 3:57pm

ADC Theatre posted: Some fantastic publicity designs for @CUADC's #OfMiceAndMen appearing across town this week. Well done! http://t.co/x4hVX4zvrP

19th October 2014 3:49pm

ADC Theatre posted: Exciting news for a lazy Sunday! Applications are open to direct or produce in our Spring season: http://t.co/xLGWqoH93E.

19th October 2014 3:21pm

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: The first ever episode of "Cambridge Shortlegs Presents..." starts on Cam FM in just one hour! You can listen to the episode by clicking the link below, and then you can read all about this week's episode -a two-parter featuring "Window Seat" by Guy Clark and "Ransom of the Red Chief" adapted by Guy Clark from O. Henry. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible, and we hope you enjoy this, the first of nine episodes! 'In Window Seat a tired management consultant and a hungover theology student, flung together by the winds of Easyjet seat bookings, attempt to solve the world… airline food is eaten, angry birds is played, not a whole lot is solved. On a plane. In Ransom of the Red Chief (adapted from a short story by O. Henry) laconic fraudster Sam tells the story of the time he and his partner Bill decided to try their hand at kidnapping. A hot, dusty excursion into the turn-of-the-century American West with two less-than-brilliant criminals.' http://cambridgeshortlegs.weebly.com/window-seatransom-of-the-red-chief.html

19th October 2014 3:00pm

Cambridge University Opera Society posted: Excited for tomorrow's launch party for @MaryatKings and @AlbertHerring_ Turn up at La Raza from 8pm onwards, you'd be mad to miss it!

19th October 2014 11:02am

Cambridge University Opera Society posted: Auditions are coming up for our Mainshow, Eugene Onegin!! Make sure to sign up for yours!

18th October 2014 7:43pm

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: And after a week's delay, the series begins tomorrow at 5!

18th October 2014 6:40pm

Cambridge Shortlegs posted: EXCLUSIVE: That's right - none other than @RobertDowneyJr will be appearing in an episode of our @camfm972 radio series!

18th October 2014 6:40pm

ADC Theatre posted: Find out more about how to get involved at the ADC Theatre or Corpus Playroom: http://t.co/FS984vdg34

17th October 2014 5:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: Thank you to everyone who came to the post-show discussion for #AllMySons yesterday, the Studio was full! Thanks @hcalas1 and the whole team

17th October 2014 12:58pm