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By Jack Thorne

8:00pm, Thu 1st June 2017 Venue to be confirmed
Easter Week 5


'An exhilarating monologue drama for a young performer, from the writer of the recently released West End play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and award-winning Television dramas, including: Skins, This is England '86, This is England '88, The Fades and Glue.'

Synopsis: 'Katie is a feisty and intelligent 18 year old. When her boyfriend Abe gets into a fight, his mates insist they track down the kid who attacked him. What starts as an adventure becomes more dangerous as Katie is thrust into a journey she'll never forget. The complexities of multicultural inner-city life are vividly exposed in this remarkable coming-of-age tale.'

We are staging the play as a piece of interactive physical theatre, with actors playing all the characters described in Katie's monologue. These parts will be silent, but highly involved in action sequences, and mouth their 'lines' as Katie speaks them.

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