The Day Room
By Don DeLillo

8:00pm, Thu 18th May 2017 - Sat 20th May 2017, at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
Easter Week 3

you don't want to know about actors | actors are depressing

Budge and Wyatt sit in a hospital wing and watch things falling apart. The nurses are impostors, the doctors are frauds, and who exactly is Arno Klein? Why is there a man pretending to be a T.V?

Don DeLillo is our greatest living novelist, yet for too long the world has overlooked his plays. Don't make the same mistake. This black comedy, set in a hospital ward, is surreal, funny, awkwardly insightful, and most importantly, pretentious.

This play in Fitzpatrick Hall will create a theatre-in-the-round, for an experience not often provided in Cambridge. The space will be intimate, bizarre, and messy. Welcome to the day room.


Budge/Arno Klein -
Wyatt/T.V. -
Nurse Baker/Freddie -
Dr. Bazelon/Jolene -
Clerk -
Nurse Walker/Maid -
Manville -
Grass -
Dr. Phelps/Lynette -


Balalaika -

Production Team

Director -
Producer, Creative Advisor -
Assistant Director - ,
Associate Director -
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