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BAWDS posted: Photos from the dress rehearsal of #Emma by #JaneAusten @adctheatre can be found at Tickets…

7th December 2017 9:47am

BAWDS posted: First night of #Emma by #JaneAusten @adctheatre tonight. Tickets are still available for the week:…

5th December 2017 3:46pm

BAWDS posted: The cast of #Emma by #JaneAusten @adctheatre all costumed by @DCCostumiers and ready for the run! Dec 5-9.…

30th November 2017 10:53am

BAWDS posted: Catch up on @seaninover and Kathryn Cussons discussing #JaneAusten and #Emma on @jeremysallis @adctheatre Dec 5-9

28th November 2017 11:52am

BAWDS posted: Bawds update – November 2017 -

23rd November 2017 2:23pm

BAWDS posted: #Emma by #JaneAusten @adctheatre Dec 5-9. Emma: I would have to meet someone far superior to any man I've known. Mr…

23rd November 2017 10:54am

BAWDS posted: #Emma by #JaneAusten @adctheatre Dec 5- 9. 'To hear you abuse the reason you have, Emma, I would almost prefer that…

22nd November 2017 3:41pm

BAWDS posted: #Emma by #janeausten @adctheatre Dec 5-9. Tickets: 'How many men have committed themselves…

21st November 2017 3:07pm

BAWDS posted: #Emma @adctheatre Dec 5-9. 'Why, there should be dances every fortnight through winter.' Tickets:…

16th November 2017 10:58am

BAWDS posted: #Emma @adctheatre Dec 5-9. 'Emma will instruct Harriet, and she will be Emma's companion'. tickets:…

14th November 2017 10:43am

BAWDS posted: Putting up #Emma posters for @adctheatre production Dec 5-9

10th November 2017 3:30pm

BAWDS posted: #Emma @adctheatre Dec 5-9 'I found the perfect friend - a pretty young woman who requires my services.' Tickets:…

8th November 2017 10:10am

BAWDS posted: Script Reading Event - your work performed by actors! Plays & screen plays FREE

6th November 2017 10:28am

BAWDS posted: #Emma @adctheatre 'A man of six and twenty? Mr Elton can take care of himself.' - Mr Knightley. Tickets:…

3rd November 2017 3:06pm

BAWDS posted: #Emma @adctheatre Dec 5-9 'I am sometimes very fanciful and troublesome' - Mr Woodhouse.

26th October 2017 10:30am

BAWDS posted: #Emma @adctheatre Dec 5-9 'Is there anything more delicious than the glory of having schemed successfully?' tickets…

25th October 2017 2:49pm

BAWDS posted: #Emma is on @adctheatre Dec 5-9. Tickets: 'Joy? At a wedding? There can be nothing but tears on this day'

19th October 2017 11:02am

BAWDS posted: Bawds update – October 2017

17th October 2017 1:35pm

BAWDS posted: Up next for Bawds and @camactors is Jane Austen's Emma @adctheatre Dec 5-9. Tickets:

5th October 2017 8:16am

BAWDS posted: Rehearsals under way for our joint production of #Emma with @camactors @adctheatre Dec 5-9. tickets:

27th September 2017 9:35am

BAWDS posted: @wiltybanter Thanks Jamie!

17th September 2017 8:06am

BAWDS posted: This review of 'Anyone Can Dance' is quite good......

16th September 2017 6:23pm

BAWDS posted: Tickets still available for 'Anyone Can Dance' @corpusplayroom Sat Sept 16

14th September 2017 9:24am

BAWDS posted: Friday night sold out for 'Anyone Can Dance' @corpusplayroom Still tickets available for Sat 16 Sept for this award…

13th September 2017 2:06pm

BAWDS posted: Writer Sean Baker talking about 'Anyone Can Dance', Bawds next production with @jeremysallis 2:23 onwards

5th September 2017 10:12pm

BAWDS posted: Sean Baker will be on @jeremysallis show @BBCCambs after 2pm today talking about 'Anyone Can Dance' @corpusplayroom…

4th September 2017 11:00am

BAWDS posted: Anyone Can Dance @corpusplayroom Sept 15 & 16. Tickets: 'I swear you don't have a romantic…

30th August 2017 10:59am

BAWDS posted: Anyone Can Dance @corpusplayroom Sept 15 & 16. Tickets: 'We'd have got on about as well as…

25th August 2017 11:57am


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