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BAWDS posted: Rehearsals now under way for our next show: The Count of Monte Cristo @adctheatre April 4-8. Tickets:…

15th February 2017 11:23am

BAWDS posted: Brilliant production: #threesisters @TheUnionTheatre with @franburgoyne. tickets from one week left! Don't miss it!

28th January 2017 12:09pm

BAWDS posted: Only 8 tickets left for tonight's 'Waiting For Lefty' @CambJunction Tickets still available for Saturday:…

13th January 2017 10:19am

BAWDS posted: Praise for 'Waiting For Lefty' @CambJunction 'really powerful', 'terrific performances', 'truly authentic'

12th January 2017 4:03pm

BAWDS posted: 'Waiting For Lefty' continues @CambJunction this week. Review on Tickets selling out fast!

11th January 2017 1:07pm

BAWDS posted: A rare status update: have just been offered a place as a Research Degree student at ARU, so will be starting my...

3rd January 2017 2:44pm

BAWDS posted: 'Waiting For Lefty' @CambJunction Jan 10-14. Tickets:

29th December 2016 10:55am

BAWDS posted: Waiting For Lefty @CambJunction 'He wouldn't know a good actor if he fell over him in the dark.'…

23rd December 2016 10:11am

BAWDS posted: 'Waiting For Lefty' @CambJunction Jan 10-14. Flo: Sure, I want romance, love, babies. I want everything in life I c…

21st December 2016 4:46pm

BAWDS posted: 'Waiting For Lefty' @CambJunction Jan 10-14. 'I ain't red one bit' - Joe

20th December 2016 4:02pm

BAWDS posted: 'Two flops in a row on this lousy street nobody loves you - only God, and He don't count.' Waiting For Lefty…

15th December 2016 3:20pm

BAWDS posted: Waiting For Lefty: 'he's got more guts than a slaughterhouse' @CambJunction Jan 10-14

13th December 2016 2:50pm

BAWDS posted: Rehearsals for Waiting For Lefty going well @CambJunction Jan 10-14. Tickets from

30th November 2016 12:04pm

BAWDS posted: Tickets for our next play 'Waiting For Lefty' available from 'Honey I rode the wheels off the chariot today' - Joe.

16th November 2016 11:25am

BAWDS posted: Putting up posters in Cambridge today for Waiting For Lefty @CambJunction Jan 10-14

13th November 2016 3:13pm

BAWDS posted: 'Waiting For Lefty' is on @CambJunction Jan 10-14. tickets: 'I ain't a red boy one bit!' - Joe.

7th November 2016 11:25am

BAWDS posted: Waterbeach Players are performing Steel Magnolias Nov 9-12 - tickets selling fast - 01223 880023 or…

2nd November 2016 12:14pm

BAWDS posted: Rehearsals starting for January 10-14 production of 'Waiting For Lefty' @CambJunction 'Red and yellow makes a dirty color, boys'

31st October 2016 3:55pm

BAWDS posted: If you're coming to #onemantwoguvnors @adctheatre, try the special cocktail! Tickets still available for matinee

15th July 2016 11:12am

BAWDS posted: 'Love passes through marriage quicker than shit through a small dog' #onemantwoguvnors @adctheatre this week.

13th July 2016 10:33am

BAWDS posted: 'What is my life?' Alan ponders the ultimate question in #onemantwoguvnors @adctheatre this week

11th July 2016 7:59am

BAWDS posted: 'A lot of stuff's been going on that I didn't understand' #onemantwoguvnors @adctheatre this week.

10th July 2016 3:23pm