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BAWDS posted: Next up is our award-winning festival play 'Anyone Can Dance', @corpusplayroom described as a tour de force in Sar…

9th August 2017 2:08pm

BAWDS posted: Ayckbourn's Comic Potential continues @adctheatre 'I want that doctor booked in for cyber s…

26th July 2017 9:10am

BAWDS posted: Alan Ayckbourn's Comic Potential opens tonight @adctheatre Tickets: 'I won't bother you. I…

25th July 2017 10:30am

BAWDS posted: 'Once a man's seen your trapdoor he loses all respect for you' - Jacie in Comic Potential @adctheatre July 25-29…

13th July 2017 7:51am

BAWDS posted: Comic Potential @adctheatre July 25-29. … … 'That's all I need – a leading actor with vowel…

28th June 2017 3:00pm

BAWDS posted: Comic Potential @adctheatre July 25-29. … 'That's all I need – a leading actor with vowel p…

27th June 2017 1:06pm

BAWDS posted: Comic Potential @adctheatre July 25-29. 'That's all I need – a leading actor with vowel pro…

26th June 2017 2:14pm

BAWDS posted: Our trailer for Comic Potential @adctheatre July 25-29. Thanks to @BarneyBrownCAM for creating this! #alanayckbourn

25th June 2017 9:51am

BAWDS posted: Hospital-Hearts-Intro-CP-Trailer.mp4

25th June 2017 6:24am

BAWDS posted: @SardinesMag yes, I've just emailed you - am away from desk till Saturday, but can forward then if that's ok?

20th June 2017 12:48pm

BAWDS posted: Bawds next show is Barry Brown's production of Alan Ayckbourn's classic futuristic comedy – 'where Westworld...

9th June 2017 10:10am

BAWDS posted: The First UK Production Of My Fair Lady For 7 Years Comes To Cambridge

2nd June 2017 9:01am

BAWDS posted: We are in the English Final of the All England Theatre Festival in Bridgwater @mcmillantheatre representing Eastern Region! Sat 3 June

2nd June 2017 8:31am

BAWDS posted: Programme of plays 2017

21st May 2017 12:39pm

BAWDS posted: Waterbeach Community Players event tickets from TicketSource | Online Event Ticketing

2nd May 2017 4:21pm

BAWDS posted: @PiedPipersCambs Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it

29th April 2017 11:35am

BAWDS posted: Come and support us @CamDramFest Friday 28th! Anyone Can Dance by @seaninover directed by Richard McNally

25th April 2017 10:14am


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