Lady Margaret Players

The Lady Margaret Players is the St. John’s College performing arts society. We aim to encourage all Johnians to take part in performing arts; whether that participation be acting, singing, dancing, helping backstage, designing sets, operating lighting or simply coming to watch our performances.

The Divinity School makes a wonderful performance space. Our professional lights and staging in this venue create a most atmospheric setting.

Whilst The Lady Margaret Players is committed to supporting those who wish to pursue a career within the performing arts world or take the hobby to a higher level, we are equally keen to encourage participation of those who do not have the time or desire to get involved in productions on a University wide level.

Non-Johnians are also welcome to get involved in LMP productions.

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No opportunities are currently being advertised - why not check out the main vacancies page?


Lady Margaret Players posted: We've extended the deadline to the end of Sunday! We've had some amazing applicants, but there is still room for some more members on the committee, so get applying!

10th March 2017 1:11pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: Lady Margaret Players Committee Applications are OPEN! This is a great chance to be part of a society that aims to encourage and support those wanting to take part in the performing arts; whether that participation be acting, writing, singing, dancing, helping backstage, designing sets, or operating lighting. You'll also be a part of helping re-launch the society. We're looking for people who might be interested in specific roles - Actors Rep, Directors Rep, Producers Rep, Writers Rep, Tech Rep - but also general committee members. As the position will carry on into the next academic year, we're looking for people who will be at John's next year as well. Please send your applications to Hannah (hm540) and tell us why your are interested in being part of the committee and which specific role within the society you would like to apply for (if any). Please write a short paragraph on why you would suit this role and any skills or experience you can bring. The deadline is 6pm on 9th March, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch!

2nd March 2017 6:11pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: Wait, there's only 6 hours left to apply for the enticingly named role of Junior Treasurer of the Lady Margaret Players (which is actually pretty awesome and something I would regret not doing for the rest of my life)?!

31st January 2017 12:06pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: Two days left to apply to be Junior Treasurer - a job that's way more fun than the name suggests! Go on, you know you want to

30th January 2017 1:33pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: The Lady Margaret Players are back! LMP is John's performing arts society and, after a quiet few years, the society is currently being re-launched and is looking to recruit a Junior Treasurer. The Junior Treasurer will play a key role in helping re-launch the society, working closely with the President and Senior Treasurer. They will also help manage the society's finances and help select committee members. Some experience in drama and finance is helpful but not completely necessary; we're really looking for someone enthusiastic and keen to help revive the society. Please send your applications to with a little on why you'd like to get involved and any skills or experience you can bring. The deadline is 6pm on 31st January.

24th January 2017 6:03pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: Techies, you fabulous creatures, boy do we have a vacancy for you. ADVERT FOR LIGHTING DESIGNERS && SOUND OPERATORS. All levels of experience welcome. "It is the near yet distant future. A rather treacherous apocalypse has occurred and in an underground bunker that looks a lot like the Corpus Playroom, two semi-feral street urchins have, for the very first time, opened their blast doors to the public!" Think strobes, psychedelia and disorientation. Think the apocalypse as never before imagined. If any of this sounds interesting or appealing and you have even the smallest curiosity for lighting or sound design please check out our advert and email km645 more information. Riss Obolensky && Henry Wilkinson && myself will make it a fun one - guaranteed.

31st October 2016 3:41pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: Come and audition for the silly fun put on by our neighbouring Dryden drama society!

29th April 2015 2:23pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: Hello theatre minded Johnians! Come along to the ADC next week and see THE STRIP - it's going to be a hell of a road trip x

26th February 2015 12:19pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: LAST CHANCE to apply to produce the Freshers Show! Email or now :)

16th February 2015 10:13am

Lady Margaret Players posted: Come to the Corpus Playroom this week to see this wonderful sketch show funded by the Lady Margaret Players (look at our fancy logo in the corner!)

7th February 2015 12:48pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: The Lady Margaret Players are proud to fund Austrey and James this term! Come and watch this sketch show full of Johnians!

5th February 2015 1:43pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: Loot - Freshers Play Auditions

5th February 2015 1:36pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: FRESHERS PLAY We need a production team! Applications are now open for: Producer Technical Director Assistant Director Assistant Producer Stage Manager Publicity Set Design Lighting email "Loot" by Joe Orton ‘Has anyone ever hidden money in a coffin?’ ‘It never crossed anybody’s mind.’ ‘It’s crossed mine.’ As so ensues a black comedy full of truths, lies and intrigue. Bank robbers Hal and Dennis are desperately trying to get away with their crime, whilst Hal’s father McLeavy mourns the death of his wife, unaware of the scheming advances of her nurse. As the Hal and Dennis start to feel the police closing in the coffin in the corner seems to look more and more convenient… Orton’s comedy is entertaining and witty, but subtly mocks the law and the Englishman. This production will be directed by Candace Graham in the main lecture hall of the Divinity School at St John’s, in the first few weeks of Easter term.

2nd February 2015 9:13pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: LMP Social

14th January 2015 10:08pm

Lady Margaret Players posted: Lady Margaret Players Fresher's Play Are you a fresher or do you not have a lot of experience with Cambridge drama? Are you interested in directing or producing a “Fresher’s Show”? Then get in touch with the St John’s College Drama Society - the Lady Margaret Players - at

12th January 2015 11:44am