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Pembroke Players is doubtlessly the most friendly and by far the most active college drama society in Cambridge, currently putting on around 20 events a year, funding shows in venues of all shapes and sizes, from our own New Cellars to Corpus Playroom and the ADC. Our termly Smokers are also always well attended and hugely successful. We like to spread our wings a little further afield too, with our annual Japan Tour always being a huge hit!

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Pembroke Players posted: 2017-18 PEMBROKE PLAYERS COMMITTEE NOMINATIONS, NOW OPEN! Want to get involved with one of the most active college drama societies in Cambridge? Keen to be part of the team that programmes each season of shows in Pembroke New Cellars, and that provides opportunities to meet industry professionals and Big Names like Sir Eric Idle and Sir Ian McKellen??? Run for the 2017-18 committee! Being on the Pembroke Players Committee is a fun, low-commitment responsibility and offers lots of opportunities for gaining valuable skills and experience. Please find a list of roles and role descriptions here: Deadline: 6pm, Saturday 29th April

23rd April 2017 6:04pm

Pembroke Players posted: Applications are now open for Edinburgh Fringe Funding! Got a show that you’d like to take up to Edinburgh this August but still looking for funding? Pembroke Players is looking to fund up to 3 shows, drama or comedy, going to the Fringe! Please apply via the usual form below, giving as much detail as you can, especially in the budget section. Please note that the Pembroke Players Committee will not be responsible for finding your show a venue, and if you do not have one at the time of application, please give an indication of how much the venue hire is likely to be for venues you are currently considering/applying to. We look forward to hearing from you! Deadline: Saturday 25th March, 10pm.

20th March 2017 7:59pm

Pembroke Players posted: For the third year in a row, Pembroke Players Comedy presents The Lady Smoker, our annual showcase of the funniest women and non-binary people on the student comedy scene! Featuring... RHIANNON SHAW BELLA HULL ANIA MAGLIANO-WRIGHT CARINE VALARCHE JASMIN REES KATE COLLINS CANSU KARABIYIK LOUISA KEIGHT, MOLLY STACEY AND MILLIE FOY AIMEE MOON ANJALENE WHITTIER EMMA PLOWRIGHT Get your tickets fast before they sell out!

12th March 2017 3:32pm

Pembroke Players posted: "Macabre, amusing and subversive: for adventurous directors and actors fully invested in the risk of their work, come to 13 Objects with an open mind and a reflective attitude. 'It has the capacity to be beautiful,' insists Higgins, “but it’s not really meant to be a nice trip to the theatre. Be ready to be disturbed." Our mainshow 13 Objects opened last night, and runs every night this week until Saturday. Don't miss the chance to see our final mainshow of the year!

8th March 2017 1:15pm

Pembroke Players posted: 13 Objects starts tonight- a truly unique play that ‘reveals the investment we make in inanimate things, their power to unsettle us, and how their talismanic qualities license new ways of seeing the world’. Check out the new trailer!

7th March 2017 11:49am

Pembroke Players posted: The final Pembroke Players' mainshow of the year is Howard Barker's 13 Objects. Check out the incredible trailer and get booking your tickets!

6th March 2017 6:38pm

Pembroke Players posted: Disposables, starring Pembroke Smoker regulars, starts on Tuesday- book your tickets now to avoid dissapointment!

5th March 2017 2:59pm

Pembroke Players posted: A reminder that this is happening in an hour in the New Cellars! No need to bring anything (except your Yorkshire accent), extracts on door! A great opportunity to perform alongside Eric Idle and be wined and dined on the Pembroke budget on 18 March. Minimum commitment!!

2nd March 2017 7:02pm

Pembroke Players posted: Do you want to perform on the same stage as Eric Idle? Fancy a day being wined and dined on the Pembroke Development budget? If you are at Pembroke or consider yourself a 'Pembroke Player' (i.e. have taken part in several PP productions), then come along to the New Cellars tomorrow evening from 8-9.30pm to audition for Four Yorkshiremen: A Reboot. This will be a VERY LOW COMMITMENT process, with a few rehearsals leading up to the full-day event on Saturday 18 March.

1st March 2017 2:05pm

Pembroke Players posted: On 19 March Pembroke is holding an event for the Mill Lane Development site and the Players are looking for four Pembroke students or Pembroke players to play the roles of the four Yorkshiremen (read 'Yorkshirepeople', this will be cast gender blind) in a rebooted version of the original Monty Python sketch. Eric Idle will be there and you'll have a chance to chinwag with him, as well as being treated to dinner and free accommodation in college. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS HAVE A VAGUELY COMPETENT YORKSHIRE ACCENT AND LOTS OF ENTHUSIASM. 'REHEARSALS' WILL BE VERY LOW COMMITMENT.

28th February 2017 7:11pm

Pembroke Players posted: *LINE-UP TO BE ANNOUNCED ON MONDAY* *TICKET LINK LIVE ON TUESDAY 1PM* "The Pembroke Black Tie Smoker offers a more high-brow atmosphere than smokers usually provide"- The Tab It's that time of year again! Prepare for the return of the swankiest, most sophisticated smoker of the year: The Black Tie Smoker. Sit back with your complimentary glass of wine and laugh your socks off* as eight of Cambridge's finest comedy acts duke it out for a £50 cash prize (as voted by you, the audience) and more importantly, mad respect. As the name suggests, dress code is strictly black tie please. The smoker has been known to sell out since the beginning of time (or at least since records began), so get those tickets quick! Last year tickets sold out within a day, so definitely act fast. *please don't actually remove your socks, this is a swanky event.

19th February 2017 4:15pm

Pembroke Players posted: Our only improv show of the term opens TONIGHT in New Cellars! Don't miss Ted, Colin and Haydn (aka official Big Deals in the world of improv) in HOT CROSS MEN. Previous praise for the performers: 'Truly Marvellous' - EdFringeReview, 4 stars. 'Ridiculous and hilarious' - The Tab, 4.5 stars. 'An impressive display' - Varsity, 4.5 stars. 'It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but hot cross men' - Charles Darwin (Ordinary Degree, 1831)

9th February 2017 11:06am

Pembroke Players posted: Our Lent season kicks off TONIGHT with The Playboy of the Western World and Frank & Cynthia! Find out more and book your tickets here:

7th February 2017 4:01pm

Pembroke Players posted: Are you one of the hundreds of people doing RAG blind date on Tuesday? Of course you are, you stud! Picture this: the date's going well, you've really hit it off. But you need to find some way of closing the deal- show your date that you really are the legend you've spent the past few hours claiming you are. We may just have the solution; FRANK AND CYNTHIA, a literal aphrodisiac in stage form- a brand new narrative comedy (ooh, they're popular these days aren't they) from the people who brought you Footlights Presents: Bread, Banged Up! and all sorts of other delights. To celebrate, we are offering TWO FOR ONE TICKETS for those with RAG Blind Date forms. That's right: TWO FOR ONE for all you lovebirds out there. That's just £3 each- absolute bargain. We'll see you there ;)

5th February 2017 5:52pm

Pembroke Players posted: Just two weeks until the start of our amazin Lent 2017 season! Don't miss the PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD at the Flaherty's Pub (erm, I mean, the Pembroke New Cellars)

24th January 2017 5:11pm

Pembroke Players posted: REOPENED APPLICATIONS: WEEK 7 MAINSHOW SLOT Missed out on our application window at the end of Michaelmas? Have a play in mind that you’d like to put on, but don’t have a venue yet? We have reopened applications for our Week 7 Mainshow slot! We are looking for a show to perform in Pembroke New Cellars from Tuesday 7th to Saturday 11th March. Please apply via the form below. We look forward to hearing from you! Deadline: Wednesday 18th January, 6:00pm

12th January 2017 8:34pm

Pembroke Players posted: It's been a great term of sell-out smokers and sketch shows at Pembroke New Cellars- like our sister page for incoming info on what's coming up next term, and how you can get involved with comedy at Cambridge's friendliest drama society!

6th December 2016 1:18pm

Pembroke Players posted: Our Freshers' Panto is TONIGHT at 10pm in the Hall! Come along to witness a time-honoured Pembroke Players tradition, much hilarity, a theatrical turn from the Dean and FREE DRINKS. Tickets are just £3 on the door!

30th November 2016 2:00pm

Pembroke Players posted: ANTONY ϟ CLEOPATRA is almost sold out! Get your ticket now!

22nd November 2016 11:11am

Pembroke Players posted: Our Sticky Floor Smoker comedians are all excited to see DOWNBEAT today and tomorrow at the Pembroke New Cellars! D…

22nd November 2016 11:01am

Pembroke Players posted: Don't miss DOWNBEAT! tonight and tomorrow! 22nd - 23rd November, Pembroke New Cellars, 9.30pm

22nd November 2016 10:57am

Pembroke Players posted: The Sticky Floor Smoker performers are excited to see DOWNBEAT because they saw Ruari's amazing musical performance! And you should also be! Don't miss the first ever musical stand up show! tonight and tomorrow! 22nd - 23rd November, Pembroke New Cellars, 9.30pm

22nd November 2016 10:40am

Pembroke Players posted: We have just released an extra 20 tickets per night for this week's mainshow, Antony ϟ Cleopatra! Check out the event and get your tickets at

21st November 2016 8:53am

Pembroke Players posted: The line-up has just been announced, and it's massive! LEO REICH TIM VAUGHAN ENRICO HALLWORTH RHIANNON SHAW WILL HALL NIAMH CURRAN RUARI BRIDE ROB DAY WILL DALRYMPLE EMILY MAHON AND LAUREN MORRIS JASMIN REES AIMEE DRESCHER JACK BOLTON and compèred by ELLIOTT WRIGHT Not only that, but FREE ALCOHOL included in the price of the ticket (Only £6!) Book fast- we sold out completely last time, and it was so crowded we've reduced the maximum capacity so that you don't all suffocate! Don't let our kindness go unrewarded; buy a ticket! Why not buy two?

18th November 2016 6:01pm

Pembroke Players posted: Only 24 HOURS left to apply to direct a show for the Pembroke Players' Lent Season! From drama to comedy to musicals to devised or physical theatre, we’re interested in programming an exciting and varied season! Check out the link for more details and get your applications in before 6pm Friday (tomorrow!)

17th November 2016 5:39pm

Pembroke Players posted: The Sticky Floor Smoker 2016 is happening on 21 Nov! Get your tickets now!

14th November 2016 3:32pm

Pembroke Players posted: After an unprecented sell-out Fresher's Week Smoker ("vastly enjoyable" (The Tab) ★★★★), Pembroke Players Comedy presents the return of The Sticky Floor Smoker! Buy your tickets now to avoid dissapointment

14th November 2016 1:22pm

Pembroke Players posted: It's back! Hot on the heels of our smash-hit sell out Fresher's Week Smoker ("vastly enjoyable" (The Tab) ★★★★) earlier this term, The Sticky Floor Smoker returns after a year's absence and this time it's bigger, funnier, and probably stickier. ★★★★ OUR MASSIVE LINE-UP ★★★★ LEO REICH TIM VAUGHAN ENRICO HALLWORTH RHIANNON SHAW WILL HALL NIAMH CURRAN RUARI BRIDE ROB DAY WILL DALRYMPLE EMILY MAHON AND LAUREN MORRIS JASMIN REES AIMEE DRESCHER JACK BOLTON and compèred by ELLIOTT WRIGHT Not only that, there will be FREE ALCOHOL served at this event! Make sure you buy your tickets in advance; we completely sold out the capacity of the cellars last time and had to turn people away- and we don't want that! If you want to see the smoker, book book book. Tickets: "A truly fantastic night of comedy"- The Tab

14th November 2016 12:46pm

Pembroke Players posted: Amazing review for BANGED UP! Don't miss this "sharply comedic" sketch show at the New Cellars Friday and Saturday!

11th November 2016 3:33pm

Pembroke Players posted: Don't miss this "brilliant recreation of Miller’s A View From the Bridge" today or tomorrow at the New Cellars!

11th November 2016 3:28pm


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