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The Penguin Club has been helping to stage amateur dramatic and musical productions in and around Cambridge since 1983.

We don't perform, but provide backstage and technical expertise in a wide variety of roles - from set construction and scenic painting, through lighting and sound design and operation, to props, stage management and crewing. All our members are amateur: no charges, other than individual expenses and a small running fee, are made to the societies we help.

We do not normally work with professional groups, and do not provide set, costume or prop hire.

More information can be found on our website at

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The Penguin Club posted: It's summer so let's have a picnic! 

23rd June 2017 8:38pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's get out time again! At the @adctheatre from 10:30 for @CamFestPlayers latest show. Starting at 10:30pm - tasks for all!

10th June 2017 3:09pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's First Wednesday Drinks tonight - being Wednesday! Pop along to the '@adctheatre from 8pm.

7th June 2017 1:22pm

The Penguin Club posted: Fancy avoiding BH rain tomoz? Join us for @CamFestPlayers 's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Get In at @adctheatre from 9:30 - 19:00. Lots to do!

28th May 2017 6:49pm

The Penguin Club posted: Do you have budding techies in your group who need more opportunity to play? Get in touch - we have many opportunities!

18th May 2017 3:48pm

The Penguin Club posted: Pop down for our AGM tonight from 7.30 at @adctheatre Larkum Studio. Notorious for their brevity, come see what we've been up to this year!

5th May 2017 4:28pm

The Penguin Club posted: See you tonight at our First Wednesday pub catch up at @TheHopbine from 7.30 for some chilled theatre chat. And some cuddly Penguins :)

3rd May 2017 11:03am

The Penguin Club posted: @CombinedActors Production of Be Me Baby comes​ out TONIGHT from 9.30 @ @adctheatre See you there!

29th April 2017 6:26pm

The Penguin Club posted: Last show of April! Be My Baby has its lighting In @adctheatre from 7pm tonight, and set Get In tomorrow from 9am. See you there!

22nd April 2017 12:01pm

The Penguin Club posted: Come earn that chocolate at the get out of @PiedPipersCambs Full Monty from 10:30pm at the @adctheatre

15th April 2017 6:37pm

The Penguin Club posted: The busyness continues - @PiedPipersCambs production of Full Monty going into the @adctheatre tomorrow from 8:30am. Come give us a hand!

8th April 2017 8:01pm

The Penguin Club posted: First Wednesday drinks is here again! This month at the Mitre pub from 7pm for food and @adctheatre bar form 8pm. Come along and say hi <(")

5th April 2017 10:31am

The Penguin Club posted: Happy #worldtheatreday everyone. Thanks for helping make it all happen!

27th March 2017 4:57pm

The Penguin Club posted: There's still time to join us for our Theatre Thursday trip to see "How to Succeed" at the @adctheatre tonight.

23rd March 2017 9:26am

The Penguin Club posted: Want to get involved? Come to our Stitch Up Saturday event at 3pm in the ADC Theatre and find out what's going on. See you there!

17th March 2017 6:06pm

The Penguin Club posted: Happy Christmas Penguins! Enjoy Christmas Dinner tonight!

3rd March 2017 10:43am

The Penguin Club posted: Not seen us in a while? Come along to Long Lost Penguin First Wednesday tomorrow from 7pm in the Hopbine on Fair Street

28th February 2017 8:21pm

The Penguin Club posted: Another Get Out @WestRoadCH tonight from 10:30pm. Come see one of our less visited venues!

25th February 2017 2:07pm

The Penguin Club posted: Last chance for Christmas Dinner menu choices! Get them in by Midnight!

23rd February 2017 4:34pm

The Penguin Club posted: Don't forget to send in your Christmas Dinner menu options by Thursday!

19th February 2017 5:28pm

The Penguin Club posted: Ready for something different? Come to @WestRoadCH from 5:45pm tomorrow, yes, Monday! for a bigger style of Get-In.

5th February 2017 2:43pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's Wednesday, and it's the 1st, so it must be First Wednesday! Come join us for theatre chat in @TheHopbine from 8pm tonight! <(")

1st February 2017 11:57am

The Penguin Club posted: The stage manager role is not one for those who like a quiet life! From @CamOpSoc's "Annie" last week.

23rd January 2017 7:54pm

The Penguin Club posted: Need to work off those mince pies? Come to the Get Out of @CamOpSoc's Annie from 10pm tonight at the Arts Theatre. Should be a quick one!

21st January 2017 2:16pm

The Penguin Club posted: 2017? What? How did that happen? Come see what's on our radar tonight at First Wed Drinks from 8pm @TheHopbine

4th January 2017 2:40pm

The Penguin Club posted: *New Venue Alert!* Goodnight Mr Tom goes into the @LeysGreatHall tomorrow from 9am. Come check out a different venue!

17th December 2016 4:07pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's Christmas! Come along to Christmas Drinks tonight from 7pm at the Tram Depot. We'll be there with our toy Penguins!

13th December 2016 3:08pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's First Wedneda! This month at the @adctheatre from 8pm so we can support @camactors's performance of Cranford. See you there! <(")

7th December 2016 2:20pm

The Penguin Club posted: Come see what shows we've got lined up for the future - 3pm today at @adctheatre . Loads of opportunities to get involved <(")

19th November 2016 12:20pm

The Penguin Club posted: Don't forget we're set building tomorrow from 11am.

28th October 2016 6:49pm