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The Penguin Club has been helping to stage amateur dramatic and musical productions in and around Cambridge since 1983.

We don't perform, but provide backstage and technical expertise in a wide variety of roles - from set construction and scenic painting, through lighting and sound design and operation, to props, stage management and crewing. All our members are amateur: no charges, other than individual expenses and a small running fee, are made to the societies we help.

We do not normally work with professional groups, and do not provide set, costume or prop hire.

More information can be found on our website at

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The Penguin Club posted: It's #PenguinAwarenessDay so if you see one either in a theatre or a zoo (do they sometimes feel like the same thing?!) Do say hello

20th January 2018 11:12am

The Penguin Club posted: Come for some Company tonight as Bobby blows out his candles for the final time. From 10.15 at the ADC theatre. Sho…

13th January 2018 12:07pm

The Penguin Club posted: Want to see some flats being used to represent some flats? Come to this week's get in (on SATURDAY!) at the…

5th January 2018 6:23pm

The Penguin Club posted: At a loose end tomorrow? Come help us set build for @CamFestPlayers production of "Company" at @adctheatre from 11.…

2nd January 2018 10:23pm

The Penguin Club posted: Happy Christmas Penguins everywhere

25th December 2017 3:29pm

The Penguin Club posted: Come on! It's the last Get-in of the year tomorrow from 9am at the @LeysGreatHall for @camtheatreco. And there'l…

16th December 2017 9:49pm

The Penguin Club posted: Crack out those Christmas jumpers, as it's Christmas drinks tonight from 7.30. See you there!

13th December 2017 4:41pm

The Penguin Club posted: Jane Austen's "Emma" is leaving the ADC tonight from 10:20pm. Come give her a hand to move out before the snow comes!

9th December 2017 9:09pm

The Penguin Club posted: Fancy learning the basics of back stage work? Drop in to our theatre 101 session tomorrow morning at the ADC theatre.

8th December 2017 9:11pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's drinks night again...see you at the ADC theatre from 8pm!

6th December 2017 6:08pm

The Penguin Club posted: Are you needing to keep warm in all this cold weather? Come to the Get-In for "Emma" tomorrow at the ADC from 9am -…

2nd December 2017 5:30pm

The Penguin Club posted: Theatre Thursday is Today! Join us at the Light Cinema at 7pm to see the @NTLive showing of Follies. Tickets stil…

16th November 2017 12:12pm

The Penguin Club posted: Stitch Up Saturday is back! Come along to find your production team and crew, or where to get involved! 2pm at th…

9th November 2017 9:04pm

The Penguin Club posted: We've been quiet for a while, but here's some positive news - yesterday was International Stage Manager's day - and…

11th October 2017 8:28am

The Penguin Club posted: Tomorrow's our drop in session on learning some regular basic tasks. Come along from 10am - 1pm at the ADC Theatre.

16th September 2017 2:33pm

The Penguin Club posted: Thanks 2 all who came out 2night. We had some great ideas. If you missed us, let us know your thoughts on how joining the club went.

13th September 2017 9:55pm

The Penguin Club posted: Join us tonight to discuss how we grow the club further - bring your ideas! 7:30 pm at the ADCTheatre

13th September 2017 3:04pm

The Penguin Club posted: 2/2 ...and then "Backstage Skills 101" drop in session on Sunday from 10am to 1pm again at the @adctheatre Come say hi!

11th September 2017 5:51pm

The Penguin Club posted: 1/2 Two chances to get involved this week, with your opinions on how to grow the club on Wednesday at the ADC theatre at 7.30pm...

11th September 2017 5:49pm

The Penguin Club posted: Our newest member, courtesy of Mike!

6th September 2017 8:03pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's drinks night! See you from 8pm at the @TheHopbine for some chilled theatre chat!

6th September 2017 2:46pm

The Penguin Club posted: We're back from summer hols with our monthly catch-up, training opps & some things to think on the future of the club. See you soon!

4th September 2017 8:25pm

The Penguin Club posted: So, we went punting! The sun was shining and no-one went swimming!

13th August 2017 11:06pm

The Penguin Club posted: Will we see you out punting tomorrow? The weather's looking good, so what's stopping you :) ☀️

12th August 2017 1:26pm

The Penguin Club posted: We hid in theatres in July, so in August we're going outside! Join us Punting this Sunday at 2pm. Details here:

10th August 2017 6:52pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's August. How did that happen?! But it means it's time for our monthly drinks meet - Wed from 8pm at the @TheHopbine . See you there

1st August 2017 3:58pm

The Penguin Club posted: We did it! July is successfully packed away! A huge thanks to all who helped out on the 6 shows we've worked on this month!

30th July 2017 2:59pm

The Penguin Club posted: Last Get Out of the season tonight form 10:15pm at @adctheatre for @bawdsinfo 's latest show. Come help us celebrate a successful July!

29th July 2017 5:25pm

The Penguin Club posted: Thanks to all who helped out this week for @BtBTheatre 's production of Dogfight - you helped make it happen! :)

23rd July 2017 12:57pm

The Penguin Club posted: 2/2... @bawdsinfo production of Comic Potential goes in to the @adctheatre from 9am on Sunday. See you there!

22nd July 2017 12:57pm