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The Penguin Club has been helping to stage amateur dramatic and musical productions in and around Cambridge since 1983.

We don't perform, but provide backstage and technical expertise in a wide variety of roles - from set construction and scenic painting, through lighting and sound design and operation, to props, stage management and crewing. All our members are amateur: no charges, other than individual expenses and a small running fee, are made to the societies we help.

We do not normally work with professional groups, and do not provide set, costume or prop hire.

More information can be found on our website at

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The Penguin Club posted: So, we went punting! The sun was shining and no-one went swimming!

13th August 2017 11:06pm

The Penguin Club posted: Will we see you out punting tomorrow? The weather's looking good, so what's stopping you :) ☀️

12th August 2017 1:26pm

The Penguin Club posted: We hid in theatres in July, so in August we're going outside! Join us Punting this Sunday at 2pm. Details here:

10th August 2017 6:52pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's August. How did that happen?! But it means it's time for our monthly drinks meet - Wed from 8pm at the @TheHopbine . See you there

1st August 2017 3:58pm

The Penguin Club posted: We did it! July is successfully packed away! A huge thanks to all who helped out on the 6 shows we've worked on this month!

30th July 2017 2:59pm

The Penguin Club posted: Last Get Out of the season tonight form 10:15pm at @adctheatre for @bawdsinfo 's latest show. Come help us celebrate a successful July!

29th July 2017 5:25pm

The Penguin Club posted: Thanks to all who helped out this week for @BtBTheatre 's production of Dogfight - you helped make it happen! :)

23rd July 2017 12:57pm

The Penguin Club posted: 2/2... @bawdsinfo production of Comic Potential goes in to the @adctheatre from 9am on Sunday. See you there!

22nd July 2017 12:57pm

The Penguin Club posted: 1/2 Another busy weekend ahead

22nd July 2017 12:56pm

The Penguin Club posted: Not had your fill of theatre yet this weekend? Pop down to the @adctheatre for the get in of @BtBTheatre "Dogfight". We're here all day!

16th July 2017 8:41am

The Penguin Club posted: 3/3...the Get In at the @adctheatre for @BtBTheatre production of "Dogfight" from 9am through until 6pm. Come give us a hand

15th July 2017 10:49am

The Penguin Club posted: 2/3... the Get Out at @LeysGreatHall for @camtheatreco production of the pink and glittery "Priscilla" FOLLOWED BY...

15th July 2017 10:48am

The Penguin Club posted: 1/3 Busy times this weekend! We have Get Out tonight at @adctheatre for @CombinedActors production of "An August Bank Holiday Lark", AND...

15th July 2017 10:48am

The Penguin Club posted: Time to get some sleep, we need all Penguins tomorrow from 9am at both the ADC Theatre and the Leys Great Hall. See you there!

8th July 2017 8:44pm

The Penguin Club posted: Sunday: get ins at BOTH the @adctheatre & @LeysGreatHall from 9am until late. There's lots to do, get in touch if you need directions etc!

7th July 2017 4:19pm

The Penguin Club posted: Here we go! Saturday: set building at the @adctheatre from 9am until 2pm. No need to have down anything like this before, just turn up!

7th July 2017 4:19pm

The Penguin Club posted: Here's July getting off to a good start-keep your ears open for more opportunities to get stuck in!

2nd July 2017 2:07pm

The Penguin Club posted: First up in July is our big LX rig, tomorrow @adctheatre @ 7pm. Let's get July off to a good start! @CombinedActors @BtBTheatre , @bawdsinfo

30th June 2017 9:32pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's summer so let's have a picnic! 

23rd June 2017 8:38pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's get out time again! At the @adctheatre from 10:30 for @CamFestPlayers latest show. Starting at 10:30pm - tasks for all!

10th June 2017 3:09pm

The Penguin Club posted: It's First Wednesday Drinks tonight - being Wednesday! Pop along to the '@adctheatre from 8pm.

7th June 2017 1:22pm

The Penguin Club posted: Fancy avoiding BH rain tomoz? Join us for @CamFestPlayers 's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Get In at @adctheatre from 9:30 - 19:00. Lots to do!

28th May 2017 6:49pm

The Penguin Club posted: Do you have budding techies in your group who need more opportunity to play? Get in touch - we have many opportunities!

18th May 2017 3:48pm

The Penguin Club posted: Pop down for our AGM tonight from 7.30 at @adctheatre Larkum Studio. Notorious for their brevity, come see what we've been up to this year!

5th May 2017 4:28pm

The Penguin Club posted: See you tonight at our First Wednesday pub catch up at @TheHopbine from 7.30 for some chilled theatre chat. And some cuddly Penguins :)

3rd May 2017 11:03am

The Penguin Club posted: @CombinedActors Production of Be Me Baby comes​ out TONIGHT from 9.30 @ @adctheatre See you there!

29th April 2017 6:26pm

The Penguin Club posted: Last show of April! Be My Baby has its lighting In @adctheatre from 7pm tonight, and set Get In tomorrow from 9am. See you there!

22nd April 2017 12:01pm

The Penguin Club posted: Come earn that chocolate at the get out of @PiedPipersCambs Full Monty from 10:30pm at the @adctheatre

15th April 2017 6:37pm

The Penguin Club posted: The busyness continues - @PiedPipersCambs production of Full Monty going into the @adctheatre tomorrow from 8:30am. Come give us a hand!

8th April 2017 8:01pm

The Penguin Club posted: First Wednesday drinks is here again! This month at the Mitre pub from 7pm for food and @adctheatre bar form 8pm. Come along and say hi <(")

5th April 2017 10:31am