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ADC Theatre posted: Here's an update from the ETG Education Officer about how their tour of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is going!…

13th December 2017 5:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: Very glad you enjoyed it - congratulations to @balletcentral for a fantastic show!

12th December 2017 8:45pm

ADC Theatre posted: @SixTheMusical gets a shout-out on Have I Got News for You

12th December 2017 12:19pm

ADC Theatre posted: @cuetg are touring their production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING throughout Europe before returning for their home run…

11th December 2017 3:07pm

ADC Theatre posted: Only one performance of The #Nutcracker by @balletcentral remains - the 2:30pm performance next Wednesday! Don't mi…

8th December 2017 4:25pm

ADC Theatre posted: While the students have left for the holidays, Rory the @CUADC lion keeps guard of our Box Office...

5th December 2017 7:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: Tonight and tomorrow at 7pm at the #CorpusPlayroom, THIS EVIL THING will explore the true story of Bertrand Russell…

5th December 2017 5:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: Jane Austen's #Emma opens tonight at the #ADCTheatre! Make sure you don't miss this fantastic adaptation of the cla…

5th December 2017 3:22pm

ADC Theatre posted: Our Spring season is on sale! Have a look and get tickets in advance for #ADCTheatre and #CorpusPlayroom shows at

1st December 2017 1:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: All these shows will be on sale at from 1pm tomorrow. Make sure to get your tickets in advance!

30th November 2017 2:15pm

ADC Theatre posted: And finally, our main musical for next term is... THE PRODUCERS, based on the hilarious classic film by @MelBrooks.…

30th November 2017 2:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: @CUADC presents WANDER from 20th to 24th February at the #ADCTheatre. A brand-new devised piece of storytelling, a…

30th November 2017 1:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: @CUMTS presents ASSASSINS by #StephenSondheim between the 13th and 17th February at the #ADCTheatre. Make sure you…

30th November 2017 1:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: Ingmar Bergman's THE SEVENTH SEAL gets a brand-new theatrical adaptation: a playful, tongue-in-cheeck version of th…

30th November 2017 12:45pm

ADC Theatre posted: From the 6th to 10th February, SIZWE BANZI IS DEAD at the #CorpusPlayroom explores apartheid South Africa through t…

30th November 2017 12:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: From the 30th January to 3rd February we have THE ORESTEIA at the #ADCTheatre. A radical reinterpretation of the cl…

30th November 2017 12:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: From the 16th to 20th January we have MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING at the #ADCTheatre, a carnival version of the classic…

30th November 2017 11:30am

ADC Theatre posted: As promised, here's an announcement of some of the exciting #ADCTheatre and #CorpusPlayroom shows happening next term...

30th November 2017 11:00am

ADC Theatre posted: @hbyclassics Thanks for coming, I hope they enjoyed the show!

29th November 2017 7:13pm

ADC Theatre posted: Christmas is approaching rapidly! If you're looking for something to do with your family, come and see THE MAGICAL…

29th November 2017 3:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: @heap_tim Thanks for getting in touch! Last night's show finished at 8:35pm, so Friday's performance should finish around this time as well

29th November 2017 12:42pm

ADC Theatre posted: @MichaelMears7 is coming to the #CorpusPlayroom next week with his breathtaking one-man show THIS EVIL THING. You c…

29th November 2017 12:34pm

ADC Theatre posted: @SteveSparrow1 Thanks for coming to see it Steve, glad you enjoyed it!

29th November 2017 12:33pm

ADC Theatre posted: Here's an exclusive interview with the creative team of H.G. Wells' A DREAM OF ARMAGEDDON, taking place this Thursd…

27th November 2017 5:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: This Thursday we're going to announce some of the highlights of our upcoming Lent Term season! (Not quite as excite…

27th November 2017 1:55pm

ADC Theatre posted: Don't miss NO FUNNY BUSINESS, a new sketch show by @SketchClub7 at the #CorpusPlayroom, from now until Saturday at…

23rd November 2017 2:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: Tonight is the opening night of SHERLOCK BUNGALOW, a fast-paced parody of Sherlock Holmes. On at 11pm at the…

23rd November 2017 12:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: Next week at the #CorpusPlayroom - a radical restaging of OEDIPUS THE KING set inside the walls of a prison…

22nd November 2017 2:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: Panto is here and it opens tonight! (Oh no it doesn't! Oh yes it does!) On each performance day, there may be a num…

22nd November 2017 12:32pm

ADC Theatre posted: This week, Josef Stalin meets Mikhail Bulgakov in a surreal reimagining of history, in COLLABORATORS at the…

21st November 2017 12:00pm


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