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ADC Theatre posted: ‘My mother used to say, if S-E-X rears its ugly head, close your eyes before you see the rest of it’ Bedroom Farce,…

28th April 2017 12:38pm

ADC Theatre posted: The Merchant of Venice cast celebrated #ShakespeareDay with a surprise flash mob. Make sure to see the show at…

28th April 2017 10:40am

ADC Theatre posted: We're enjoying our @marksandspencer biscuits this morning (without the biscuit). #justchocolate

26th April 2017 10:42am

ADC Theatre posted: Thank you @balletcentral for two beautiful performances with us. We wish you well for the rest of the tour.

22nd April 2017 4:42pm

ADC Theatre posted: #BeMyBaby is a beautifully touching yet gently humorous play which transports us back to the dawn of a decade that heralded the swinging 60s

20th April 2017 4:16pm

ADC Theatre posted: It's #VolunteerRecognitionDay, so thank you for the generous help offered by many of our friends, audience members, students and volunteers.

20th April 2017 2:15pm

ADC Theatre posted: Applications to #direct, #produce or #write for a show in our Autumn season are now open! More info @cuadc @CUMTS

19th April 2017 4:21pm

ADC Theatre posted: Thank you @PiedPipersCambs for a wonderful week of #TheFullMonty!

15th April 2017 10:02pm

ADC Theatre posted: We are currently looking for Box Office Assistants and Bar Staff. #jobs #cambridge

14th April 2017 1:14pm

ADC Theatre posted: Four days off! Only three opportunites remain to catch @PiedPipersCambs #TheFullMonty. #Easter #BankHolidayWeekend

14th April 2017 10:30am

ADC Theatre posted: Six improvisers: one never to be repeated story. In #Imaginarium anything can happen and nothing is planned in advance. @PaperPlanesImp

12th April 2017 8:07am

ADC Theatre posted: Final few tickets remaining for #OpeningNight of @PiedPipersCambs #TheFullMonty. Get your tickets before they're gone!

11th April 2017 2:21pm

ADC Theatre posted: Next week @balletcentral's young and dynamic dancers showcase newly commissioned works and celebrated masterpieces.

11th April 2017 10:58am

ADC Theatre posted: Join the @PiedPipersCambs this week as they go #TheFullMonty! #musicaltheatre #cambridge

9th April 2017 9:30am

ADC Theatre posted: The sun is out, the sky is blue. There's not a cloud to spoil the view of our #summer season.

8th April 2017 10:07am

ADC Theatre posted: Final two opportunities to catch @bawdsinfo The Count of Monte Cristo today. See you at 2.30pm or 7.450pm.

8th April 2017 9:14am

ADC Theatre posted: Have you seen our #summer season yet? It's up online at! @cuadc @camfootlights @themarlowesoc @Impronauts

7th April 2017 6:33pm

ADC Theatre posted: Lovely day out @mercurytheatre for the @spektrix #spektrixworkshops. Looks like our audience will be getting some dynamic emails next week!

7th April 2017 6:29pm

ADC Theatre posted: Slots have become available in our upcoming season! More information can be found here @CUADC @CUMTS @CamFootlights

6th April 2017 6:01pm

ADC Theatre posted: We wish to appoint a full-time Operations Manager from September 2017 to August 2018. Interested applicants should apply by Sunday 9 April.

6th April 2017 2:06pm

ADC Theatre posted: @bawdsinfo The Count of Monte Cristo runs this week! #breakaleg #OpeningNight

4th April 2017 6:37pm

ADC Theatre posted: Each year, more than 20,000 theatre-makers and audience members make the ADC Theatre the unique place it is. Happy #WorldTheatreDay!

27th March 2017 5:20pm

ADC Theatre posted: It's your final opportunity to catch @howtosucceedadc, full of “razzmatazz and energy” today and tomorrow! @CUADC

24th March 2017 11:52am

ADC Theatre posted: Have you seen @CUADC's @howtosucceedadc yet?

19th March 2017 4:39pm

ADC Theatre posted: We're looking for an #OperationsManager, could that be you?

12th March 2017 12:13pm

ADC Theatre posted: Book for @howtosucceedadc opening night! It is cheaper than the rest of the run and lets you see the show before anyone else. @CUADC

12th March 2017 11:57am

ADC Theatre posted: "I’m Laura Cameron and I play Flo in #Scene. Flo is excitable, creative, determined and daft all at once."

10th March 2017 10:00am

ADC Theatre posted: "Rehearsals for #Scene have come to feel like spending a few hours with your family"

9th March 2017 10:00am

ADC Theatre posted: We have re-opened applications for the Week 1 ADC Mainshow slot next term, running from Tue 2 - Sat 6 May. Applications close 11am on 14 Mar

9th March 2017 12:59am

ADC Theatre posted: @Impronauts @CUMTS We're looking forward to four #new musicals this week!

8th March 2017 5:03pm


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