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ADC Theatre posted: We are delighted to announce that we can now take card payments at the ADC Bar! Pop in for a drink or two after work.

23rd February 2017 12:11pm

ADC Theatre posted: Join us this week in the bar for #TheTippleOfInishmaan. #DrinkResponsibly

15th February 2017 1:34pm

ADC Theatre posted: Have you seen @LondonRoadCUMTS yet? Let us know your thoughts! #AudienceReview

8th February 2017 6:51pm

ADC Theatre posted: Tonight is your opportunity to have an informal chat with members of the panel about your application over a drink at the ADC Bar from 8pm!

4th February 2017 5:05pm

ADC Theatre posted: Don't forget to try our #CocktailOfTheWeek, only £4 each or 2 for £7. #TheHouseOfBacardiAlba

31st January 2017 12:50pm

ADC Theatre posted: The Executive Committee wish to appoint a full-time #TheatreManager from September 2017 to August 2018.

25th January 2017 9:44pm

ADC Theatre posted: Applications are now open to apply to put on a show at the ADC Theatre or Corpus Playroom in our Summer 2017 season.

25th January 2017 4:01pm

ADC Theatre posted: The deadline is Friday 10 February at 11am and you can find out more information and complete the application form online.

25th January 2017 4:01pm

ADC Theatre posted: The cast and crew of @cuetg #Hamlet reflect on the highs and lows of their European tour.

15th January 2017 1:06pm

ADC Theatre posted: Our stage is returning to its usual hue, ready for @cuetg's #getin on Sunday. #painting

13th January 2017 7:01pm

ADC Theatre posted: @CamWhatsOn We've got 'Improv Actually', an improvised rom-com, at the Corpus Playroom from 14th-18th February

13th January 2017 1:51pm

ADC Theatre posted: Have you seen the @britneytheshow trailer yet? One night only, Wed 18 Jan, 11pm.

11th January 2017 6:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: @britneytheshow is the true and funny story of what happens to 2 best friends when one of them gets a brain tumour.

11th January 2017 1:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: @BigSquirrelProd #breakaleg we hope the run goes well this week! #openingnight

10th January 2017 8:04pm

ADC Theatre posted: Shakespeare's pitchblack tale of broken family bonds and volatile urges in an explosive and enlightening production. Mutiny is afoot #Hamlet

10th January 2017 7:45pm

ADC Theatre posted: This season we present a number of new, thought-provoking and emotionally challenging productions for you to enjoy, but also to think about.

6th January 2017 4:04pm

ADC Theatre posted: New Year, Nuvac. #SpringClean #Playroom

6th January 2017 1:21pm

ADC Theatre posted: Happy New Year from all of us at the @adctheatre! Have you seen what's coming up this season

5th January 2017 5:56pm

ADC Theatre posted: @cuetg to be, or not to be, that is not our question, our question is how is the tour? #Hamlet

14th December 2016 6:58pm

ADC Theatre posted: "It means I love you in German". #Rumpelstiltskin

14th December 2016 3:22pm

ADC Theatre posted: Come and meet #Dorothy all the way from Kansas as she goes on a magical adventure this week to the Land Of Oz. #WizardOfOz @KD_Theatre

11th December 2016 12:53pm

ADC Theatre posted: @CHMB1976 @camactors about 10.10pm.

8th December 2016 11:08am

ADC Theatre posted: If you enjoyed #Rumpelstiltskin, here's how everything came together, after lots of innovation and creativity.

1st December 2016 12:29pm

ADC Theatre posted: Just #24hours until the #24hour Plays return. The clock is ticking. @CUADC

27th November 2016 11:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: Carla Keen gives us an insight into the unique world of puppet improv rehearsal in our latest blog. @PaperPlanesImp

27th November 2016 1:15pm

ADC Theatre posted: Don't forget, day seats for tonight's CUADC/Footlights pantomime: Rumpelstiltskin are released today at 1pm!…

25th November 2016 10:56am

ADC Theatre posted: Just 5 seats left for Rumpelstiltskin tonight! Join us, the shadow puppets and magical children in snowy Alpenberg

24th November 2016 6:19pm

ADC Theatre posted: After six months in the making, #Rumpelstiltskin is here! #OpeningNight #breakaleg #panto @CUADC @Cam_Footlights

23rd November 2016 7:45pm


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