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ADC Theatre posted: @CUMTS have their first #MusicalTheatre Bar Night next Monday

17th October 2017 4:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: Great interview with @CAESummerskill about RIGHTS OF PASSAGE, which opens tonight at the #CorpusPlayroom...…

17th October 2017 3:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: See the sketches that are usually too strange to stage. FIRM NOSE at the #CorpusPlayroom, Thursday-Saturday 9:30pm…

17th October 2017 2:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: BOYS opens tonight at the #ADCTheatre - make sure to see it at 7:45pm!

17th October 2017 11:02am

ADC Theatre posted: Illusionist @AlexisArts will perform THE SENSE at the #ADCTheatre, Wednesday to Saturday 11pm: prepare to be amazed…

16th October 2017 4:17pm

ADC Theatre posted: On Raftery's Hill, a dark rural tragedy, is on next week at 9:30pm, at the #CorpusPlayroom

16th October 2017 1:36pm

ADC Theatre posted: Make sure to see this poetry night on Sunday at 8pm in the #ADCTheatre Bar

16th October 2017 1:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: @MetaMurder Mysteries is taking place in the #ADCTheatre Bar TONIGHT at 8pm! Don't miss this murder mystery game…

16th October 2017 11:30am

ADC Theatre posted: 'Love's Labour's Lost' plays at the #ADCTheatre in a week's time! The play was memorably staged here in 1959, starr…

15th October 2017 1:42pm

ADC Theatre posted: Here are the cast and creatives of the Relaxed Theatre Company's 'Any Little Thing'. 24th-28th October…

14th October 2017 6:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: The ADC's student short film night is back! See it this Tuesday at 11pm

14th October 2017 4:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: One more chance to see Frost/Nixon, tonight at the #ADCTheatre at 7:45pm

14th October 2017 8:41am

ADC Theatre posted: Step into the creamy, aromatic world of EDIBLES, taking place at the #CorpusPlayroom from this Monday to Wednesday,…

13th October 2017 4:45pm

ADC Theatre posted: This Sunday, at 8pm, the @Impronauts are back for another QUICKFIRE in the #ADCTheatre Bar!

13th October 2017 4:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: "Most important concert of my life and I'm going to smell like a fucking yoghurt" BOYS, at the #ADCTheatre next wee…

13th October 2017 2:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: Make sure to see the show - there will be the opportunity to donate to @cpslmind afterwards

13th October 2017 12:59pm

ADC Theatre posted: ★★★★ for 'Frost/Nixon'! "an impressive insight into political controversy and the humans behind it"…

13th October 2017 12:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: Applications are open for our Spring 2018 season. Deadline is 27th October at 11am. Details on how to apply here:…

13th October 2017 10:54am

ADC Theatre posted: Due to a power failure, we have had to cancel this evening's performance of Frost/Nixon. All tickets will be refunded or exchanged.

12th October 2017 5:14pm

ADC Theatre posted: "A highly thoughtful and thought provoking piece, giving women centre stage and control." 9/10 from @TCSNewspaper f…

12th October 2017 3:40pm

ADC Theatre posted: Don't miss this murder mystery game, coming to the #ADCTheatre Bar on Monday. Buy tickets in advance at…

11th October 2017 4:36pm

ADC Theatre posted: Don't miss Can't Stand Up for Falling Down, 7pm at the #CorpusPlayroom every night until Saturday…

11th October 2017 1:47pm

ADC Theatre posted: Only an hour left to get 10% off Frost/Nixon tickets if you've bought a ticket to Six!

11th October 2017 10:00am

ADC Theatre posted: "The most interesting theatre of all explores those who may otherwise have their voices hidden"…

10th October 2017 4:30pm

ADC Theatre posted: @CitystayUK Wonderful, we hope you enjoy it! There's also a Footlights show on at the ADC Theatre at 11pm if you want to see that afterwards

10th October 2017 2:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: The Publicity Designer for GY{SY explains how he created its iconic poster @gypsyadc

10th October 2017 1:45pm

ADC Theatre posted: Detention: A Sketch Show opens tonight at the #CorpusPlayroom - check out the trailer!

10th October 2017 12:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: If you've bought tickets for SiX you can get 10% off tickets to Frost/Nixon!

10th October 2017 10:40am

ADC Theatre posted: Reckless Topiary Enthusiast starts in an hour's time at the #CorpusPlayroom!

9th October 2017 7:25pm

ADC Theatre posted: See freshly-hatched new student writing at the #ADCTheatre Bar tonight at 8pm

9th October 2017 5:14pm


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