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  • BOYS is looking for: Assistant Producer, Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Technical Director, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Lighting Designer, Chief Electrician, Sound Designer, Publicity Designer - more details
  • Gypsy is looking for: Technical Director, Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Floor Manager (to coordinate scene transitions), Choreographer, Set Designer, Publicity Designer, Cinematographer, (Headshot) Photographer, Costume Designer, Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Chief Electrician (there will be lots of lights. lots and lots of lights.) - more details
  • The Glass Cage: In Concert is looking for: Musical Director, Assistant Musical Director, Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Technical Director - more details
  • CUADC/Footlights Pantomime 2017: The Hunchback of Notre Dame is looking for: Sound Number 2, Production Sound Engineer - more details
  • Frost/Nixon is looking for: Publicity Designer, Costume Designer, Hair/Make-up Designer, Photographer - more details
  • Gypsy has announced: Applications to ASSISTANT DIRECT and ASSISTANT MUSICAL DIRECT - more details

ADC Theatre posted: 2.30pm today is your final opportunity to catch the @footlightstour before they embark on their exceptional international tour!

24th June 2017 11:07am

ADC Theatre posted: Looking forward to having your show at the Corpus Playroom!

23rd June 2017 10:20am

ADC Theatre posted: Meet the Greenmill Ladies of @camactors' production of An August Bank Holiday Lark

22nd June 2017 11:30am

ADC Theatre posted: #StrawMan looks set to provide something for everyone! You can catch former @Cam_Footlights @roboldham94 tonight for an hour of #standup.

20th June 2017 3:31pm

ADC Theatre posted: For this week only, the Corpus Playroom has transformed into a pub!

14th June 2017 1:54pm

ADC Theatre posted: Adu adu to @cumts and you and you (particularly to graduands). Thank you for a wonderful #barnight. #whatidid4cumts

12th June 2017 10:32pm

ADC Theatre posted: "Stanley and I have gyrated to You Sexy Thing together (if that’s not an advert for the show, I don’t know what is)…

11th June 2017 11:37am

ADC Theatre posted: @richbates Thanks - certainly makes it much quicker to serve drinks!

8th June 2017 10:54pm

ADC Theatre posted: #ElectionDay2017 update: Je-rum-y Corbyn is pulling ahead, Gin Farron not far behind and Tequila May trailing with only 6 having been bought

8th June 2017 10:54pm

ADC Theatre posted: There's only two things you must do today: 1) Vote 2) Buy a ticket for tonight's election panel show at…

8th June 2017 12:57pm

ADC Theatre posted: It's a week of two-person shows at the Corpus Playroom next week, with Two and Oleanna. Read exclusive interviews at

7th June 2017 12:20pm

ADC Theatre posted: It's the final night of Wife tonight - don't miss this 5-star (@tabcambridge), 9/10 (@TCSNewspaper), one-woman show!

3rd June 2017 3:12pm

ADC Theatre posted: "Kate and I have to have the memories of elephants, but it allows us to create the world of this Northern pub"…

2nd June 2017 4:39pm

ADC Theatre posted: The chilling stories of #Dickens, Bram Stoker and MR James in a brand-new musical

2nd June 2017 11:10am

ADC Theatre posted: Would you like to run our #BoxOffice? Provide a professional service for our clients and unforgettable experiences for audiences?#artsjobs

1st June 2017 9:01pm

ADC Theatre posted: "The play is funny, it’s warm, it’s lively, and at times it’s heart-breakingly, soul-crushingly sad."…

29th May 2017 3:21pm

ADC Theatre posted: Opening at the Corpus Playroom tomorrow!

29th May 2017 12:29pm

ADC Theatre posted: Make sure to see this band in action - the show opens this Thursday!

29th May 2017 10:24am

ADC Theatre posted: Just one week remaining to join our winning team as Box Office Administrator. #artsjobs #cambridge

28th May 2017 5:46am

ADC Theatre posted: Looks like everything is working again! Our apologies again for the inconvenience caused

26th May 2017 4:20pm

ADC Theatre posted: Looks like everything is up and running again!

26th May 2017 3:27pm

ADC Theatre posted: We apologise for any inconvenience and will keep you updated when we get our Box Office services back!

26th May 2017 3:10pm

ADC Theatre posted: We're experiencing technical issues with an upstream hosting provider, so we are currently unable to take phone calls or online transactions

26th May 2017 3:08pm

ADC Theatre posted: Join us at 11pm for the @Cam_Footlights #LadySmoker.

23rd May 2017 8:01pm

ADC Theatre posted: "We have our rehearsal process trying to convince Josh to allow us to make Jan a Norwegian woman"…

23rd May 2017 12:35pm

ADC Theatre posted: "The days we have spent discussing guttering have proved enlightening, and that was before rehearsals started."…

22nd May 2017 12:40pm

ADC Theatre posted: #TheMerchantOfVenice has played to rave reviews all week! "a truly innovative adaptation". @cuetg

20th May 2017 11:11am

ADC Theatre posted: "Their first scene is rife with the most infuriating in-jokes you’ve ever seen. Needless to say we love playing it.…

19th May 2017 4:28pm

ADC Theatre posted: Happy birthday @spektrix! Thank you for the wonderful cakes - we appreciated the glitter! #theatreadmin

17th May 2017 12:36pm

ADC Theatre posted: We wish to appoint a part-time Box Office Administrator from June 2017. Deadline Sun 4 June. #artsjobs

16th May 2017 6:03pm


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