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Boys Will Be Boys
By Melissa Bubnic

11:00pm, Wed 21st February 2018 - Fri 23rd February 2018, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 5

Boys Will Be Boys follows the people who must adapt to survive in an environment where toxic masculinity is held in highest esteem.

Astrid Wentworth is a well-seasoned veteran of this performance; a City trader, a ruthless player in a man’s world. If there is a special hell for women who don’t help each other, Astrid’s got the top table reserved and a Martini waiting. But when the young and ambitious Priya applies for a junior position on the trading floor, Astrid recognises something in her and decides to give her a go. After all, what’s gender got to do with it?

This play about how women navigate sex and power in a man’s world. But how can you win at a game, when the rules are rigged against you?

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