ETG 2017: Much Ado About Nothing
By William Shakespeare

12:00pm, Sun 3rd December 2017 - Sun 17th December 2017, at multiple venues across Europe
Christmas Vacation

The Cambridge University European Theatre Group is a self-sufficient, entirely student-run theatrical company, which tours a Shakespeare play around Europe for two and a half weeks every December (and is now in its 60th year!). It is an ambitious coach-bound operation; a company of 24 tours with professional lighting and sound equipment, costumes and an experimental set, enabling us to put on a show absolutely anywhere.

Over time, ETG has developed a reputation at home and abroad for producing exciting, innovative, experimental and professional interpretations of classic texts, attracting the most ambitious actors, technicians and creative forces from within the university. We provide successive generations of company members and audiences with challenging experiences completely unimaginable elsewhere in British (let alone student) theatre.

‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is one of Shakespeare’s most brilliant and accessible comedies. Our carnivalesque production will be an energetic feast of masquerade, circus and spectacle, highlighting the deception and disguise in the plot. Colourfully filled with dance, music, and magic, audiences will be transported to a summer festival of merriment and mischief.

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