Technical and designer roles

Queue - Eggbox Comedy

9:30pm, Tue 8th May 2018 - Thu 10th May 2018, at Corpus Playroom
Easter Week 2

Looking for

  • Lighting Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Sound Designer

For three nights only, a team of budding fresher comedians present you Queue! We are looking for a fun and capable tech team to bring a fabulous night of fresh, silly and surreal sketches and character comedy!

Please email Anna at to apply or ask any question you might have. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome to apply!

In your email, please briefly outline:
- Why you want to get involved with Queue?
- Any relevant experience (None necessary, and they don’t have to be theatre related)
- For Set Designer: we are going to use some queue barriers, any ideas how you are gonna source/make them at the least cost possible?

Can't wait to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions!

Deadline for applications: Thursday 22nd March 11:59pm

Parliament Square

7:00pm, Tue 15th May 2018 - Sat 19th May 2018, at Corpus Playroom
Easter Week 3

Looking for

  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Stage Manager

Corpus Week 3 Main Parliament Square is on the hunt for a fabulous prod team to help bring this fiery Bruntwood Prize winning drama to life!


‘I’ve got to try right? Because we’ve tried everything else.’


To apply, please send a brief application to Lisa (lb593) and Kim (ka460) roughly outlining something along the lines of:

- Why you'd like to be involved in this production
- Any relevant experience you may have (although none at all is necessary!)
- Any initial ideas you may have (these can be very, very vague!)

And/or anything else you'd like to add!

Any questions, about the play, the production, or the application, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Equally if you'd like to apply in a different format to email (by meeting up in person for example) just let one of us know and this can absolutely be arranged!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

#burnthestage (Yeah...about that.)

Contact: Lisa ( & Kim (
Deadline for applications: Friday 23rd March 11:00pm

The Servant of Two Masters - Fletcher Players

3:00pm, Sat 16th June 2018 - Sun 17th June 2018, at Corpus Christi College Master's Lodge Garden
Easter Week 7 to May Week

Looking for

  • PUBLICITY DESIGNER applications

This version of The Servant of Two Masters is set in Cambridge just as the 1970s give way to the 1980s, and we need a publicity design to match! Staged outside in the Master's Lodge Garden, we want a design filled with colour, flowery/garden images and Cambridge motifs.

Ultimately, we want something fun, eye-catching and memorable! Send any ideas you have for the design, including any previous work you've done! It can be hand-drawn, computer-made, whatever - just go wild!

Deadline for applications: Friday 23rd March 11:00pm

Saturday, April 7 (Short Film)

12:00am, Mon 16th April 2018 - Sun 22nd April 2018, Venue to be confirmed
Easter Vacation to Week 0

Looking for

  • Sound recordist

Saturday, April 7 is a naturalistic, bittersweet short film in the vein of Rohmer (or Linklater).

We're looking for a sound recordist to operate a boom and help collect some ambient Cambridge sounds.

Contact: ap713
Deadline for applications: Sunday 25th March 6:00pm

CAST 2018: The Tempest - CAST

12:00pm, Mon 3rd September 2018 - Thu 27th September 2018, at Venues Across America and Cayman Islands
7:45pm, Tue 2nd October 2018 - Fri 6th October 2017, at ADC Theatre
Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 0

Looking for

  • Resource Designer

***Looking for Graphic designer/zine-y types***

CAST (Cambridge American Stage Tour - a group who tour a theatre production around the USA) are on the hunt for a Resource Designer: someone to work with the Education Officer to create a teaching resource with a difference…

This year, we want to make something really imaginative, student-focused and artistic, in line with our conception of the show. Therefore, we are looking for a designer with an interest in graphic design, collage, illustration and/or typography to work on the project.
The Tempest as a play offers a huge range of images and ideas to explore, from stormy seas to deformed ‘monsters’, utopian islands to magic apparitions.

The process:
- All the content will have been previously written by the Education Officer (Teuta). There are about 25 pages of content.
- You would then work with Teuta to design and create the finished product.
- This work can be undertaken in your own time or we can work together in a very casual way (with biscuits and cake) over the course of about a week.
- The pack will need to be created over the course of June- early July. (Obviously working around any deadlines etc you may have)

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to build a portfolio and work with new content.
Here are some images of the kind of thing we are hoping to achieve:

To apply, email Teuta ( introducing yourself, your time-frame for doing the work and some examples of previous work you have done.

Deadline for applications: Monday 26th March 6:00pm

The Trial - Pembroke Players

7:00pm, Tue 22nd May 2018 - Sat 26th May 2018, at Pembroke New Cellars
Easter Week 4

Looking for

  • Set designer

Looking for a set designer for The Trial, Pembroke Week 4 Main! This would be a pretty low commitment, easy role as the set will be minimal. A nice chance to be involved with some laidback theatre and a lovely cast.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 27th March


7:45pm, Tue 1st May 2018 - Sat 5th May 2018, at The Round Church
Easter Week 1

Looking for

  • Lighting Designer
  • Music Director
  • Publicity Designer
  • Stage Manger
  • Set Designer
  • Costume Designer

‘There is something rotten in the state of Denmark...'
The week 1 Easter term (1st-5th May) production of Hamlet is looking for a production roles to help bring Shakespeare's classic to life by candlelight in the Round Church which will be a part of ADC on tour. A very rare and exciting opportunity for something that promises to be very special!

In your application please include:
Why you would like to be involved with this production
Any initial ideas you might have
Your experience (though none is necessary)

Send your applications to, please email if you’ve got any questions!

Deadline for applications: Monday 2nd April


12:00am, Fri 3rd August 2018 - Mon 27th August 2018, at tbc
Summer Vacation

Looking for

  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Stage Manager

LUCKY, the CUMTS original musical @ the Fringe, is looking for a production team!

We're looking for passionate and creative people to join us on this amazing piece of new writing, about the nature of modern reality television and how we perform our own selves.

Check out the application pack below for more details and for details of how to apply!

Deadline for applications: Friday 20th April


7:00pm, Tue 22nd May 2018 - Sat 26th May 2018, at Corpus Playroom
Easter Week 4

Looking for

  • Set Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Stage Manager
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer

“Do you know, all the time you were away, I didn't have one telephone call. I consider that very frightening.”

In the office of a London University, lecturer Ben Butley is slowly destroying his relationships with everyone around him. Over the course of a day, he wriggles out of responsibility, both professional and personal, filling the ever-growing silence around him with childhood nursery rhymes.

Jealously. Bitterness. Beatrix Potter. Simon Gray’s dark comedy explores the real dangers of toxic masculinity through the study of one day in the life of a flailing academic.

Everything else:
It's looking like this is going to be a very naturalistic play, fairly minimal in terms of production/tech, so if you're looking for some low-commitment fun to spice up your Easter term, please drop us an email!

Feel free to include the following in your application (or any other fun things that you think we'd like to know):
- what role you are applying for and why you are interested in the show
- any initial ideas you might have for the show
- any previous experience (none necessary!)
- the best anagram of the word 'Butley' that you can think of

Deadline for these roles is the beginning of next term, but can be extended if necessary, just send us (Lucia and Isobel) an email! Xx

Deadline for applications: Saturday 21st April

Wish List - Fletcher Players

7:00pm, Tue 12th June 2018 - Sat 16th June 2018, at Corpus Playroom
Easter Week 7

Looking for

  • Set designers
  • Lighting designer
  • Costume designer
  • Publicity designer
  • Photographer
  • Projectionist
  • Sound designer
  • Stage manager

WISH LIST is looking for a group of creative and enthusiastic of designers/artists to transform Corpus Playroom into a both council flat and warehouse?!

We need a super talented team to help us blend naturalism and surrealism together: the flat setting and costumes will be as realistic as possible, while lights, sound and projections will be massively important in establishing the warehouse and shifting atmospheres in a more abstract way- so there is plenty to get playing with!!

Feel free to include whatever you fancy in your application, but some things you might want to think about are:

- what excited you about Wish List and why do you want to join our team?
- what initial ideas/thoughts do you have for the production?
- do you have any examples of previous work that we can see?
- what experience do you have? (none is necessary!)

Check out the initial Pinterest board for a sense of the ~vibe~ we are going for:

Also, to get a sense of the sounds we are using as inspo, here is the Spotify playlist:

If you have some questions about the play or concept or anything, do not hesitate to send me a message!

Deadline for applications: Saturday 21st April 11:00pm

A Very Brexit Musical - Edinburgh Fringe 2018

5:00pm, Thu 2nd August 2018 - Sun 26th August 2018, at La Belle Angele, Just The Tonic
Summer Vacation

Looking for

  • Lighting Designer

Our lighting designer would be working as part of a technical team, which would consist of a Technical Director, Sound Designer and a Stage Manager.

The commitment would be as follows, although it unlikely you will be needed at all of the rehearsals across the dates outlined below and of course we would fit the schedule around your exams:

24/4/18 - Production team meeting
04/5/18 - Cast/Band/Crew meeting
09/6/18 - 20/6/18 - Cambridge rehearsal period, including mock Fringe performance
24/7/18 - 29/7/18 - Norwich rehearsal period, including open dress rehearsal
31/7/18 or 01/8/18 - Tech run at Just The Tonic, Edinburgh (4 hours)
02/8/18 - 26/8/18 - Performances in Edinburgh

Deadline for applications: Monday 23rd April