About Camdram

Camdram exists to support the amateur performing arts community in the historic university city of Cambridge, England. We're here for both student and non-student drama productions put on by anyone who lives, works or studies nearby. Camdram has been 100% free and volunteer-run since its inception in 2004.

What is Camdram?

Camdram is a website for advertising vacancies in amateur drama productions and for maintaining a historic record of past shows, their cast, crew & band members. All information comes from users like you, spanning drama, dance, comedy, musicals music and even a few radio & TV shows!

How do I use Camdram?

Who runs Camdram?

The site itself is maintained by volunteers in their spare time, most of whom are former students of the University. If you have a question or problem, or if you’re interested in helping, please contact us.

Camdram is also an open-source software project. All the code that runs Camdram is openly accessible and freely licensed under permissive open-source software licenses. If this kind of thing interests you then please check out our development page.