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6:00am The Light Across Cambridge
7:00am Spaces
10:20am LUCKY Greenside @ Infirmary Street
10:30am Reigen theSpace @ Venue 45
11:25am Spoiler Alert Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Ivy Square
11:30am Economics Ft. Obscure References The Bottle Room, Just The Tonic at The Mash House
12:00pm Rickshaw Theatre Project 2018 Venues across India and Nepal
12:15pm Space Doctor Gilded Balloon // Edinburgh Fringe
2:00pm No Funny Business @ Edinburgh Fringe C venues - C aquila (temple)
2:15pm Will Hall: Netflix and Will The Spare Room - Just the Tonic at The Caves
2:30pm Iolanthe Harrogate Theatre
3:00pm Drifting Towers C Aquila, Edinburgh Fringe
2:40pm Speechless Underbelly, White Belly
3:30pm Shot in the Dark (Edinburgh Fringe) La Belle Angele, Just The Tonic
3:30pm Ken Cheng: Best Dad Ever Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh
3:45pm Manhunt Friesian @ Underbelly
5:00pm A Very Brexit Musical - Edinburgh Fringe 2018 La Belle Angele, Just The Tonic
5:00pm BIG SHOP Underbelly (Belly Laugh), Cowgate, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
5:20pm The Footlights International Tour Show 2018: Pillow Talk Pleasance Ace Dome, Edinburgh
7:15pm Trump'd! @ Edinburgh Fringe 2018 C Venues, Edinburgh
7:15pm Trump'd! @ Edinburgh Fringe 2018 C Venues, Edinburgh
7:15pm Breathing Corpses @ Edinburgh Fringe theSpace @ Jurys
7:40pm How My Light is Spent Greenside @ Nicolson Square
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13:15 on 13th August Twitter ADC Theatre

The director of A CULTURAL EXCHANGE is being interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire right now - you can listen here!



12:09 on 12th August Twitter Gilbert and Sullivan Society

We're super excited to be performing Iolanthe at the @GSFestival in Harrogate tomorrow at @HGtheatre ! Do come along if you're in the area!
You can get tickets here: gsfestivals.ticketsolve.com/shows/87358505… or harrogatetheatre.co.uk/whats-on/Iolan…
Artwork credits to Coral Dalitz

22:52 on 11th August Twitter Camdram

Another new release this evening, this time targeting a few social media regressions. We've also improved our visibility of errors as/when they happen so we can continue to bring you bug fixes in the future. -CJ

09:02 on 8th August Twitter ADC Theatre

A CULTURAL EXCHANGE opens in less than a week at the #CorpusPlayroom - you can get 2 for 1 tickets to the show if you use the order code CLOWN when buying a ticket!


16:35 on 6th August Twitter Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club

Two four star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews from @edfringe_review for our new devised comedy play @driftingtowers!! We’re so proud to support new student writing and happy it’s getting the praise it deserves!
Read the full reviews below: edfringereview.com/r/W09MU1h0RXK0

10:16 on 6th August Twitter Camdram

New release today 🖥🎉 We've fixed issues with the site footer and the 'This time...' section on the homepage. You can also now retrieve show posters via the API! 🎭 -CJ

18:41 on 5th August Twitter Camdram

We're aware of issues with Google Maps on Camdram. We've been caught out by developers.google.com/maps/billing/i…. We will likely migrate to a different platform in the near future and will post updates at github.com/camdram/camdra… -PH

14:56 on 5th August Twitter Camdram

We have recently disabled any user accounts that haven't been used for 2 years. This shouldn't affect any active users but the "Forgotten Password" tool can be used to regain access if you've been affected. -PH

11:58 on 1st August Twitter BAWDS

Bawds newsletter – August 2018 (Revised) - mailchi.mp/578051751d49/b…

11:31 on 31st July Twitter Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club

One of our two #EdFringe shows this year, @driftingtowers techs today and opens tomorrow!
If you’re in Edinburgh this month, check out this new, devised comic play about friendship, moving on and mashing the square button till your problems go away

11:12 on 31st July Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Our EdFringe show, A Series of Improvable Events opens TOMORROW @ Gilded Balloon Teviot 12-1pm. We will be running until the 27th August..
Get your tickets now!

16:57 on 30th July Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Only a few days to go!


16:00 on 30th July Twitter ADC Theatre

See the show that audiences have called "very, very funny" with a "big heart" - tickets are still available for A CULTURAL EXCHANGE this August!



13:15 on 30th July Twitter ADC Theatre

The director of #HisDarkMaterials is being interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - have a listen here!


@BBCCambs @FitzMuseum_UK

11:29 on 30th July Twitter ADC Theatre

Here's a time-lapse of the #getin and set build for #HisDarkMaterials!

Only five performances left of the show - get your tickets before they've sold out at adctheatre.com/hisdarkmateria…

17:58 on 26th July Twitter ADC Theatre

Mrs Coulter is rocking Svalbard style in a heatwave... #HisDarkMaterials

Good job the gallery has air con! 1 sleep till #ADConTour heads to the @FitzMuseum_UK

10:58 on 25th July Twitter Camdram

We are about to carry out some server maintenance. You may experience a short interruption lasting a moment or two -CJ

16:16 on 24th July Twitter Camdram

New release deployed with a few small bug fixes & backend changes. Full details: github.com/camdram/camdra… -CJ