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The Junction Theatre 18:22 on 14th December Twitter

TONIGHT >>> @TheAlabama3
Running times (subject to change):
19:00 – Doors
19:45 – The Galway Street Club
21:00 – Alabama 3
23:00 – Curfew

Cambridge Arts Theatre 18:05 on 14th December Twitter

Ahead of tonight’s performance I thought I’d take one more look at the beautiful auditorium! Thanks for keeping up with my #GordonTakeover... Thank you and good night!

Cambridge Arts Theatre 17:03 on 14th December Twitter

During intervals I like to sneak into the Company Manager’s office and send very important emails for him, here I am in action! #GordonTakeover @Panto_Day #PantoDay

Cambridge Arts Theatre 16:03 on 14th December Twitter

It’s almost show time... Sometimes other cast members need hurrying up to get onto stage, and I am more than happy to remind them! #GordonTakeover @Panto_Day #PantoDay

ADC Theatre 15:20 on 14th December Twitter

Join @UnplannedM tonight and tomorrow night as they tell the stories of the people in this world and find out what it means to live the other side of tomorrow.…

Cambridge Arts Theatre 15:07 on 14th December Twitter

Here I am at my frequent backstage haunt... The Props Table! #GordonTakeover @Panto_Day #PantoDay

Cambridge Arts Theatre 14:02 on 14th December Twitter

Do you think the ensemble will notice if I sneak on stage with them in today’s matinee? I’ve always wanted to dance with Wayne Sleep! #GordonTakeover @Panto_Day #PantoDay

Cambridge Arts Theatre 13:13 on 14th December Twitter

Aside from making the people of Cambridge laugh every day, I also hop down to the Orchestra Pit for a piano solo. What can I say? I’m a multi-talented Monkey! #GordonTakeover @Panto_Day #PantoDay

Cambridge Arts Theatre 12:40 on 14th December Twitter

Since I arrived in #Cambridge for the #pantomime I’ve become the Arts Theatre’s highest selling salesperson! Interrupting your colleague’s Box Office calls generally helps... #GordonTakeover @Panto_Day #PantoDay

Cambridge Arts Theatre 12:08 on 14th December Twitter

In between shows I like to terrorise theatre staff, particularly the Deputy Theatre Manager Tom! #GordonTakeover @Panto_Day #PantoDay

Cambridge Arts Theatre 11:34 on 14th December Twitter

Christmas trees make excellent climbing apparatus... here I am trying to replace the star with a self portrait, I am the top banana of the pantomime after all! #GordonTakeover @Panto_Day #PantoDay

Cambridge Arts Theatre 11:03 on 14th December Twitter

Hi gang, it’s Gordon the Monkey here! To celebrate @Panto_Day I’m showing you around the theatre. First stop is Stage Door to see my pal (with a great name), it’s Gordon the Stage Door Keeper! Keep your eyes peeled for today’s adventures! #GordonTakeover #Aladdin

The Junction Theatre 09:29 on 14th December Twitter

On sale now! An Evening with The @stevehillage Band​ Thu 06 June 2019. Tickets at >>>

The Junction Theatre 09:00 on 14th December Twitter

.@Rudimental Soundsystem & Friends // Sat 12 January 2019 //

Mumford Theatre 17:30 on 13th December Twitter

The last performance of the year 2018 is approaching! Come along this upcoming weekend to enjoy Chaplins Pantos' production 'Cinderella'. We are nearly sold out but there are still some tickets left- if you are quick! -->

The Junction Theatre 12:11 on 13th December Twitter

A handful of extra tickets have been released for previously sold out Snow White dates in. Christmas Eve. Be quick>>> @NIEtheatre

The Junction Theatre 11:24 on 13th December Twitter

"A truly magical, modern fairy-tale Christmas experience for young and old." @CambsEdition on @NIEtheatre's Snow White >>>

ADC Theatre 17:30 on 12th December Twitter

We've been looking through our archive and found this cheeky entry from the 1994 Bar Book @RealDMitchell is this you by any chance?