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Publicity designer
This is a crucial role with a lot of creative potential, as you will help Greg and I explore the imagery of the show and how we want to advertise and visually convey its themes. Our sketch show will be set in a futuristic hotel, leaving a lot of space for creative input regarding how this place will look. Together we will share ideas, have a dive into the murky waters of the Internet and discuss potential visions for the poster and look of the show. We are open to a variety of different styles and look forward to reading your proposals and working collaboratively on this aspect of the sketch show. FOR THE ROLE OF PUBLICITY DESIGNER , PLEASE EMAIL US ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS: .What interests you about the concept of the show? What are your favourite works of science fiction? In any medium, we should add. . Do you have any funky ideas for how a poster might look? What style of artwork to deploy? . Are there any examples of your previous work you would like to share? (absolutely not necessary, just nosy)
Stage Manager or Assistant Stage Manager
Unlike other sketch shows, we have prioritized the search for stage and assistant stage managers  from very early on, as we want the best Cambridge has to offer on board with us on this project (although no experience is required and we also welcome the opportunity to work with someone new to the stage managing business). As such, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts early on about how you think the show should look on stage. As a late show, we will have to contend with the set of the mainshow, in our case the Michaelmas Panto. Also, when we are putting the show together, you will be sourcing props and making sure that everything is running smoothly on that end. We think it would be interesting to come up with creative ways of how to give our sketch show a sci-fi look efficiently, in a way that does not clash with the set from the mainshow but possibly adapts to and builds on it. For now, we would love to discuss ideas about sets and props so that we can give our sketches an original and consistent feel and look. If you apply for stage manager , you will be leading the charge in terms of all things set related. So if you are looking for a slightly important though still crucial role, as the stage manager  won’t be able to do everything on their own, assistant stage manager  is the ideal role for you. FOR THE ROLES OF STAGE MANAGERS , PLEASE EMAIL US ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS: . What interests you about the concept of the show? . What are your favourite works of science fiction? In any medium, we should add. . How would you go about sourcing props and all that guff? Come on now, be honest. . How do you think it would be possible to depict a near future sci-fi dystopia set inside a hotel while remaining within the confines of a late show set and minimalistic prop list?
Bringer of order from chaos, vanquisher of disorganization, ruler of scheduling, guardian of welfare, and treasurer of the realm, this role is really important for the overall functioning of the show. By bringing you early on, we want to lay the groundwork for a well-organized show of the highest quality possible. Sketch shows are notorious for their disorganized nature. Therefore, we would like to avoid this as much as possible and discuss over the summer the overall schedule for the show’s production timeline. This is especially important given the fact that we will bring on most of our writer -performers at the start of next term, which means that most of the creative process of sketch writing and rehearsing will only commence once term has already started. That is why we would like things to run as smoothly as possible next term, so that we are not behind on production issues when the actual writing starts. FOR THE ROLE OF PRODUCER , PLEASE EMAIL US ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS: . What interests you about the concept of the show? . What are your favourite works of science fiction? In any medium, we should add. . What do you think the best approach is to producing a show that’s on late in the term, but which will require frequent meetings and rehearsals throughout the first 7 weeks of term?
For the role of director , you will be there in the first few meetings with Oscar and I, as we’re hashing out preliminary ideas for the show’s general structure and outline before we get writers  for individual sketches. Your creative voice will be crucial, therefore. You will be present in writer ’s room meetings, there as a CREATIVE soundboard. Then, after the sketches have been written, and we’ve done a few rehearsals, you will come in and be a crucial external eye, helping to stop us from becoming too self-indulgent or unfunny. You may also help us retool or finesse certain aspects of script and performance, if you so see fit. And you had bloody better, I’ll tell you. FOR THE ROLE OF DIRECTOR , PLEASE EMAIL US ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS: . What interests you about the concept of the show? . Do you have any funky (or even funny) ideas for how it might look? . How do you plan on going about directing our sketch rehearsals, when you are brought in? . What are your favourite works of science fiction? In any medium, we should add.
The Marlowe Showcase is looking for two ADs!!
Assistant Directors  What does being an AD in The Marlowe Showcase mean? * An opportunity to learn from a professional director . A chance to gain insight into a professional rehearsal room. *A chance to focus on monologues rather than ‘making a show happen’. This is about working on rehearsal techniques and the actors process, and less about a vision of costumes, set etc. We need you to help aid actors to perform to the best of their abilities at a turning point in their careers. *Working in a London theatre provides a step outside of Cambridge theatre too :))
'What's wrong with Detective Thorgil?' Auditions
Actors needed for new, student written drama Week 2 Corpus Lateshow. Send in Self-tapes before the 30th of June, but we can extend the deadline if needed. Tomorrow we are also having in-person auditions at the Corpus Playroom so book a place. Audition pack:
FULL MARX Auditions
BME actors needed for a new student written musical! FULL MARX is perfect for actors who are new to musical theatre, or for those more experienced to try out some new music in a relaxed, bar night setting.
'What's wrong with Detective Thorgil?' is looking for a producer
Producer  needed for the Michaelmas Week 2 Late Show at the Corpus Playroom, the student-written play 'What's wrong with Detective Thorgil?' Contact before 30th of June to apply or request details
Masters of the Game needed for a crime investigation trail!
You will lead a group of Detectives investigating an Agatha Christie-style plot across the central Cambridge locations. Good storytelling skills and the willingness to engage with the audience are a must; full training will be provided. 1h 30 mins daytime slots on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer, fee £40 per slot, ASAP start.

More vacancies >>

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ADC Theatre 16:20 on 27th June Twitter

It's the first day of our maintenance camp week!

Over the course of this week we make lots of repairs and improvements to the building.

Here's just some of the theatre's lights that are getting inspected and repaired...

#theatre #lighting

Cambridge Impronauts 11:45 on 26th June Twitter

Our poster for #Kimprov at @Gildedballoon for @edfringe 2022.
It's a fun, friendly, sometimes-overdramatic comedy show. Family and friends who care about each other, even though they might not always show it!
Tix on sale now via…
Questions? Ask away!

The Minack Theatre 10:00 on 25th June Twitter

"Nothing short of a triumph, resplendent in colour and vividly exciting performances" (EntsSouthWest)
Coming soon to the Minack - Vanity Fair, a riotous tale of the greasy pole of Regency society.

West Road Concert Hall 16:27 on 24th June Twitter

On Sunday, Choir 2000 returns to West Road after a three year hiatus. This concert is the choir’s first major event under its new Musical Director @Chloe_Allison27…

ADC Theatre 11:05 on 24th June Twitter

THE FIREFOLK IN THE AIR is a work of new writing about a university caught in scandal.

Tue 12 – Sat 16 July at 7pm⁠


#newwriting #corpusplayroom

West Road Concert Hall 10:43 on 24th June Twitter

New event: IMS Prussia Cove - Autumn Tour 2022
📅 Wednesday 5th October, 7:30 pm…

West Road Concert Hall 15:41 on 23rd June Twitter

On Saturday, @CCSOonline perform a programme of American music, with works by Copland, Gershwin, Whitace and Grofe.…

West Road Concert Hall 12:13 on 23rd June Twitter

New event: Schubert Octet & Beethoven Septet - Wigmore Soloists
📅 Saturday 30th July, 7:30 pm… @cambridgemusic

ADC Theatre 11:02 on 23rd June Twitter

We are delighted to be welcoming Ballet Central back to the ADC Theatre!⁠

See dynamic contemporary dance and the grace and power of classical ballet.⁠

Fri 8 July at 7.45pm⁠

@balletcentral_ #ballet #adctheatre

The Minack Theatre 10:00 on 23rd June Twitter

A first glimpse of the fabulous costume designs for #MerryWivesofWindsor by Derby Shakespeare Company, coming this August at the Minack.
Book now for this riotous comedy.

West Road Concert Hall 13:37 on 22nd June Twitter

New event: Imogen Cooper - Piano Legend
📅 Saturday 23rd July, 7:30 pm…

The Minack Theatre 10:00 on 22nd June Twitter

Help us celebrate 90 years of the Minack Theatre!
Challenge yourself on our mystery 'treasure' hunt, and see if you can discover Rowena Cade's secret message to the future!
Fantastic fun for all the family.
27 June - 1 July only.
Book Now.…

The Minack Theatre 09:10 on 22nd June Twitter

The #Firework-MakersDaughter opened last night at the Minack. Philip Pullman's (His Dark Materials) story is packed to the brim with fun, colour & adventure, set to glorious music. Perfect for adults and children.
Only 5 more performances – don’t miss it!…

The Minack Theatre 16:01 on 21st June Twitter

David Mynne creates a wonderful world of Greek myth - battles, sorceresses, gods and monsters. On 'til Saturday, but hurry, tickets are selling fast.…

The Minack Theatre 15:32 on 21st June Twitter

This summer we celebrate 90 years of the Minack Theatre, so why not treat yourself to a very special Birthday Party! Discover the life of Rowena Cade & how she built the Minack in a new way through our fun, actor-led 'tour'.
15 July & 19 August only.…

Cambridge Arts Theatre 15:01 on 21st June Twitter

We're delighted to have won the Muddy Stilettos Award for Best Theatre/Arts Venue 🥳 Thank you to all who voted for us!

West Road Concert Hall 14:09 on 21st June Twitter

New event: Family Concert - @Cor8horns at the movies
📅 Saturday 16th July, 3:00 pm… @cambridgemusic

ADC Theatre 11:01 on 21st June Twitter

Only two and a half weeks until DOG/ACTOR performs at the Corpus Playroom!

The show has been getting rave reviews so far from critics and audiences - see some reactions here:…

Thu 7 – Sat 9 July at 7pm



The Minack Theatre 10:11 on 21st June Twitter

This summer we celebrate 90 years of the Minack Theatre, so why not treat yourself to a very special Birthday Party! Discover the life of Rowena Cade & how she built the Minack in a new way through our fun, actor-led 'tour'.
15 & 19 July only.…