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[STOP SIGNS] Directors / composer / sound editors wanted!
STOP SIGNS is a radio anthology series with a simple premise: for each of the nine episodes, one car journey, 3-4 songs, and a whole world of possibility: from divorced couples to alien lovers, joyrides to getaway drivers, and a nice old man who might not be quite so nice to zombies and underground creatures. We want some directors  for the individual episodes, a composer  to create a jaunty opening/ending theme, and sound editors  to mix everything together and make it the very best it can be!
[STOP SIGNS] Graphic designer / Artist wanted!
STOP SIGNS is a radio anthology series with a simple premise: for each of the nine episodes, one car journey, 3-4 songs, and a whole world of possibility: from divorced couples to alien lovers, joyrides to getaway drivers, and a nice old man who might not be quite so nice to zombies and underground creatures. We're looking for a team of graphic designers to design a poster for each episode! No experience needed, if you can draw and have a lot of enthusiasm you're more than welcome! It'll be a low-commitment role, perfect for exploring.
Video Director
No Cash, the week 4 lateshow comedy musical is looking for a Video Director .
Cambridge Theatre is back baybee and we want to fund YOUR productions! E-mail to Millie at with a description of the show, a budget breakdown, and how you would like Christ's to be involved to apply!
Consent is looking for a Video Director
We are looking for a Video Director  to create a streamed version of the show! See more details below. Deadline for applications is Friday 16 April, at 23:59.
Consent is looking for a Production Team
We are looking for: stage manager , deputy stage manager , lighting designer , sound designer , set designer , and costume designer  The deadline for applications is Friday 16 April, at 23:59.
Consent is looking for a Publicity Designer
CW: rape, mention of suicide - We are looking for an enthusiastic artist to be our publicity designer  and create an image for our show! More information on the show, how to apply and the mood board can be found in the pack below.
AUDITIONS - The Way to San Francisco
Beatrice has just managed something amazing: she’s designed Andy, an Artificial Intelligence created to work in customer service. However, she thought the best way to make them realistic was to release them onto the internet, and now Beatrice has got a problem: Andy thinks they’re human, and all they want is to go to San Francisco. The Way To San Francisco is a show about artificial intelligence, corporate greed, and unexpected friendship. It’s a new piece of student writing which will be (pandemic permitting) premiering at the Corpus Playroom in Week Seven of Easter Term, and we’re looking for a cast! See our audition pack and send in your tapes by 23:59 BST on 16th April
Memento Mori is looking for a cast
We are looking for 5 actors to play roles in this new tragicomedy by Gregory Miller which will be performed as the Week 7 ADC Lateshow

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West Road Concert Hall 17:25 on 12th April Twitter

Very excited for the second instalment of @DunedinConsort as part of @cammusicfest. The performance of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 will premiere on Wednesday at 6pm!…

The Minack Theatre 16:09 on 12th April Twitter

Our first day back &, apart from the odd shower, the sun has smiled on us. It is lovely to have visitors in the theatre again, exploring, enjoying the views & the odd hot pasty. And we gave our first guided tours today as well. If you're planning a visit, do check them out.

Cambridge Arts Theatre 13:44 on 12th April Twitter

As the national lockdown is lifted further today, Cambridge is bustling with life as shops, cafés and restaurants are now open. That can only mean one thing... we're one step closer to safely raising the curtain! 🎭

Watch out for our re-opening season announcement very soon.

The Minack Theatre 10:05 on 12th April Twitter

We're thrilled to announce Told by an Idiot's sublime production, Charlie & Stan, produced by David Pugh, will be at the Minack 1 - 12 August. It's the story of Charlie Chaplin & Stan Laurel - the greatest comedy duo that nearly was! Book Now.

The Minack Theatre 10:05 on 11th April Twitter

We're busy getting ready to re-open the Minack on Monday. On Friday we enjoyed a dress rehearsal for our new tours programme. We all learned something new , even the old hands! And we all had a great time. Here are some pix of our wonderful guides in action.

The Minack Theatre 15:46 on 10th April Twitter

Today is the first company get together for our August production of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, and we're really excited to give you a sneak peak at the design. What a perfect setting for childhood adventure! Find out more & book tickets...

The Minack Theatre 10:05 on 10th April Twitter

NEW Tours of the Minack
The Birthday Party
It is 1983 and Rowena Cade is approaching her 90th birthday. You are invited to help celebrate her remarkable life. An interactive exploration of the story of the Minack and the woman who built it.

The Minack Theatre 17:55 on 9th April Twitter

Oh wow, thanks @ShentonStage, we are blown over (on an unusually still day with no wind!) to be on this list. Thank you from the far west!…

The Minack Theatre 10:05 on 9th April Twitter

NEW Tours of the Minack
Gardening on the Edge
Join one of our Gardeners for a tour of our sub-tropical gardens. Discover the species and uncover the stories that make our garden unique and learn about the challenge of gardening on the edge of a cliff.

The Minack Theatre 06:41 on 9th April Twitter

We’re thrilled to be working with @davidsoho1 and his team again with @toldbyanidiot93’s show following the 2020 production of @EducatingRitaUK! Tickets go on sale on Monday 12th April…

Cambridge Arts Theatre 17:14 on 8th April Twitter

📻 Tune into @BBCCambs in 5 minutes to hear our Chief Executive Dave Murphy chatting live with @chrismannbbc Mann 🎭 Listen at 95.7 or 96.0 FM.

Cambridge Impronauts 14:55 on 8th April Twitter

Just over a year ago at @adctheatre

“Comic Sans Men, Again is an unbelievably good time…fun, irreverent, and genuine – it would be a mistake not to go and see that for yourself”
– Varsity

The Minack Theatre 10:05 on 8th April Twitter

NEW Tours of the Minack
Billy and Miss Cade – Building her Dream
Mark Harandon always delights visitors as Billy Rawlings, Rowena Cade’s gardener. This year he leads a special tour of the theatre, telling the story of a long friendship.

The Minack Theatre 11:58 on 7th April Twitter

Tickets are now on sale for summer events from music to Shakespeare, and including our own production of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase - perfect family adventure for August. Find out more on our website - & keep checking, there's more yet to come.

The Minack Theatre 10:05 on 7th April Twitter

NEW Tours of the Minack
The Secret History
Somewhere in the stones of the Minack Theatre a secret lies waiting to be revealed. A light-hearted mix of treasure hunt and ‘escape room’ style deduction. Perfect for families, theatre lovers and puzzle fans.

Cam FM 11:30 on 6th April Twitter

Sentient prime numbers, a noble knight on a Great Quest for the Crown, a polyamorous turtleneck, an explosion-hazard goose and many more such classics can be found in this absurd radio sketch show.

On Cam FM today at 2pm!

The Minack Theatre 11:04 on 6th April Twitter

Mount's Bay is looking glorious this morning, but don't be fooled, it's still pretty cold, especially out of the sun. Less than a week 'til we welcome people back. Keep checking our website - visits, shows, tours and more goodies being added every week.

The Minack Theatre 10:05 on 6th April Twitter

NEW Tours of the Minack
Theatre Under the Stars
Join former Theatre Manager, Phil Jackson, for an inside view of the Minack, from its creation to the present day, and the unique challenges of putting on shows in this iconic space.

ADC Theatre 12:18 on 5th April Twitter

We are happy to announce that the ADC Theatre is receiving funding from the government's #CultureRecoveryFund, so that we can continue to be #HereForCulture when we re-open to the public.


The Minack Theatre 13:46 on 3rd April Twitter

Don't forget, the Minack reopens for visits on Monday 12 April. You'll be able to book tickets for April/May from 10am on Monday 5 April. Also - check our our new programme of Guided Tours. Happy Easter, everyone!