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  • Downing Shorts - A Film Festival
    Howard Theatre, Downing College
    The Downing Dramatic Society proudly presents Downing shorts- A film festival! As an extension of t…
  • Losing Game
    The Portland Arms
    “I guess a part of me wanted to feel in love again. I wanted to feel something again. So when we met…
  • Now and Then
    Corpus Playroom
    Now and Then is a show about illness, and the feeling of being ‘other’ whilst navigating modern life…
  • Queer Street
    Corpus Playroom
    Once upon a time, a load of gays and their cishet best friend (what? We all have one) walk into a bo…
  • Company
    ADC Theatre
    ‘I’ve looked at all that - marriages and all that - and what do you get for it? What do you get?’ On…
5 years ago

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The Two Gentlemen of Verona is looking for a Speed + Ensemble of Outlaws!
Do you like mischief, mayhem, murder, tomfoolery, crime and just a hint of sporks? Do you yearn to be an unspeaking, vaguely threatening, outdoorsy DOE-kid gone wild? Has evil corrupted your heart and you long to spend your post-examinations days as an extra in Clare’s May Week Play? Well…you’re in fantastic luck?
Comedy/Satire Corpus Week 3 Lateshow still seeking a PRODUCER!
We're still looking for a Producer  to help us turn Corpus Playroom into Corpus Newsroom for a scripted newsroom comedy/satire! With some minor pre-production work over summer to keep you entertained during your famine of CamAmDram and various media elements, this should be great fun to produce (and we have co-directors , so you can always complain about one to the other).
Comedy Photoshop/Video Creator summer prod roles open for "It's News To Him"
Do you fancy making funny photoshops and/or videos for possibly the most over-produced Corpus Lateshow in recent memory (we accept corrections on this, pending evidence)? You don't need to be massively technical, just fancy making some parody media over this summer with our team to fill the Corpus Newsroom in Week 3 Michaelmas!
Auditions open for low-commitment comedy roles!
It's News For Him, one of the most over-produced Corpus lateshows ever, is looking for actors for various interviews (so low commitment roles!). Ever fancied yourself as Taylor Swift or a smarmy dating coach? Now is your chance.
SISTER ACT is opening applications for a wider production team!
The Michaelmas Week 4 CUMTS musical Sister Act is looking for a wider production team to join us in bringing such a wonderful musical to the ADC stage! We are currently looking for Set Designer , Sound Designer , Lighting Designer , Stage Manager , Deputy Stage Manager , Costume Designer  Team and Photographer /Videographer. Please take a look at our application pack for more details in the full advert.
SISTER ACT is extending production applications!
The Michaelmas Week 4 CUMTS musical Sister Act is still looking for people to join the production team for this FABULOUS musical! We are currently looking for a Co-Choreographer  , Technical Director  , Publicity Designer  and a Publicity Team Please take a look at our application pack for more details in the full advert.
🍎Snow White Panto Further Prod🍎
That's right kids. The Panto Magicians are expanding their ranks. And we want YOU! Do you have the Panto Joy, the Magic, even? Well if you happen to have a penchant for the following roles, it's your time to shine! We are looking for Arrangers, Orchestrators, AMDs, a Co-Choreographer , an Assistant Choreographer , Script Editors , and Sensitivity Readers.
🍎Snow White Panto Auditions🍎
Snow White and the Panto Magicians™️ are seeking a cast!
TAKING IN SELFTAPES UNTIL JUNE 16TH AT MIDNIGHT!! Othello is a play of many complexities and layers. Othello is a play that tests the capacities individuals will go to upkeep their reputation and external image in society. The setting of Pembroke Chapel (never been performed in before) and it's black and white flooring, shows the mixing of cultures in a society in which race never does blur into one because of societal expectations. It feels like a constant game of chess with those who are ‘others’ never winning. Set against the backdrop of the glitz and glamour of the 1920s, this interpretation of Shakespeare's much loved tragedy highlights the superficiality of society- it is what we see on the surface to be all. Othello plays the game of a society who have determined he will fail and for what cost?
pool (no water) - PROD TEAM APPLICATIONS
Applications for becoming a part of the Week 7 Corpus Main production team are now open!

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