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  • Spikes (Photo Sequence)
    'Spikes' is an experimental mixed media photo sequence made by students. The idea is to present feel…
  • The Boathouse (Short Film)
    The Boathouse is a family drama/thriller which aims to bring social issues to light through the rela…
2 years ago
  • untag me
    Strawberry Fields, Jesus Green
    untag me is an experimental production aimed at exploring our relationship with technology. The play…
5 years ago
  • COGGLES - Beowulf: Everything's Gonna Beolright
    Various old people's homes and mental health hospi…
    COGGLES - The Cambridge Old Graduates and Graduands Light Entertainment Society is putting on a humo…
  • Performances 1, 2, 3 & 4
    Old Labs - Newnham College
    "Alice walks back in whistling, she looks over to Bea, smiles, and walks out. Bea is alone in t…


Mumford Theatre 13:27 on 31st May Twitter

As we come to the end of #MusicalMay we want to end on celebrating all Musicals - so we have asked Kenneth Comedy Trio to share with us their A-Z Musical Quiz. Can you guess all of the song titles from A-Z and the musicals they come from? @ARUCreative…

ADC Theatre 12:00 on 31st May Twitter

In our sixth contribution to the ADC Archive, Geoff Skelsey, former President and Senior Treasurer of the ADC, recalls the events leading up to the University of Cambridge taking over management of the theatre in 1974: #adcarchive #theatre @Cambridge_Uni

ADC Theatre 18:55 on 30th May Twitter

Good evening and welcome to ADC Online. The house will open at 7pm for this evening's performance of Secret Murder: a Live Read-through.

Follow this link to watch:

#adconline #theatre #live

ADC Theatre 14:01 on 30th May Twitter

The final episode of 'Museings' - a vlog series exploring the modern lives of the nine muses - is now available to view for free on the ADC Theatre's YouTube channel: Missed an episode? All fourteen episodes are still available to view on YouTube!

Mumford Theatre 13:08 on 30th May Twitter

Today we have 4 members of the cast of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS which was performed in December 2019. SJ and Lindsay playing AUDREY and Lisa and Rose playing AUDREY II #MusicalMay @ARUCreative #LittleShopOfHorrors #Audrey #AudreyII

ADC Theatre 12:00 on 30th May Twitter

The comedic detective show Secret Murder will be broadcast as part of ADC Online, tonight at 7pm!

To receive a reminder to tune in, visit and click 'Book Now'


ADC Theatre 20:56 on 29th May Twitter

Good evening and welcome to ADC Online. The house will open at 9pm for tonight's episode of Magpies Love Mirrors.

Watch it at

The Marlowe Society 19:45 on 29th May Twitter

Our Workshops Officers have been working hard to organise virtual events this term - thank you so much for a brilliant Q&A session @RoseUnwin!…

ADC Theatre 18:56 on 29th May Twitter

Good evening and welcome to ADC Online. The house will open at 7pm for this evening's performance of Unpick The Flowers.

Follow this link to watch:

Mumford Theatre 17:22 on 29th May Twitter

Welcome to another Story Time as a part of the Mumford Theatre Online's free events. Today we have Performing-Arts Manager Charlie Abrahamson reading an extra from JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. We hope you enjoy! @ARUCreative #Storytime #MumfordTheatre…

ADC Theatre 14:03 on 29th May Twitter

Watch the penultimate episode of our favourite ancient Greek vlog saga now!

New episode available here:

The Minack Theatre 12:14 on 29th May Twitter

A memory today of Redruth AOST's award winning production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. Photo by @rachelhosken. RAOST should have been with us today for their final performance of 'The Wizard of Oz' 😢

ADC Theatre 12:02 on 29th May Twitter

The second episode of Magpies Love Mirrors is being broadcast at 9pm tonight!

Visit and click 'Book Now' to get a reminder to tune in

Mumford Theatre 11:52 on 29th May Twitter

Today we see the return of 2nd Year ARU Musical Theatre student Lisa Blunt performing NO WAY (Catherine of Aregon as never seen before...) from SIX: THE MUSICAL for #MusicalMay @ARUCreative #musicalTheatre #SIX #NoWay #CatherineOfArgeon

ADC Theatre 11:02 on 29th May Twitter

In Unpick The Flowers, two women tell their stories of Camden in tandem, moments of beauty and moments of sheer humiliation in their search for intimacy.

Visit and click 'Book Now' to get a reminder to watch at 7pm tonight.


ADC Theatre 14:02 on 28th May Twitter

Museings, the vlog series exploring the lives of the nine Muses, has a new episode which you can watch here:


Mumford Theatre 12:28 on 28th May Twitter

Today we have 3rd year Drama and Film student Ellie Tate performing a song out of her comfort zone for #MusicalMay. She has chosen DYIN AINT SO BAD from BONNIE AND CLYDE @ARUCreative #BonnieandClyde #MusicalTheatre #MumfordTheatre #MusicalsOnline #Harmonies

Mumford Theatre 16:53 on 27th May Twitter

Did you miss it earlier? Not to worry it’s ready on repeat for you!! 30 minutes of Musical Theatre powerhouse songs, conversations around empowering women in theatre and a bit of a giggle. Enjoy @ARUCreative #LiveConcert #GigOnline…

The Minack Theatre 16:37 on 27th May Twitter

A perfect day today as our theatre continues to sleep whilst our gardens flourish. Look out for the chough - they are loving the lack of visitors. Sadly we remain closed (including our car parks). @cornishchoughs @ILoveCornwallUK @The_RHS