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  • King Lear
    Edinburgh Fringe
    "As flies to wanton boys are we to th' g…
  • Dogfight
    ADC Theatre
    November 1963. Three young marines on the eve of t…
  • Duplicity
    Two dates. Two nights. One apartment. In this n…
  • Shakespeare's Will
    Corpus Playroom
    An historical play by Canadian writer Vern Thiesse…

2 years ago

  • The Memory Of Water
    Commemoration Hall Huntingdon
    Three sisters meet on the eve of their mother’s …

5 years ago


ADC Theatre posted: ALTERNATE SLICES is an innovate new play about the effects of the tiniest decisions. Two years ago, Finola made a… https://t.co/eKlZfjD39Y

17th July 2018 3:18pm

ADC Theatre posted: The company of #HisDarkMaterials were filming the sections set in the Land of the Dead - here's a few rehearsal sho… https://t.co/iWh94A0rUJ

17th July 2018 11:05am

ADC Theatre posted: This week's improv show GODS & MONSTERS will feature mythology-themed songs by @JessicaTheLaw - have a listen to on… https://t.co/t2fv5dq7Sn

16th July 2018 2:10pm

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club posted: So so pleased to be able to support this amazing show and help with BME access to theatre! They’re still fundraisin… https://t.co/mzk1O5EXMQ

16th July 2018 1:38am

ADC Theatre posted: It's getting closer and closer to the opening night of #HisDarkMaterials at the Fitxzwilliam Museum! Tickets are s… https://t.co/VfXnieFEBz

15th July 2018 12:55pm

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club posted: We were approached a few weeks ago by @UmuadaProd for support - we're delighted to announce that we sponsored two f… https://t.co/zfXOpxURzX

13th July 2018 5:22pm

ADC Theatre posted: HIS DARK MATERIALS is coming to the Fitzwilliam Museum in two weeks' time! Tickets available at… https://t.co/v7UtVRxSlB

13th July 2018 2:58pm

ADC Theatre posted: What's the easiest way to become a legend? Steal fire from the gods? Or build shoddy wings and fly too close to the… https://t.co/vX5voxndii

13th July 2018 12:02pm

ADC Theatre posted: The team behind GODS AND MONSTERS are on @cambridge105 radio right now talking about their show! You can listen her… https://t.co/1PK2LgySPL

13th July 2018 10:30am

BAWDS posted: 'War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast' is sold out for tonight, but still a handful of tickets left for Saturday… https://t.co/qzQyjMXOln

13th July 2018 9:06am

Camdram posted: Starting from yesterday we've depreciated password logins in favour of external login providers. Please take the op… https://t.co/QGWuXaU0wl

11th July 2018 11:49pm

The Penguin Club posted: Five of the team on Anything Goes were New Penguins, without which the show would have floundered. What's stopping… https://t.co/7W8KIGT8Bp

11th July 2018 5:57pm

BAWDS posted: 'War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast' is on this week @corpusplayroom https://t.co/jx9SnJpiLT

11th July 2018 9:55am

ADC Theatre posted: Sometimes drama can be too convincing, like when the listeners of Orson Welles' radio show 'War of the Worlds' thou… https://t.co/Z01HjXtqTQ

10th July 2018 4:00pm

BAWDS posted: War of the World: The Panic Broadcast opens tonight. - https://t.co/0AauZ2qFWE

10th July 2018 3:27pm

ADC Theatre posted: There's only 13 tickets left for the final performance of #HisDarkMaterials at the Fitzwilliam Museum! Get your ti… https://t.co/NYE9ztLJgB

10th July 2018 2:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: GODS AND MONSTERS is a brand-new show at the #CorpusPlayroom next week exploring our need for myths and storytellin… https://t.co/ZUfE1RO06k

10th July 2018 10:45am

Camdram posted: And...we're back online! The site should now be a little snappier thanks to the server upgrades this weekend. Plus… https://t.co/dCwt347aOO

8th July 2018 7:57pm

Camdram posted: We've just taken the site down to perform step 2 of our weekend server upgrades. ETR 21:00 if no issues. - PH

8th July 2018 7:07pm