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ADC Theatre posted: EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION gets ★★★★ from @Theatrefullstop! Just 3 more chances to catch the show over at the… https://t.co/zVOUDIyTSd

21st June 2018 12:03pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Along with the rest of the Jury, The Foreman immediately develops a soft spot for Angelina, and a less than favoura… https://t.co/9HAbkczsDl

21st June 2018 9:19am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: The Usher introduces the Jury to the case, and silences the rowdy crowds. With a case like this, he has his work cu… https://t.co/LP6uSYH5Xg

20th June 2018 7:11pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: The Judge worked his way up to the top by some questionable means, and is now ironically in charge of a breach of p… https://t.co/VRP969o9kx

20th June 2018 5:39pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: A powerful and professional woman, The Counsel is present to support Angelina in her case. Together, they have meti… https://t.co/ZsLbQqYzW3

20th June 2018 5:33pm

BAWDS posted: "The six days before the broadcast were one long nightmare of scenes written and rewritten between frantic telephon… https://t.co/hMAD3B7VPs

20th June 2018 7:01am

ADC Theatre posted: Have you got your tickets for WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE PANIC BROADCAST yet? Make sure to get them now at… https://t.co/XuwS3dU7PP

19th June 2018 12:57pm

ADC Theatre posted: @SteveSparrow1 Excellent! The Playroom has lots of great shows on next term - 'Lady Windermere's Fan', 'The House T… https://t.co/6aidk6nJVq

19th June 2018 12:56pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: The powerful, flirtatious Angelina, a gold digger whose only interest in Edwin is his money. When he throws her ove… https://t.co/gaLXSuYzdI

19th June 2018 12:20pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: A cheeky, arrogant lad, Edwin has always got his own way...until his ex-fiancée, Angelina, takes him to court for b… https://t.co/fBGXSgu4Sy

18th June 2018 4:52pm

ADC Theatre posted: This year's Panto, staged by the @Cam_Footlights and @CUADC, is THE GINGERBREAD MAN! Tickets are already selling q… https://t.co/5fFYK6zyTP

18th June 2018 4:00pm

BAWDS posted: Yikes, just three weeks till 'War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast' opens @corpusplayroom featuring @izzy_rees https://t.co/a8bYTQ2mwP

18th June 2018 3:45pm

BAWDS posted: @adctheatre Hi @adctheatre - thanks for tweet, but photo is actually 'The Last Bread Pudding' in rehearsal!!

18th June 2018 3:43pm

ADC Theatre posted: Here is a rehearsal photo from WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE PANIC BROADCAST, which opens in three weeks! Tickets can be… https://t.co/YT5NoWxYb5

18th June 2018 12:55pm

ADC Theatre posted: EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION opens this week at the #CorpusPlayroom. In the spirit of this nostalgia trip into t… https://t.co/q5xuGyFH4q

18th June 2018 11:53am

ADC Theatre posted: @SteveSparrow1 Hi Steve, we're glad to hear that you're excited for the Autumn season! What are you planning on seeing?

18th June 2018 11:51am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: CUG&SS are proud to present the trailer for our upcoming show TRIAL BY JURY! Thursday 21st June, 1:30pm and 8:00pm… https://t.co/ICbHiCds0Y

17th June 2018 10:23am

ADC Theatre posted: Get one ticket half price when you buy two tickets for tonight's performance of PILLOW TALK! Just click on the fol… https://t.co/r6lkvQJOkQ

17th June 2018 8:00am

ADC Theatre posted: The cast and Assistant Director of SECOND-GENERATION couldn’t resist posing up during their lunch break today! Thi… https://t.co/gMN0KLim0q

16th June 2018 3:13pm