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RENT (Week 3 ADC Mainshow) AUDITIONS ARE NOW OPEN! All details are in the application pack:
What do tour managers do? Tour management is a significant responsibility and involves many more elements than a non-touring producer  role in Cambridge. This means that it is a role which anyone can apply to, as it is likely that you’ll be able to draw on skills learnt both in and outside Cambridge theatre. Tour managers are in charge of all the planning and running of the tour from start to finish. This means it will be a significant time commitment from November 2021 until October 2022 and all applicants should consider how they would manage the role alongside other responsibilities. The role involves (but is not limited to): - Choosing the director(s) , education officer and technician and helping with the casting process - Planning the UK and North America tour routes - Booking all transport and accommodation throughout the tour - Contacting and liaising with all venues - Planning and coordinating comedy workshops with local schools and theatre groups - Managing a large budget and keeping track of all spending - Booking writing week which occurs in the Easter holidays - Co-ordinating the publicity for the show - Managing the company (which tends to be about 10 people, including the tour managers) - All day to day queries and admin relating to the tour What are we looking for? Applicants should: - Be organised and like to plan - Be committed to comedy - Preferably have some experience in producing, although other experience is likely to be relevant - Be happy leading and working with a team of people - Be available for one week during Easter and the entire Summer of 2022 - Be able to dedicate time to the tour throughout the year - Be willing to represent Cambridge University and the Footlights to schools and venues across the tour How do you apply? We recommend that pairs apply. You are welcome to send an application as an individual, but there’s no guarantee that more than one individual will apply. In your application include: - Why you want to tour manage - What relevant experience you have (particularly relating to producing and comedy, although other types of experience are also relevant) - Why you would be good for the role - Any ideas you have about next year’s tour Applications should be no longer than two sides of A4 for individuals and three sides of A4 for pairs. If you have any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Footlights committee at Please send your application to by Dec 1st What is the application process? The Footlights President, Secretary, and Treasurer and a previous tour manager will read over your applications and invite you to interview. Work on the show can begin straight away but doesn’t have to start until the Christmas holidays. Feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns about the role, time commitment, application process or anything else you can think of! Footlights are lucky to provide an opportunity with minimal costs, however, we understand extended periods of travel still require expenditure on food and amenities. Feel free to contact us with any concerns about finances, but also know there will be grants available from the Footlights (separate to the tour itself) which you are welcome to apply for, should you be eligible. Full details and guidelines for this will be released towards the end of this term.
DIRECTOR : You may apply alone or as co-directors  The director  works in collaboration with the current Footlights membership body in realising their creative vision for the show, contributing their own ideas, helping with the writing/ editing process, casting each sketch, and ensuring there is a fair and balanced running order that showcases everyone to the best of their abilities. The creative vision for Spring Revue will largely stem from the membership, however, it is important that there is a mutual agreement with the director . We are looking for a director  who is able to manage a large group of comedians which means you need a thick skin and to be able to keep things creative yet orderly in rehearsals. This is also really important to make sure that every writer -performer feels like they are getting fair treatment throughout the process. There are no specific requirements for the role but we would ideally prefer someone with experience in sketch comedy. In your application (no more than two sides of A4) please include: Why you are keen to work on Spring Revue and why you think you are suitable for the role, and how do you foresee your relationship with the member performers. Any problems you foresee in the process (particularly given the cast is likely to be between 12-14 performers, triple that of your average sketch show!) and how you would work to solve them Any thoughts you have to make sure it is an enjoyable/welfare-centric experience for both cast AND crew Your relevant past experience PRODUCER  You may apply alone or as co-producers . The producer  is in charge of scheduling rehearsals, looking after the welfare of the cast and crew, getting a prod team together and the publicity of the show. No specific experience is required, but given it is a main show and one of the Footlights’ flagship shows, it is likely the producer  will have been involved in an ADC show in some (any!) capacity and is familiar with how these shows work. In your application (no more than two sides of A4) please include: Why you are keen to work on Spring Revue and why you think you are suitable for the role Any creative ideas you have for the show (e.g publicity/sponsorship/accessibility etc) Your ideas for making welfare an active component of the rehearsal and production process Any problems you foresee in the process (particularly given the cast is likely to be between 12-14 performers, triple that of your average sketch show!) and how you would work to solve them Any thoughts you have to make sure it is an enjoyable/welfare-centric experience for both cast AND crew Your relevant past experience
Looking for Writers/Performers for a dark, satirical WEEK 1 Sketch comedy show, which is all about FOOD. How do we eat it? Why? What do we eat? So on. COMEDY. SKETCHES. It will be a very small coterie of writers/performers, only about 4, maybe 5, who will write and perform everything, so a lot of work over the Winter to be aware of. Info below!
AUDITIONS 'Peer Gynt' Week 7 Corpus Mainshow
The original play has 43 characters, but we will be 1) cutting scenes and 2) multi-roling. Some of the key characters you can audition for are: Peer (the protagonist, who appears in almost every scene), his mother Åse, his love interest Solveig, and the King of the trolls, Dovregubben. See the Audition Pack for more information.
'Partition' is looking for a cast, with opportunities for actors with South Asian backgrounds
I'm looking for five actors to play the following roles: ● Srinivasa Ramanujan (an Indian mathematician) ● G. H. Hardy (an English mathematician) ● Alfred Billington (a classics fellow) ● Goddess Namagiri of Namakkal (a Hindu goddess) ● The Ghost of Fermat (a funny dead French mathematician) We are open to auditions from actors of all gender and ethnic backgrounds, as long as you are comfortable with portraying the specific characters. Although we would particularly encourage actors with South Asian backgrounds to audition for the roles of Ramanujan and Namagiri. More details here:
Arts Show production team application
The Marlowe society is excited to announce applications for our production team for our Arts Show production of A Midsummers Night’s Dream directed by Alice Hamilton are open! We are opening roles for: MD , costumer designer(s) and a welfare rep.
The Coven (Corpus Week 3 Late) needs four talented actors to fulfil the roles of Margaret, Emily, Lawrence and Graham
We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic cast for this brilliantly fun operetta!
📖 The Calligrapher is looking for an Assistant Director and an Assistant Producer
Applications for the roles of Assistant Director  and Assistant Producer  are now open for The Calligrapher, a brilliant piece of student writing (and ex Fringe show 2021) by Abraham Alsalihi scheduled as the Corpus Mainshow in week 4 next term.

More vacancies >>

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Cambridge Arts Theatre 10:37 on 29th November Twitter

🙌 Technical Team appreciation post! 🔧💡🎭

Over the weekend our incredible Backstage Team worked very long hours through the icy weather to begin the get-in for Aladdin. Not all superheroes wear capes!

📸 by Harry Chell

#Panto #Pantomime #Cambridge

BAWDS 10:34 on 29th November Twitter

'White Lies' by @ShearmanRobert @corpusplayroom Jan 4-8. "Teach me how to win my wife back. …I don’t mean for nothing, of course. Of course not. In return, I’ll teach you how to play squash." Tickets:…

ADC Theatre 10:01 on 29th November Twitter

The children are played by adults in 'The Flint Street Nativity' the warm, witty play by the author of 'Calendar Girls'.

Tue 7 – Sat 11 December at 7.45pm


#nativity #adctheatre @CamActors

The Minack Theatre 08:59 on 29th November Twitter

Next Sunday - we're preparing for a party! Book now for our entertaining, interactive theatre tour 'The Birthday Party' at 10.15 on Sunday 5 Dec. Join organiser-in-chief Edith Trewern in a race against time to celebrate the life of Rowena Cade.

Cam FM 17:33 on 28th November Twitter

#12daysofbridgemas day 4! If you're ever in need of a pick me up, look no further than Claire's Happy Hour!

Join Claire every Friday at 1pm for some fun and positive news stories to brighten your day ☀️

ADC Theatre 17:02 on 28th November Twitter

Tomorrow afternoon, we are doing a relaxed performance of our Pantomime RAPUNZEL!

Find out more about how our relaxed performances work, and take a look at our visual story that explains what you should expect, by visiting

#relaxed #adctheatre

ADC Theatre 12:01 on 28th November Twitter

The cast of 'The Flint Street Nativity' are finding their "inner child" in rehearsals, as they prepare to play a group of 7 year olds!⁠

Tuesday 7 – Saturday 11 Dec 7.45pm (Sat matinée at 2.30pm)⁠


@camactors #nativity #adctheatre

Cam FM 18:54 on 27th November Twitter

Our celebration of the #12daysofbridgemas continues, with our attention turning to R²!

Join Reece and Rhianna every Friday at 19:00 for some top telly and film chat 📺

ADC Theatre 09:01 on 27th November Twitter

If you come to see a show at the ADC Theatre and travel by train, you can get discounted tickets!

Find our more info at…

#enterTRAINment @gnrailuk @tlrailuk @southernrailuk #adctheatre

The Minack Theatre 08:00 on 27th November Twitter

We regret to announce that the Minack Theatre will be CLOSED to visitors today, due to high winds. We expect to be open as usual tomorrow (Sunday).

Cambridge Impronauts 23:19 on 26th November Twitter

Sunday 28 in @adctheatre bar, improvised challenges, fast wits, and moderate silliness.
Join us at 8pm for the last one of the year.…

West Road Concert Hall 18:32 on 26th November Twitter

On Saturday night, @CamGradOrch takes to the stage with Danilo Mascetti to perform Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1. Conductor Peter Britton will also lead the orchestra through Elgar Enigma Variations…

Cam FM 16:42 on 26th November Twitter

On the second day of Bridgemas, a DJ gave to me... an original and insightful documentary!

Head to our website to listen back to the most recent Cam FM documentary on vaccine hesitancy 📻


Cambridge Arts Theatre 14:43 on 26th November Twitter

Enter stage left: The Genie and Spirit of the Ring! 🧞‍♂️🌟

This week we had a photoshoot with @AieshaNaomi and @JakAAnderson… and look how sensational they look! Keep your eyes peeled for the final photos 📸

#Aladdin #Cambridge #Theatre #Panto #Pantomime

ADC Theatre 12:01 on 26th November Twitter

It’s a conventional love story. Danny falls in love with Bella.

There couldn't possibly be any ulterior motive... could there?

'Cicada's Children' opens at the Corpus Playroom, Tue 30 November – Sat 4 December at 9.30pm


#cicada #corpusplayroom

West Road Concert Hall 09:50 on 26th November Twitter

Tonight, Cambridge and Oxford University Jazz Orchestras offer a musical showdown of jazz, swing, and funk.…

The Minack Theatre 09:49 on 26th November Twitter

Join us for a Christmas concert on Sunday 12 December at 2pm. An afternoon of festive music and rousing tunes from Pendeen Silver Band, to get you in the mood for Christmas.

Cam FM 00:03 on 26th November Twitter

Sadly we have reached the end of Bridgemas... 😭😭

BUT luckily for you, it's also the start of Cam FM's #12DaysOfBridgemas ! For the next 12 days we will be showing off some of the station's finest shows, starting with Playtime 🎄

ADC Theatre 11:01 on 25th November Twitter

Do you need a hero? Show Choir is back and ready to supply the killer moves and musical melodies to help!

Mon 29 – Tue 30 November at 11pm


#showchoir #adctheatre

Cambridge University Opera Society 10:32 on 25th November Twitter

Watch the trailer for our Michaelmas show ‘Denis & Katya’ by ⁦⁦@philipvenables⁩ and ⁦@tdhffmn⁩ here! #opera #studentopera #Cambridge