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  • AIDA
    ADC Theatre
    When Egyptian captain Radames captures the Nubian …


Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club posted: While clearing out our office we found an old membership book with some famous alumni in... @twhiddleston and… https://t.co/smjqHPsYtZ

21st March 2018 7:16pm

ADC Theatre posted: The actors playing Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom "are an excellent leading pair and are backed throughout by persona… https://t.co/53v37CM3Mg

21st March 2018 2:20pm

ADC Theatre posted: This week there's an exciting show at the #CorpusPlayroom about the Forty Elephants, a notorious all-female gang th… https://t.co/YkxjxkbgkG

20th March 2018 11:42am

ADC Theatre posted: @SteveSparrow1 @tabcambridge Wonderful, we hope you enjoy it!

19th March 2018 2:39pm

ADC Theatre posted: ★★★★½ from @tabcambridge for THE PRODUCERS! The reviewers all agree that the show is "unmissable" - have you got yo… https://t.co/YB0851Dy8B

19th March 2018 2:09pm

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: The Cambridge University G&S Society would like to welcome its new committee! President: Tiffany Charnley Secretar… https://t.co/pv56VnBOV6

18th March 2018 10:38am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Did we just make opera cool? Our next @minacktheatre adventure will be The Pirates of Penzance! #gands #pirates… https://t.co/yoW74Zymg1

18th March 2018 10:26am

Gilbert and Sullivan Society posted: Some pictures from our wonderful production of Patience @minacktheatre last year! https://t.co/aWl3MKLAje

18th March 2018 10:24am

ADC Theatre posted: It's 10 out of 10 from @TCSNewspaper for THE PRODUCERS! This staging of the @MelBrooks musical is "a masterpiece",… https://t.co/7KzW9oL4jX

16th March 2018 3:52pm

ADC Theatre posted: It might be bad luck to say "good luck" on opening night, but we're wishing all the best to the cast and crew of TH… https://t.co/K0bwthVR9s

14th March 2018 12:32pm

ADC Theatre posted: THE PRODUCERS opens tomorrow! This huge-scale production has over 100 students involved, and will be the last show… https://t.co/llqw8DmR8s

13th March 2018 2:23pm

ADC Theatre posted: Singapore, 2007. A city growing so fast it can't contain its dead. BOOM is a quirky and poignant play coming to th… https://t.co/ofs4YiPu73

8th March 2018 1:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: SPOILER ALERT opens tonight at the #ADCTheatre! This excellent comedy won the @Cam_Footlights Harry Porter Prize an… https://t.co/wnIHYKbQmV

7th March 2018 9:00pm

ADC Theatre posted: It's FIVE STARS from @VarsityUK for this week's #ADCTheatre show, 'Snow Orchid'! Tickets are still available for t… https://t.co/gkjIjYvTOs

7th March 2018 6:57pm

ADC Theatre posted: "It's important to find the love and familiarity that forms the background to all the passion, fire and tension in… https://t.co/8DF3gl97s8

6th March 2018 3:03pm

BAWDS posted: Tabitha Stevens's fundraising page https://t.co/BWqfUwFhIX

5th March 2018 12:04pm

ADC Theatre posted: A dance with zimmer frames? It's all in a day's work for the choreographer of THE PRODUCERS, which opens in a week'… https://t.co/j1TwpiHKGM

5th March 2018 11:24am