A director is the person (or people) in charge of all creative aspects of a show’s production. They also often have a major role in the show’s admin, tech, and publicity. Most shows have one director, but a significant number have two or more ‘co-directors’ who work in collaboration on an equal footing. Other shows may have other structures, such as a creative or artistic director.

The director generally works with everyone on the show. They work with actors, casting them for the parts, giving them notes on characterisation and blocking, leading rehearsals, and generally preparing them for the show. They work with designers to design an onstage environment that fits with their shared vision, and technicians to make the designs a reality. They work with publicity designers and publicists to market the show. Finally, they work with various members of the production team (producers, assistant directors, production managers, and welfare representatives) to ensure everything runs smoothly and cohesively. They may also have a larger creative team, such as a musical director, accent coach, or choreographer. They will also usually have assistant and/or associate directors to help them out.

To apply to direct, keep an eye on the Producer/Director roles and show applications of the Camdram vacancy page, or sign up to the CUADC director/producer mailing list. To pitch a show to the ADC/Corpus Playroom as a director, check this page

Assistant and Associate Directors[edit]

Many shows have one or more assistant and/or associate directors. The scope of their role can vary depending on the show in question. Assistant directors usually come to most (if not all) rehearsals and provide a second opinion to the director. Associate directors typically come to a handful of rehearsals and sometimes provide more specialist advice on particular aspects of the show.

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Director Vacancies

The Marlowe Graduating Actors Showcase 2023Marlowe
18:30, Mon 6th November 2023 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
13:30, Tue 7th November 2023 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
18:00, Wed 22nd November 2023 at Union Theatre, London
Michaelmas Week 5 to Week 7

we are looking for a graduating student to be the choreographer /movement director  for the Marlowe Showcase!

Contact before 1st Oct 2023 01:00 for more details.

Made of Light – The Cockpit Theatre
19:30, Sun 3rd December 2023 at The Cockpit Theatre
Christmas Vacation

Director , assistant director , associate director , producer , publicity designer 

Contact before 2nd Oct 2023 00:00 for more details.

Comic Sans: Dead Men Tell No Jokes Prod Team Applications
Comic Sans: Dead Men Tell No Jokes
23:00, Tue 28th – Thu 30th November 2023 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 8

Assistant Director , Producer , Assistant Producer , Stage Manager , Light Designer, Welfare Officer, Publicist 

Contact, before 6th Oct 2023 01:00 for more details.