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The Cambridge Footlights are the world-famous comedy society who first aired the talents of some of the foremost British comedians and actors of this century.

The Cambridge Footlights Admin Committee 2023-4:
President: Niamh Howat
Secretary: Toria White
Treasurer: Sanah Kashyap
Smokers Officers: Rhys Griffiths & Will Boyce
Social Secretary: Diya Shah
Workshops and Outreach Officer: Margaret Saunderson & Kae Deller
Gigs Officer: Christian Longstaff
Technicians Representative: Amelia Cordwell
Online Content/Archivist: Michael Elizabeth
Technician: Edward Lancaster

2023/4 Members:
Naima Clarvis, Kae Deller, Kitty Ford, Rhys Griffiths, Niamh Howat, Diya Shah, Beck Walker, Toria White

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The Cambridge Footlights 12:37 on 7th July Twitter

Calling all Footlights alumni! In conjunction with an archival project, we’d love to hear any stories, anecdotes or thoughts you have about your time with the club! Reply/DM us if you have anything you’d like to share- whether you were involved in every smoker or just one show!!

The Cambridge Footlights 17:18 on 17th May Twitter

**BUNKER - ADC Lateshow 18th-20th May**
What do you do when the end of the world is coming? Throw a
A new comedy and winner of the 2021 Footlights Harry Porter Prize
Written by current Footlight Jonathan Neary

The Cambridge Footlights 18:51 on 11th March Twitter

Thank you to Kristian from @justaddmilkJAM and Oliver for an amazing and informative Q+A on getting an agent! 💛💡

The Cambridge Footlights 20:03 on 2nd March Twitter

✨💡Don’t miss our disabled students’ smoker premiering tonight on the @adctheatre’s YouTube! 💡✨

The Cambridge Footlights 11:51 on 22nd February Twitter

Keep your eyes peeled for when this is uploaded to @BFIFilmAcademy 's YouTube - SUCH a great event with @HannahMGeorge about making it as a comedy writer!…

The Cambridge Footlights 11:48 on 22nd February Twitter

💡Our graduating members have been working SO hard on their graduating showcase 'Are you sitting comfortably?' despite c*vid's best efforts - the show must go on!
Check out our trailer below! 💡

The Cambridge Footlights 15:17 on 15th December Twitter

✨🎁 Tonight at 9PM is our Christmas Smoker! 🎁✨
Check out our teaser below to see some of the amazing talent in our line up tonight!
With plenty of ha ha has and ho ho hos to be had, what better way is there to end your term? 🤩 via @FacebookWatch

The Cambridge Footlights 09:48 on 17th November Twitter

🌟Tune in TONIGHT at 9pm for our second Freshers’ Smoker! 🌟
Come and check out the new talent on the comedy scene and tune in for some sketches, stand-up, character bits and song to brighten your lockdown 💛
We can’t wait.
#cambridgefootlights #studenttheatre #studentcomedy

The Cambridge Footlights 19:57 on 4th October Twitter

🤩⚡️ Hello Freshers!!! ⚡️🤩
We are so excited to welcome you into the world of Cambridge comedy! Catch us at the CUSU Freshers Fair 10-4 this Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th 💛

Watch the video below for all you need to know… via @FacebookWatch

The Cambridge Footlights 16:18 on 13th August Twitter

On Saturday we have teamed up with the Yale comedy soc ‘Red Hot Poker’ to put together a smoker with the best of both societies! Tune in at 9pm - we can’t wait!

The Cambridge Footlights 20:39 on 3rd August Twitter

One of our Smokers' Officers Adedamaola Laoye is hosting the Wolfson Howler tonight, which is LIVE, featuring our President Jade Franks! Tune in for some fresh comedy 💡⚡️💡⚡️…

The Cambridge Footlights 12:11 on 28th June Twitter

We are so excited to be performing as part of the May Week Mega event with Footlights old and new, including Emma Thompson! Come and tune in for your May Week fix and to support some amazing causes! Tune in TONIGHT!🤩🤩🤩

The Cambridge Footlights 21:15 on 24th June Twitter

EPISODE 4 of our online smokers is LIVE! 🤩🤩🤩
Head over to our YouTube tonight 💡⚡️

The Cambridge Footlights 12:54 on 18th June Twitter

In addition to our initial statement regarding BLM, we have created an anonymous feedback form for Black and BME students to talk about their experiences in confidence and suggest anything to us, in order to form new concrete outreach strategies.…

The Cambridge Footlights 18:47 on 3rd June Twitter

We have attached our statement and a list of resources for ways we can act meaningfully to help #blacklivesmatter, with ways to donate, sign petitions and educate ourselves, including how to make a difference in Cambridge and black comedians to support…

The Cambridge Footlights 20:31 on 2nd June Twitter

In solidarity with black out Tuesday and the Black Lives Matter movement, tonight’s performance of our stand-up showcase has been postponed. Racism has no place in society and we stand with black communities in the UK and abroad against the injustices (1)

The Cambridge Footlights 19:25 on 26th May Twitter

We’ve got even more amazing comedy coming your way tonight at 9pm with EPISODE 3 of our ONLINE SMOKERS! 😮 Head over to to join us live

The Cambridge Footlights 20:38 on 18th May Twitter

Our performers are ready, are you?
Tune in to our second stand-up showcase over on the @adctheatre YouTube page TOMORROW at 9pm - we can’t wait 🤩🥳🤩

The Cambridge Footlights 17:24 on 12th May Twitter

Tune in at 9pm TONIGHT for our second ever virtual smoker with @adctheatre over on their YouTube page - come and check out our amazing comedians and watch some hilarious, FREE comedy!!🤩🤩🤩

The Cambridge Footlights 16:01 on 5th May Twitter

9pm TONIGHT you can enjoy graduating Footlights’ best standup for FREE! 💙🎤💜 Don’t miss out 🤩

The Cambridge Footlights 15:20 on 28th April Twitter

🌟TONIGHT🌟 we make footlights history with our very first ONLINE SMOKER! 9PM on for sketches, stand-up and more! 💻⚡️💙

The Cambridge Footlights 20:09 on 28th March Twitter

🌟 ONLINE THEATRE 🌟 is coming to the Cam Student community! Click to see how YOU can submit online comedy content!💡💻🎙…

The Cambridge Footlights 15:46 on 15th March Twitter

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, sadly, we have decided that tonight's performance of 'Footlights at The Arts Theatre' @camartstheatre will not go ahead. We are very sorry for all inconvenience💡 - please see the Arts Theatre full official statement below:

The Cambridge Footlights 21:04 on 1st March Twitter

🌟 ATTENTION STUDENT COMICS 🌟 Applications for 2020/2021 membership are OPEN: all the info is here!…

The Cambridge Footlights 23:15 on 20th February Twitter

Thanks Paula! We’re so glad you had fun 💛❤️💙…

The Cambridge Footlights 15:33 on 4th February Twitter

TONIGHT! ✨ Grab tickets for our Smoker Night: fresh new comedy at 11pm @adctheatre… 🎤🌟


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