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The Cambridge Footlights are the world-famous comedy society who first aired the talents of some of the foremost British comedians and actors of this century

Secretary: Amelia Hill
Treasurer: Will Owen
Smokers officer: Jamie Bisping + Izzy Lewis
Online content: Amaya Holman
Archivist and Under-secretary: Lottie Elton
Social Secretary: Adrianna Hunt
Membership: Friso De Graaf
Workshops: Rohan Sharma
Outreach: Jade Franks
Gigs Officer: Hasan Al-Habib
Technicians' Rep: Isobel Wood

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The Cambridge Footlights 14:14 on 6th October Twitter

New university year, New Footlights Look! We are so excited to reveal our updated logo [designed by Amaya Holman] 💡🌟

The Cambridge Footlights 14:01 on 6th October Twitter

New university year, New Footlights Look! We are so excited to reveal our updated logo [designed by Amaya Homan] 💡🌟💡🌟

The Cambridge Footlights 18:08 on 20th July Twitter

next stop for @footlightstour is @ThePleasance ! We couldn’t be more excited to hit the dome this August 💛🌟…

The Cambridge Footlights 11:59 on 13th July Twitter

🎤 TONIGHT🎤 Our fantastic @FootDarks are performing @CambJunction with @Laugh4Change - grab tickets while you can! 🎫…

The Cambridge Footlights 19:29 on 10th June Twitter

Our international tour opens in Cambridge @adctheatre TOMORROW! All cantab comedy fans, be sure to prebook 🌍👀🌟…

The Cambridge Footlights 20:18 on 9th May Twitter

Take a L👀K at the fabulous poster for our International Tour! Follow @footlightstour for news, ticketing, & more 🌟💡🌎

The Cambridge Footlights 07:51 on 6th April Twitter

We had another fun night performing for year 12 students on an outreach residential at christscollegecambridge yesterday! We work with college SLOs and access departments to run free……

The Cambridge Footlights 15:45 on 26th December Twitter

Merry Christmas from the Cambridge Footlights! Have a look at the ADC website for 2019’s Footlights shows: 🎄⭐️

The Cambridge Footlights 11:10 on 17th November Twitter

NOT LONG NOW! The Footlights x CUADC Panto opens in FOUR days!…

The Cambridge Footlights 14:12 on 26th October Twitter

One of the joys of being the Footlights Archivist is getting to watch the likes of @arobertwebb in old Footlights Pantos! ~ Emmeline

The Cambridge Footlights 12:50 on 13th September Twitter

We’ve had a big ol rebrand!! Check out our new logo (designed by Ed Bankes) and head over to Instagram to follow our brand new account ‘cambridgefootlights’

The Cambridge Footlights 10:03 on 10th July Twitter

Pillow Talk, the @footlightstour show, has completed its tour of England and Wales! Next stop: The Wee Edinburgh Fringe! Catch them at Pleasance during August. #PillowTalk

The Cambridge Footlights 12:12 on 6th July Twitter

Oi oi, guv’nor! The Footlights are off to London Town on Monday evening! Catch ‘em at the Comedy Store:…

The Cambridge Footlights 01:22 on 12th June Twitter

🙀🙀🙀 OPENS TUESDAY 12th JUNE 🙀🙀🙀…

The Cambridge Footlights 22:22 on 1st June Twitter

The Footlights International Tour Show is kicking off soon! Catch them in Cambridge, Edinburgh, Canada and the U S of A!

#PillowTalk #FootlightsTourShow

The Cambridge Footlights 20:56 on 14th March Twitter

The last Footlights Smoker of term and the last ADC Smoker until October is happening TONIGHT⚠️ 11pm, ADC Theatre… @adctheatre

The Cambridge Footlights 02:16 on 13th March Twitter

🎈🌸💐 today 💐🌸🎈
5:45pm at the Maypole…

The Cambridge Footlights 21:42 on 9th March Twitter

We are hosting a BME open discussion group to address the diversity issues in Cambridge comedy. Tues 13th March, 5:45pm, back room of the Maypole:…

The Cambridge Footlights 15:54 on 6th March Twitter

The Footlights Harry Porter Prize winning play 'SPOILER ALERT' opens TOMORROW at 11pm at the ADC Theatre 👀… @adctheatre

The Cambridge Footlights 18:07 on 26th February Twitter

The Footlights Spring Revue opens TOMORROW at 7:45pm at the @ADCtheatre 🎈🎈🎈 get your tickets now before they disappear:

The Cambridge Footlights 14:25 on 22nd February Twitter

our current president @rubykeane13 is chairing a comedy panel on Saturday as part of the @WaterspriteCam Film Festival! Featuring the Producer of The Inbetweeners, among others:…

The Cambridge Footlights 13:12 on 22nd February Twitter

ex-Footlights Presidents Dillon Mapletoft and Oliver Taylor are bringing their show Fix My Brain to the Leicester comedy festival on Saturday 🚀 tickets here:……

The Cambridge Footlights 14:29 on 20th February Twitter

🎉TICKETS:… @adctheatre

The Cambridge Footlights 17:29 on 16th February Twitter


27th Feb - 3rd March, 19:45, @adctheatre

The event is live and you're all invited:…

The Cambridge Footlights 12:25 on 13th February Twitter

⚡️TONIGHT, 9:30pm, Corpus Playroom⚡️
current Footlights President @rubykeane13 and current human @AniaMags present...

TEAM-BUILDING CONFERENCE, an immersive character comedy show…

The Cambridge Footlights 15:57 on 5th February Twitter

Get your tickets now for what is quite possibly the WEIRDEST smoker we've ever done. Tomorrow, 11pm, ADC Theatre!…

The Cambridge Footlights 13:24 on 5th February Twitter

Thank you so much to this year's ex-Footlights judge @FrogStoneUK for selecting the winner of the Harry Porter Prize for playwriting! Tickets for Spoiler Alert by Charlotte Cromie are on sale NOW:

The Cambridge Footlights 21:03 on 31st January Twitter

Pen Pals opens TONIGHT. Go and see it OR ELSE.

*** 11pm, ADC Theatre, Wed 31st - Sat 3rd ***…

The Cambridge Footlights 19:00 on 19th January Twitter

the first Smoker of the year is happening on Tuesday !!!…


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Past shows

See all the shows this society has been previously involved in at the society history page.