Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that Camdram is easy to use, but sometimes our users have a few questions. We've put some answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that hasn't been answered below, then you can contact us.

How do I advertise for actors or production crew?

This is a two-step process. Almost everything on Camdram is based around the idea of show (event) listings: information about the performance(s) themselves, from an audience point-of-view rather than backstage. So, first create a show listing on Camdram, with the general information that potential audience members would want to know. Think of this as a marketing space: include the same stuff as on a poster or ticketing website.

Once the show listing has been added and approved, then you can advertise auditions or production crew vacancies from the show page. There's separate space there to add the information that people applying for the vacancies need to know - that kind of 'backstage only' information doesn't need to be in the general show description.

My name's been misspelt or entered wrongly, can you change it?

Details on Camdram are all added by our users. For most shows it's either the producer or director who adds this information: please contact them if you want something changing. This would include spelling mistakes or variations on your name that you'd prefer to be consistent across Camdram.

If you are unable to contact the show listing's administrators, please contact us including details of which listings need to change, and what the correct form is.

I'm on a society committee, how do I edit the society's page on Camdram?

Logged-in Camdram users can be given special rights to control a society's page, and to authorise submitted show listings that are produced by that society. These rights can be passed on from user to user; if you don't have them and you think you should, speak to others on your committee or the outgoing committee as one or more of them should have the rights.

Can my society be added to Camdram?

Probably, yes. We're not trying to be exclusive, but we want to avoid listing societies that exist only briefly for a single show. As such, you should generally get in touch with us once there are a couple of shows on Camdram supported by your society, and we'll then create a society page for you. This is very much flexible, so please do feel free to ask.

My event isn't a play, is it suitable for Camdram?

Camdram exists primarily to support amateur theatre productions in Cambridge. That is still our core focus, but we recognise that there are a number of other kinds of event that can also benefit from what Camdram offers.

As a general rule, events listed on Camdram must have an element of performance, and should be of significant interest to somebody expecting to see amateur theatre in Cambridge.

So, student theatre organised by Cambridge societies for performance elsewhere is fine (e.g. tours and theatre festivals), and we welcome non-student theatre societies in the Cambridge area provided that students are welcome to audition/participate.

Cambridge-based non-theatre events that need similarly-skilled people involved are also OK. For example short films and radio plays still need actors and directors, and usually also a producer whose role is similar to in theatre, plus perhaps technicians and other "backstage" roles with a lot of cross-over from theatre.

Because of the site's history, some things are set up very specifically for standard theatre shows, for example the way we ask for "show dates". We hope to adapt Camdram in the future to make it easier to list non-shows; for now, if you're listing a non-show event please just enter something meaningful in the date fields (for example first screening or broadcast date).

If in doubt about whether your event is suitable, please contact us to discuss it.

Can I buy tickets for your show?

Camdram is not directly involved with any of the shows we list. Tickets can usually be bought from the performance venue. Some of the most commonly used venues for amateur shows in Cambridge are listed below:

I've written a fantastic new play, would you like to buy the rights?

Since Camdram provides show listings only, you may wish to contact one of a number of groups that support new writing in Cambridge.

The ADC Theatre room booking tool isn't working for me. Help?

Whilst Camdram is used as a means of user authentication for the ADC room booking tool, we (Camdram itself) don't control the tool itself. If you're having problems with this, please contact the ADC Theatre in the first instance.

A similar principle applies to any other third-party tools that use Camdram for authentication or as a data source: if it's not a part of the website itself, you should contact the admins of the tool itself initially.