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▛ The Fletcher Players are Corpus Christi’s resident drama society, committed to funding and programming original, daring and exciting works of student theatre.

The society is the resident theatre company of the Corpus Playroom, one of Cambridge’s most popular theatrical spaces. The Playroom was opened in 1979 by Caroline Oulton and Mark McCrum, and was run by the Fletcher Players until handing over management to the Cambridge Arts Theatre in 2001 and the ADC Theatre in 2011.

The Fletcher Players now serves primarily as a funding body, providing financial support for several shows every term at the Corpus Playroom and ADC Theatre. Every Lent Term, the Fletcher Players presents a Freshers’ Play at the Playroom that is directed and performed entirely by first-year students from Corpus Christi College.

The society is also dedicated to encouraging the creation of original dramatic works, both within the Corpus community and throughout Cambridge. For example, Smorgasbord, a night of new writing, provides a space for new content to be honed and developed once every Michaelmas and Lent.

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The 2024-25 committee is:

President: Stan Hunt th665
Junior Treasurer: Audrey Hammer ah2256
Secretary: Izzy Lane il347
New Writing: Annie Fogden af856
Publicity and Social Media Manager: Irisa Kwok yk411 Sinclair as3505
Social Sec: Harriet Regan hr469 Christopher Lorde cl986
Costume and Props: Sarah Marsh sm2719
College Rep: Lucia Guzy-Kirkden lg651

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'Negotiating With The Dead' needs a prod team!! ⚔️🐀🪡🪖⛏️

'Negotiating With The Dead' is looking for a Production Team! We're looking for a friendly, enthusiastic team to bring this play to life! We're looking for a Producer , an Assistant Director , a Technical Director /Lighting Designer/Sound Designer  Set Designer , Stage Manager , Relic (Prop) Builder, Costume Designer , Diversity and Outreach Officer Welfare Officer, and Publicity Designer . The deadline to apply is the 1st August for all roles.

    Contact before 1st Aug 2024 12:00 for more details.

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    11:40 Squires theSpaceUK @ Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
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    • Sat 10 Aug
    11:40 Squires theSpaceUK @ Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
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    • Sat 17 Aug
    11:40 Squires theSpaceUK @ Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
    • Sun 18 Aug
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    • Sat 24 Aug
    11:40 Squires theSpaceUK @ Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
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