Eddies Spitfire: Open Mic Night
By Various

20:00, Sat 28th April 2018 at St Edmunds CR(Combination Room)
Easter Week 0

Born out of a desire to not be sued for using the term "Smoker", Spitfires are Comedy Open Mics hosted at the St Edmunds CR, that have nothing to do with planes or the beer, but occasionally, comedy.

With a friendly, mostly Eddies audience, and the cheapest student-run bar you've never known exists; this will be a fuzzy night to warm you up as exam term creeps up on you.

So send a message to Kritarth(kj328) or Bram(awd34) if you want to perform a 3-5 minute set or like, you know if you want to be friends with us.

Oh, what's this? We got a call and are happy to let you know that this Open Mic will now be in association with Cambridge Footlights.


Production Team