Arcadia presents...

    Cross Road Blues and The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
    By David Hall

    21:25, Thu 4th – Sat 27th August 2005 at Sweet on the Grassmarket, Edinburgh Fringe
    Summer Vacation

    The play was originally performed at the ADC in Michaelmas 2003. The original production attained such commendations as: The unashamed savouring of each and every word, as well as taking the play right to the home of blues music ... realises the full potential of the poetic imagery of the script. The choice of words, the phrasing, and the timing, in both monologues and dialogues, is perfect. (Varsity) This will be performed in association with The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, also by the same author. This was performed in the Playroom last term and was described as "a must-see gem of a production, containing some of the best acting and most insightful direction you are likely to see this term." (TCS) The two plays will be performed as a double bill for the duration of the festival (4th-29th August).


    Jim Whitney
    The Sinner Lady

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