By Sarah Mills & Phil Gerard

    19:30, Thu 17th – Sat 19th March 2005 at Homerton Auditorium
    Lent Week 8

    HATS in association with the Cambridge Mummers presents an innovative piece of new writing from a team including professional TV script writer Phil Gerard.

    In a media-soaked world a few decades in the future, Ellie and Trent find themselves living under the same roof. The situation is far from ideal: whilst Ellie is a passionate campaigner, Trent is an American environment-eating businessman.

    What Ellie and Trent don't realise is that they are meant for one another. Because they have been programmed as such. They are pixelated characters in an internet computer game, created by Conrad and Todd, a successful writing partnership who have been employed to oversee the game and can control their entire environment. The action moves between the 'real' world characters: the writers and the viewers at home, and the characters in the game.

    A bizarre string of situations that Ellie and Trent are thrown into reveal that perhaps the viewers are not taking the game as seriously as Conrad and Todd had planned. Yet, Conrad and Todd soon realise they are dealing with another kind of resistance. A resistance from inside the game. How can this be explained? Can the computerised characters be behaving of their own accord? Is it possible…?


    Production Team