The Rake's Progress
    By Igor Stravinsky

    20:00, Wed 23rd – Thu 24th February 2005 at West Road Concert Hall
    Lent Week 5

    Cambridge University Opera Society presents THE RAKE'S PROGRESS by Igor Stravinsky, libretto by W H Auden & Chester Kallman.

    The Rake’s Progress charts Tom Rakewell’s journey from the idyllic country, where he is celebrating the beauty of spring with his true love Anne, to a decadent, corrupt London where he will be seduced by whores, become bankrupt and eventually end up in Bedlam. The journey is also a psychological one for Tom, who initially shirks his responsibilities and allows himself to be led astray but finally repents and recognises his former ‘madness’, though ironically he is by this time himself in a madhouse.

    Our production emphasises the hostility and individualism of the city whilst maintaining a strong flavour of the tongue-in-cheek aspect of this moral fable. With such colourful personalities as the devil, a bearded lady and hoards of whores and madmen, this is sure to be a night to remember.


    Production Team