Not The Crystal Maze
    By The cast (and the audience!)

    20:30, Sat 18th August 2007 - Fri 24th August 2007 at Venue 27 @ Holyrood, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    The year is the future, but celebrity Richard O'Dave has fallen upon hard times following public scandal. In a desperate bid to salvage his career he resurrects a gameshow from his sordid past - but it's the first episode, and the contestants are not as random as they seem…

    Combining suggestions from the audience with inspiration from a certain cult Channel 4 gameshow, Triple Point Comedy will weave together fully improvised narrative and fast-moving games into an innovative and unique experience for all the family.

    Under the watchful eye of Richard O' Dave, the contestants will face a multitude of challenges - physical, mental, skill or mystery - in a race for the ultimate prize: a golden token from the Emerald Dome. But who are these contestants? What sequence of unlikely events brought them together? And what really awaits them inside the so-called Emerald Dome? All will be revealed as, during breaks in filming, the contestants' stories are laid bare.

    Join Triple Point Comedy for an hour of unscripted hilarity as the contestants battle their way through... The Emerald Maze.


    Production Team