Parnassus Players presents...

    By Orazio Vecchi

    20:00, Thu 24th – Sat 26th April 2008 at The Round Church
    Easter Week 0

    Easter term sees the unveiling of an exciting new production. Vecchi's 'L'Amfiparnaso' is a classic of Italian musical theatre. First performed in 1594, it's still making audiences laugh over four hundred years later! Come for an evening of gender-bending pratfalls and dodgy jokes, accompanied by some of the sexiest early music you've ever heard. It's like Hollyoaks, but entertaining.

    Since the ADC's shut, why not try your hand at a different venue? With the circular ante-chapel and good lighting positions for the altar stage-area, this is sure to be an interesting project with a generous budget.

    Please e-mail Tim Jones (tfj24) for information or to apply.


    Production Team