New Cambridge Theatre Company presents...

    stoning mary
    By debbie tucker green

    11:50, Thu 31st July – Mon 25th August 2008 at Smirnoff Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
    Summer Vacation

    Presented in association with Amnesty International:

    “I can getchu a comp…cos you’re family”

    Olivier award-winner debbie tucker green’s Fringe-premiere. Three overlooked stories, sandwiched between adverts in our papers, rendered fresh and incisive through stark, percussive poetry and witty characters; “full of sharp observations about a violent and uncaring world, ‘stoning mary’ cuts to the quick” (The Times).

    A couple fight over a single AIDS prescription; a child soldier comes home; Mary waits to be stoned to death without trial. We eventually see these three seemingly separate stories cleverly interwoven as tucker green asks “what if?”…what if these events were occurring in this country?

    This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in taking new writing (from a writer who has just had two critically acclaimed shows play in London) to the Fringe, as well as to perform in one of the major venues - Smirnoff Underbelly. The space we are working in is incredibly versatile being the largest and tallest venue in the Underbelly with an entirely free and flexible layout.


    Production Team