Body and Motion Theatre with Studio Company, English Department, University of Cambrige presents...

    A Pause of The Light
    By Branka Tomasevic Haley

    00:00, Sat 12th November 2011 at Time shedule/venue-not yet decided.
    Michaelmas Week 5

    Audition for a play called A PAUSE OF THE LIGHT, by Branka T. Haley, which is going to be performed on 12th November within The Scratch Night event, organised by Body and Motion Physical theatre and Studio Company, English Department... am looking for TWO FEMALES AND ONE MALE ACTOR. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, email Branka: so WE CAN ARRANGE TIME FOR THE AUDITION which will take place at Lucy Cavendish College. I CAN ALSO SEND YOU THE PLAY to read it prior to the audition.

    The text fundamentally aims to deal with the experience of reality, or simply being alive. Elizabeth, Violet and Keith conduct a naturalistic as well as surreal dialogue. This experience may be full of pain, fear and strife as in Violet's and Keith's struggle for dominance or it can be peaceful and calm, which Violet endures at the end of the play. However, this state of mind is lonely and terrifying to her, as it denies the notion of ego, (I) or any sense of identity: she says 'How can I accept that (I) don't matter'. The play defines I as a centre of the whole struggle of being alive.


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