Faculty of Music presents...

    Peter and the Wolf

    13:15, Fri 21st October 2011 at West Road Concert Hall
    Michaelmas Week 2

    Experience the charms of Prokofiev’s children’s fairytale, Peter and the Wolf which has inspired generations of young musicians and is a treat not to be missed! This special performance for schools and families will draw on the talents of Cambridge University musicians to bring alive a beautiful piece of music which will capture the imaginations of all the young people attending and introduce the world of classical music in a magical way. The performance will be conducted by Harry Ogg, narrated by Oskar McCarthy and a new set of graphics will be designed and displayed by Daniel Strange to help bring the performance to life. The concert will also include an interactive guessing game based on a performance of The Carnival of the Animals to get the children more involved in the music.




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