All In Theatre presents...

    Seize The Day
    By Kathryn Duffy

    20:00, Mon 14th March 2011 at The Junction Theatre
    Lent Week 8

    “if you don’t seize the opportunity to say something you will spend the rest of your life only ever talking to the people who talk to you first”

    Presented by All In Theatre, Seize the Day is a pair of exciting and comical plays that tell the story of people who never thought they had it in them.

    Jon and Len are roofers. Life is simple when you’re high above the passing world below.

    But what if you look down at that world with a dream of a different view? What then?

    A Head for heights is a playful yet moving play about forgotten childhood dreams, the pitfalls of growing up, lost ambitions and the dangers of dismantling scaffolding.

    Then there’s lifeguards Sue and Carol. Day after day they sit and keep watch. Waiting for something to happen. Watching people. Never daring to say hello.

    Treading Water is a gentle and poignant tale that explores how the fear of heartbreak can actually be more painful than heartbreak itself….and how sometimes a cup of tea and a malted milk biscuit isn’t quite enough to make it all better.

    All In combine wonderful story telling, exciting and comical drama and great physical theatre to bring you an evening that is inspiring, funny and encourages us all to simply seize the day.

    Written by Kathryn Duffy

    Devised by All In Theatre Company


    Production Team